18 November, 2022 – Alpha Concepts


Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Taiwan may well be The united states’s Suez second (American Conservative)

The Swedish Rape Disaster (Peter Sweden)

The tragedy of Russia (Spiked)

Bleak fact of Britain’s financial system (Father or mother)

What everybody were given mistaken about Brazil elections (Palladium)

Afghanistan’s Copper Deposits (Al Jazeera)

Thread: Afghanisation and De-Afghanisation of Orissa (Engineer Who)

Thread: Elon Musk lied about his level (Capitol Hunters)

Thread: How Peter Thiel transformed a retirement account into $5 Billion (Alex Banks)

How an AK-47 works (Tech Burrito)

Thread: The Kiss of Dying (Manan Bhatt)

Existence prior to Babri Masjid Demolition (Ramachandra Guha)

Resignation Letter of Pakistan’s first Legislation Minister J N Mandal (SPMRF)

Thread: How Amjad Khan was Gabbar (IWTKQuiz)

Travelogue: Japanese Himalayas (Staff BHP)



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