15 Tactics to Use Rhubarb


Rhubarb season is brief, and that solely makes us respect this tart vegetable much more. Each spring, we sit up for cooking and baking with rhubarb as it’s fleeting and particular! In the event you suppose the one issues you’ll be able to make with rhubarb are jam and pie, we’ve got many extra tactics to make use of rhubarb that you’ll be able to experience!

Culinary Diet Advantages of Rhubarb

Nutritionally talking, rhubarb is:

Rhubarb could be very tart – some will even describe it as sour – and tastes significantly better if you happen to upload sweetness to it (we love the use of herbal sweeteners), although now not such a lot that you simply masks its beautiful acidity. Whilst you’ll be able to consume rhubarb stalks uncooked, as they’re extraordinarily fibrous, we like to prepare dinner them so that they melt (this additionally releases a few of its juice). Don’t consume the leaves – they’re toxic!

Take a look at a few of our favorite tactics to make use of rhubarb under and tell us yours too!

15 Tactics to Use Rhubarb

Ways to use rhubarb

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Sure, rhubarb jam is a vintage and that’s why it’s first on our checklist! With minimum substances, jam offers rhubarb the risk to polish. In the event you don’t have canning revel in, you’ll be able to simply make freezer jam. To lend a hand your jam thicken, upload a bit of of apple for its herbal pectin or check out a couple of spoonfuls of omega 3-rich chia seeds.


You’ll have apple pie at virtually any time of the yr – make your springtime particular through baking up a scrumptious rhubarb pie.

Tarts or Galettes

gluten-free galettes

A easy rhubarb filling or chopped rhubarb can take your gluten-free truffles to the following degree. If tart crusts are too fussy for you, check out creating a galette – it’s free-form and rustic, and presentations off rhubarb effectively.


Rhubarb chutney provides a tart supplement to many dishes. We love to make use of it as a savory sandwich unfold, dollop it over meat or tofu, serve it with gluten-free crackers and dairy-free cheese, roll it up in dumplings with greens, and dip chickpea flatbread in it.

Desserts or Scones

Ways to use rhubarb

As an alternative of dried fruit or chocolate chips, fold in finely chopped rhubarb into your muffin and scone recipes. In the event you’re at a loss for words through gluten-free baking, this Gluten-Loose Flour Information and Substitution Reference has you lined.

Fruit Compote

Rhubarb compote is very easy – you simply stew rhubarb and a sweetener at the stovetop till it breaks down and turns into comfortable and gooey. It’s considered one of our favorite tactics to make use of rhubarb! You’ll make this with rhubarb solely, toss in more end result like apples, strawberries or raspberries, or fortify it with pantry spices like ginger or cinnamon. It’s superb to consume by itself, and we like dolloping it on oatmeal, ice cream, dairy-free yogurt, dairy-free cheesecake, or brownies.


Mix rhubarb into your favorite popsicle recipes for a fast and simple frozen deal with. This selection could be very kid-friendly!

Dairy-Loose Ice Cream

We’ll by no means become bored with new ice cream flavours! Mix cooked or contemporary rhubarb into your dairy-free ice cream recipes, or swirl some rhubarb compote all over.


Dairy-free Smoothie Recipes

Upload some tartness for your dairy-free smoothie recipes or smoothie bowls through mixing in some rhubarb or drizzling some compote over best.


Flavour up your kombucha with some chopped rhubarb. Be informed precisely how to do that in our Information to Brewing and Flavouring Kombucha.

Fall apart

There aren’t too many greens that move neatly in crumbles, however rhubarb is without a doubt an exception. Stay your collapse rhubarb-only or check out it with a mixture of other seasonal end result.

Soda or Elixir Syrup

what to do with rhubarb

Simmer up some rhubarb and a herbal sweetener of your selection, then pressure the solids. Upload splashes of the ensuing liquid to soda water, mocktails, iced elixirs, iced teas, or sip a shot glass by itself.

Savory Sauce

No longer all tactics to make use of rhubarb are candy treats! Upload aromatics like onions, garlic, and ginger, in addition to spices equivalent to cumin, coriander, and allspice, together with apple cider vinegar and also you’ve were given an important savory sauce to enrich fish, poultry, red meat, meat or tofu. You must additionally amp up the creaminess with coconut milk or nut or seed milk, if you happen to’d like.

You’ll additionally upload rhubarb to your BBQ sauce or do-it-yourself ketchup for a bit of of tang.

Get your information to do-it-yourself sauces right here.

Soups and Stews

In the event you’ve ever attempted apple and butternut squash soup, paired grilled stone end result or berries with a salad, or dotted your gluten-free pizza with contemporary figs, you’ll know that fruit enhances quite a lot of savory dishes! Take a look at cutting up some rhubarb for some zing for your subsequent pot of soup or one-pot stew meal.

In the event you’re on the lookout for an concept initially, check out including a cup of chopped rhubarb to the pot the following time you are making tomato soup. Mix up the combination with some cashews or thick coconut milk for added luxuriousness.

Oven Roasted

We like the caramelization that occurs once we roast rhubarb within the oven with the most straightforward of adornments equivalent to coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon.

In the event you experience experimenting within the kitchen and making an attempt new recipes, this kind of rhubarb beauties could also be the following factor you are making!

ways to use rhubarb

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