Apple, which has taken its time developing a strategy for entering the crowded streaming video field, is targeting springtime for the launch of a new streaming clearinghouse, according to multiple reports.

Reuters and CNBC today have reported that the new venture would offer customers an experience featuring subscription offerings from the likes of CBS, Starz, Viacom and possibly HBO. It will reportedly blend those titles with its own original content as the company looks to shore up revenue amid declining iPhone sales and competition for screen time from other digital giants.

Reuters and CNBC have both reported that the company is focused on making the experience of watching video content seamless for customers, enabling them to choose different shows without having to authenticate passwords or encounter other hassles. It would become a central hub for subscription plans, similar to the role played by Amazon or Roku, which have gained traction in recent years. Executives at Lionsgate-owned Starz as well as CBS have both emphasized the potency of Amazon in particular as a driver of subscriptions.

The service will be unveiled during an upcoming event in April or May. Reuters said the plan would likely be to launch via Apple’s App Store, which is available in more than 100 countries.

Apple declined comment Wednesday when contacted by Deadline.

The tech giant posted mixed holiday-quarter results in January that showed sales of the iPhone declining for the first time. Pressed for details about the $2 billion investment in video content and the direction it planned to go with video distribution, CEO Tim Cook offered few insights during the company’s last earnings call. He noted the company’s emphasis on relationships such as one with Oprah Winfrey as an indication Apple would seek out premium suppliers and partners.

The company’s services segment, which includes iPay and Apple Music, brought in $37 billion last quarter and is seen as a beacon of future growth by the investment community.