Best Smart Speakers of 2018 –

The newest version of the Amazon Echo Show illustrates how truly useful a touch screen can be on a smart speaker. The previous-generation Show was a promising product, but in practice it was a less than wholly satisfying device. It’s sort of a tablet that you can talk to. 

The second-generation version is a much more useful product. First, the sound is much improved—the new Show features sound quality that’s impressive, if not category-leading, and it’s the best-sounding device Amazon has ever brought to market.

The large, 10-inch touch screen makes it supremely easy to set up and use. The result is a device that’s great for reading a recipe or watching a quick how-to video, tasks that you might otherwise consign to a phone or tablet. But the Show sits on the counter at an easy viewing angle, and you don’t need to touch it with messy or busy hands.

The Show joins a small but growing group of touch-screen smart speaker competitors. And for now, it is simply the best one you can buy.

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