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#WADTW is the regular post that looks at everyone’s favorite behemoth, Amazon, from a variety of angles from specific moves, acquisitions, fringe/subsidiary activities, new patents, partnerships and beyond over the last seven days [#WADTW ARCHIVE]. The aim? Be your one-stop-shop on Amazon every Sunday. The archive is here but if I missed something let me know, email or drop me a line via Twitter.

NUTSHELL: Alexa’s fourth birthday celebrations (Tuesday) are going to be overshadowed by HQ2 ‘advanced talks’ stories, extended fallout from new facial recognition software woes in Orlando, a new UK tax and being dragged into a round of ‘another tech company offers soft Q4 guidance’ stories after Apple added to the grey cloud forming. Shares took a beating this week after soft Q3 numbers and Q4 guidance warnings although most are pretty secure on their +42% YTD stock price increase (that’s beating both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index growth combined). You could say it is a good time to buy Amazon stock. Right now it looks foolish to bet against Amazon. Other stories focused on Amazon losing $250 billion of value over the last month. Amazon will be hawking a lot of its own tech come Black Friday so expect good numbers if not profits.

RETAIL (.com, ads, Prime, books, GO, Whole Foods)

Amazon announced its 14th inland empire fulfilment centre in Beaumont. /// Amazon began teasing its Black Friday deals to various outlets. /// Prime Wardrobe launched in the UK. /// HQ2 will be decided by ‘intuition‘ according to Bezos. /// Amazon will soon let you pick what day your package arrives. /// The second Amazon 4-star store opened in Colorado. /// Data came out that showed Amazon has banned +5,700 reviewers over the last two years. /// Amazon undercuts Casper with its own mattress company. /// Amazon is struggling ramp up operations in lucrative Brazil due to the tax system and other issues. /// Amazon has unveiled more home decor own brands. ///

CONTENT (Prime Video, Music, Audible, TWITCH, Goodreads, Ads…)

Amazon will stop publishing Washington Post stories to Amazon customers. /// Barry Jenkins Pastel signed a deal with Amazon Studios. /// Amazon dropped a terrible Christmas ad. /// Amazon are prepping what will surely be a thrilling Steven Gerrard documentary. /// Amazon grew advertising revenue by 222% in Q3. /// Twitch is creating a karaoke game. ///

TECH (Alexa, Echo, Dash, AWS, Kindle…)

Alexa will now notify you when your favourite artist is releasing music. /// Echo devices will tell you where you can vote and give real-time election results. /// Amazon debuted Alexa Presentation Language in public beta, a suite of dev tools for making “visually rich” skills for devices like Echo Show, Fire TV, Echo Spot. ///  Rekognition facial recognition still being used in Orlando despite original contract expiring – there are no laws to guide it. /// Fire TV has increased its share of viewing hours from 3% to 18% over the last year. ///

MISCELLANEOUS (Business, Pharma, Space…)

Amazon has been in ‘advanced talks‘ with Virginia for HQ2 location. /// Amazon launched its childhood-to-career program “Amazon Future Engineer” to inspire and empower underprivileged youth to build careers in computer science. /// Amazon announced it has now donated $100m to charity through Amazon Smiles (took 5 years…). /// An Amazon building collapsed in Baltimore killing at least one person. /// Six months old or not, Amazon sent a note out to employees saying not to talk about Trump when prompted by reporters. /// Icici Bank released a co-branded credit card with Amazon. /// AmEx, Amazon and Barbara Corcoran partnered to help SMEs with a new credit card (hold your laughs). /// The ASA found Amazon ads for children’s headphones to be misleading. /// Amazon joined other tech giants against Trump’s transgender policy. /// Amazon Flex drivers will miss out on minimum wage changes. /// Amazon will offer a Western Union option for cross-border shopping. /// Amazon Canada is having 50 days of promotions before Black Friday. /// The UK will tax internet companies like Amazon 2% of their sales from April 2020 but no-one quite knows how this will work. /// Whole Foods CEO made a call for ‘conscious capitalism’ which, considering WF is owned by Amazon to be slightly side-eye worthy. ///


50% of US citizens are either not bothered about, or very/willing to, share their genomic data with Amazon . [BI]

Why Amazon’s future depends on it moving from online to offline . [The Verge]

Amazon’s private labels…is anyone winning? [FashionUnited]

Amazon is the US’s second most trusted ‘institution’. [FashionUnited]

Amazon and Google spend more than $5 for every $1 that Chinese companies spend. [WSJ]

Expert fashion curation sites/services are beating out Amazon. [CNBC]

Despite lots of hiring PR recently, Amazon is actually hiring fewer holiday workers. [QZ]


/// Amazon Users: +310m [Amazon]

/// Prime Users: +100m [Bezos/Forbes]

/// Latest Earnings: Net sales of $52.9 billion, Net income $2.5 billion,  [AlphaStreet]


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