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I had this for breakfast.

1) Awoke once more, showered, and dressed. The streak continues.

2) Had cereal and sausage for breakfast. You realize it’s just a topic of time prior to any person sells Sausage Cereal(tm). “With little sausage bits.”

3) Did a lot of tax preparation. Such amusing.

4) Made everybody one in Idaho a grilled-cheese sandwich. Folks appreciated them. They stated the sandwiches have been “yummy.”

5) Took a neatly deserved “e book tub.” The e book is The Emerging Solar and is ready Scotland’s disastrous try to colonize Panama in 1698.

6) Did so much and a lot of latch hooking.

7) Mentioned “You’re welcome” to Idahoans calling to mention “thanks.”

8) I don’t have common television, so I didn’t watch the Tremendous Bowl. Quantity Two Son supplied a hyperlink to the sport on my pc however I feared I’d come what may carry down the worldwide web if I attempted, so I didn’t.

9) Yahoo has one thing the place you’ll be able to click on on one thing. If  you do, you spot somewhat soccer and each and every 30 seconds or so, a brief sentence seems and tells you what took place. The substantial charms at the Tremendous Bowl have been misplaced on me.

10) Time to look at some other episode of “Medieval Legacy.” I rock.

Behave yourselves.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comedian Chef, Ph.D.


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