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If you happen to idea you liked pasta, wait till you do that home made pasta recipe! The pasta comes out with a wonderfully enjoyable chunk. This recipe is splendidly flexible and you’ll be able to make a wide variety of pasta with it, from fettuccine to linguine, lasagna, or even ravioli.

I discovered methods to make home made pasta from a chef in a pasta-making magnificence. Watch the video educational to be informed the chef’s secrets and techniques to creating the most productive pasta dough.

homemade pasta dough in nests on a baking sheet

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Why You will have to Make Your Personal Pasta

This home made pasta recipe comes from the similar categories the place my son and I discovered methods to make the well-known Caesar Salad recipe. We found out that home made pasta dough may be more uncomplicated to make than you suppose, plus the pasta maker does lots of the paintings.

P.S. If you happen to don’t need to spend money on a pasta maker, we integrated directions on how to try this with a rolling pin and knife (even supposing a pasta maker is way more uncomplicated). Right here’s why it’s value a check out:

  • Pleasant procedure – Making pasta from scratch may also be stress-free and virtually healing, like making a phenomenal loaf of bread. Looking at the lengthy sheets of dough pull during the rollers after which slicing the dough into easiest noodles.
  • Excellent Substances – with home made pasta, you keep an eye on the standard of the elements.
  • The flavour and texture of home made pasta rival a gourmand Italian eating place pasta (as a result of they make it from scratch)! It tastes such a lot higher than store-bought dried pasta.

Selfmade Pasta Video

Watch Natasha make this home made pasta recipe into fettuccine the usage of a foolproof method. You’ll be amazed at how simple it’s to make your individual pasta from scratch with simply 4 elementary elements.


Selfmade pasta most effective has a couple of elements, so high quality issues.

  • “00” Flour – We use conventional Italian-style flour to create the silkiest texture, however you’ll be able to change all-purpose. See our breakdown of flours underneath. No matter you select, make sure that to measure as it should be.
  • Salt – 1 tsp high quality sea salt to taste the pasta, and extra to salt the cooking water
  • Eggs – eggs upload colour, power, and elasticity to the dough. Eggs make it simple for the dough to stick in combination whilst cooking and consuming.
  • Additional virgin olive oil – provides the dough a little bit of taste and makes it more uncomplicated to slide during the pasta curler
  • Semolina flour – used for dusting to stay the pasta strands from sticking
ingredients for making egg pasta dough including eggs, "00" flour, salt and olive oil

What’s the absolute best flour for home made pasta?

Italian “00” flour is conventional for making home made pasta, growing the most productive texture and chunk. I’ve extensively utilized natural unbleached all-purpose flour with nice effects. Use whichever flour you’ll be able to get.

  • “00” Flour – very high quality and constructed from comfortable durum wheat to create a silky dough. It may be a little bit dear, however it’s the most standard for making pasta. I’ve attempted “00” flour for pasta and a lengthy fermentation “00” Flour with nice effects.
  • All-purpose flour – simple to paintings with and creates a pleasing dough.
  • Semolina flour – we use this to mud the noodles to stay them from sticking in combination as soon as they’re minimize.
different types of flours used in pasta-making

Make Selfmade Pasta Dough

  • Prep – Set your pasta device to the widest environment. Use semolina flour to sprinkle a big baking sheet and put aside.
  • Make the dough – whisk in combination flour and salt in a bowl. Make a neatly and upload the eggs and olive oil. Use your palms to mix the eggs into the flour, running outwards to include the dough then combine till dough comes in combination.
  • Knead the dough – Flip it out onto a calmly floured floor and knead for roughly 5 mins till clean. To knead: use the heel of your hand to push the dough down after which clear of you. Flip the dough and press down once more. Mud with flour if it’s too sticky to knead.
  • Leisure the dough – form the dough right into a disk and wrap in plastic wrap. Leisure at the counter for 20 mins or as much as an hour. Resting relaxes the gluten, making it more uncomplicated to roll.
how to make homemade pasta using flour, eggs and olive oil

Roll and Lower Pasta Dough

  • Lower the dough into 4 items. I really like to make use of a bench scraper. Take away one slice and stay the rest items lined.
  • Form and flatten the piece right into a rectangle so it’s going to are compatible into the pasta dough curler at the widest environment. Mud the dough generously with flour and feed it into the dough curler (or hand crank at a good tempo), catching it because it comes by way of. After the primary cross, fold the dough into thirds like a letter. Feed the folded pasta dough by way of at the widest environment a 2d time then fold the dough yet again and roll it during the widest environment.
  • Modify the environment from the widest to the following environment, a step narrower. Cross the dough during the curler as soon as on each and every environment till you succeed in your required thickness (I ended at environment 2 for fettuccine). Stay the dough sheet generously dusted with flour to forestall sticking. If the sheet will get too lengthy, minimize it into manageable lengths.
  • Lower the pasta – When you’ve reached your required thickness, generously mud the sheet with flour and alter to the pasta cutter attachment. Cross during the pasta cutter, catching the dough because it exits. Lay the noodles out at the semolina-dusted baking sheet and mud with extra semolina (or use a pasta drying rack). Quilt with a blank towel and dry for 20 mins earlier than cooking the pasta or freezing the dough (see freezing instructions underneath).
how to use a KitchenAid roller attachment to roll dough into sheets

What’s the absolute best pasta maker?

KitchenAid attachment – we like ours and you’ll be able to use the legit KitchenAid logo or a distinct logo (right here’s my pasta maker). I choose this sort as it takes up much less area when now not in use and it helps to keep your fingers unfastened so that you don’t have handy crank it.

