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The sure impact of the pandemic is much more pronounced in Puppy Care than in espresso since the choice of pets has higher considerably in virtually all main markets.

My very own family offers you the most productive instance: We went into the pandemic with one canine and got here out with two – a expansion price of 100% (laughs)!

As well as, the 2 expansion drivers that prevailed ahead of the pandemic stay intact: In rising markets, we’re seeing a shift from feeding pets meals waste to devoted feed, which is extra hygienic and fitter for the animal.

This development is accompanied via emerging middle-class affluence.

In evolved markets, we’re making the most of the long-term development towards premiumization: higher-quality dog food with medical formulations which are adapted to the puppy’s wishes. There’s no result in sight to those developments.

-Stated via Nestle CEO Mark Schneider



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