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Dorchester students present business idea at Big Idea Kearney

Dorchester students present business idea at Big Idea Kearney (NTV News)

Anyone with a business idea, even those as young as ten years old, are getting the chance to pitch their ideas on Wednesday in Kearney.

A bracelet and keychain business, a turkey baster and new fitness revolution are just some of the business ideas being pitched at ‘Big Idea Kearney’.

Four young girls from Dorchester say they started making bracelets in their free time when they were student managers for the high school basketball team. Now it’s a business called ‘Country Crafted’.

“Well we asked for Christmas and our birthdays because well why not. It’s cheaper that way. Then after we started making more and got all of these opportunities. We realized we had to have more beads so we went on a shopping trip and used some of the money that our bracelets had already got us. We’re trying to earn money more again so we can get more beads to sell more and more,” said Hailey Schweitzer from Country Crafted.

Even though the girls aren’t in high school just yet, the Dorchester business teacher encouraged them to apply for ‘Big Idea Kearney’.

“As a business teacher it’s awesome because I like to see that they’re young entrepreneurs and if they start with this bracelet business and move on to something better. As future FBLA members they’re going to contribute to our program and what we are already doing there so that’s excited to think about,” said Kyleigh Lewis, the Dorchester business teacher.

As young as ten years old all the way up to adults, three judges and the audience will pick the winners in two categories.

The 8th annual Big Idea Kearney is hoping to encourage entrepreneurs to share their business ideas with the community.

“They can submit their ideas for whatever it might be. It could be for a product, a new engine. It could be for a new type of green solution to something. We have all sorts of crazy ideas. The idea behind it is that people will hopefully realize they can start a business with their idea. We are in the center for entrepreneurship so we’re here to help them,” said Lisa Tschauner, the director for UNK’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Rural Development.

Contestants in both categories have the ability to win up to $1000 for their business ideas.

Anyone interested in purchasing a bracelet from Country Crafted, you can find them on Instagram at the name below.


Community Division:

1st Place: Jenn Nolda, Press on Fitness

2nd Place: Sam Widger, Sam’s At Your Service

Third Place: Hailey, Addison, Baylor and Atley, Country Crafted

Student Division:

1st Place: SriTeja Vedurumudi, Musician Connection

2nd Place: Mikayla Fulk, Potato Potato

3rd Place: DeVere Larington, Big Bike Locks

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