Countertop Pasta Maker – A Marcato 150 Pasta Maker is a standard pasta dough maker and is the easiest answer should you don’t have a stand mixer. It clamps onto your countertop to stay it strong and also you crank the pasta by way of via turning a care for. 

how to use a pasta roller and cutter

Make Pasta And not using a Device

If you happen to don’t have a pasta device, you’ll simply desire a rolling pin and knife or pizza cutter. Roll the piece of dough to shape a rectangle. Fold it as soon as right into a letter, and roll it out once more somewhat then fold it a 2d time. Now roll the dough out uniformly and thinly to concerning the thickness of a dime. Lower fettuccine-type pasta via rolling or folding the flour-dusted dough like you may a burrito. Then minimize the rolled dough into skinny slices.

Cook dinner Selfmade Pasta

Carry a big pot of calmly salted water to a boil. Drop your minimize pasta dough into the boiling water and prepare dinner till you succeed in your required tenderness. Selfmade pasta chefs sooner and takes simply 2-4 mins, relying on how thick you narrow the pasta. See pointers for cooking frozen pasta within the Make-Forward phase underneath.

easy homemade fettuccini in a blue bowl

Serve Selfmade Pasta

Toss the cooked pasta with those warmed sauces or use the raw pasta dough in any dish that requires dried pasta.

  • Tacky pasta – toss with butter, parmesan cheese and reserved pasta water so as to add creaminess
  • Pesto– toss with a heaping tablespoon of home made pesto (or storebought should you should)
  • Marinara – home made marinara sauce coats the noodles fantastically
  • Alfredo Sauce – you’ll in finding the most productive recipe in our Cookbook
  • Bolognese Sauce


I choose cooking the pasta instantly or freezing the dough since refrigerating may cause the pasta to stay extra. Both approach, mud generously with semolina.

  • Freezing: to save lots of area, as soon as the pasta has been dried for 20 mins, sprinkle extra semolina and organize the pasta into nests – seize a handful of pasta from the middle in their strands, elevate up, and as you decrease it, twist the pasta to shape a nest. Freeze exposed for 1 hour till company, then switch to a freezer-safe zip-top bag for as much as two months.
  • To Cook dinner from Frozen: don’t thaw and prepare dinner without delay from frozen to forestall sticking. Frozen pasta can take an additional 2 mins to prepare dinner and do away with any eggy style.
drying pasta and rolling into nests for storage

Can I dry egg pasta dough for garage?

As it has uncooked eggs in it, it’s absolute best to shop home made pasta within the freezer and it does freeze neatly. Freezing home made pasta may be thought to be more secure and more practical for keeping the standard and style of the pasta.

the best homemade pasta recipe resting in nests

This foolproof home made pasta recipe makes it simple to make scrumptious pasta dishes from scratch. The pasta has a mild but chewy texture you’ll crave. You’ll by no means need store-bought dried pasta once more!

Extra Pasta Recipes

If you happen to’re searching for extra inspiration, listed below are some scrumptious recipes to check out with Selfmade Pasta Dough:

Selfmade Pasta Recipe

nests of homemade pasta dough dusted with flour on a sheet pan

This Selfmade Pasta recipe is the easiest recipe for making pasta from scratch. The fail-proof pasta dough comes along with only some easy elements and is simple to paintings with. We use a pasta curler to roll and minimize the dough, making it even more uncomplicated.

Prep Time: 20 mins

Resting Time: 40 mins

General Time: 1 hour

Save you your display screen from going darkish

  • Prep – mud a big baking sheet with semolina flour. Protected your pasta curler and set it to the widest rolling environment.

  • To make the dough – in a big blending bowl, whisk in combination flour and salt. Make a neatly within the middle and crack your eggs into it. Drizzle the eggs with olive oil then use your palms to mix the eggs into the flour. Get started stirring the flour from the perimeters of the neatly and paintings outwards till the dough is carefully combined and has come in combination right into a mass of dough. Switch to a calmly floured floor and knead the dough till it’s clean and versatile, however now not sticky, dusting with flour if wanted. Knead for roughly 5 mins. Form right into a ball and flatten right into a disk. Quilt the dough with plastic wrap and let it leisure at room temperature for 20 mins or as much as an hour.

  • Divide and roll the dough – Use a bench scraper to chop the dough into 4 equivalent items. Stay the additional dough lined with plastic wrap as you’re employed with one piece at a time. Flatten the piece of dough right into a rectangle to suit the dough curler and mud the dough with flour to forestall sticking then roll it by way of at the widest environment to your pasta maker, catching it because it comes by way of then trifold the dough like a letter. Put it during the widest environment once more then fold the dough yet again and roll it during the widest environment.
  • Proceed rolling the pasta during the device with out folding, adjusting the rollers to a smaller environment with each and every pass-through till the specified thickness is reached (I forestall at environment 2 for fettuccini). Stay the dough dusted with flour to forestall sticking. If the sheet turns into too lengthy to regulate, minimize it into manageable lengths and proceed rolling.

  • To Lower the Pasta – Mud the overall sheet with flour to verify blank cuts that don’t stick to one another and turn for your desired pasta cutter attachment. Catch the pasta because it comes during the cutter and organize it to your ready baking sheet, dusting it with extra semolina flour. Quilt with a blank kitchen towel and let dry 20 mins earlier than cooking or freezing (see make-ahead pointers).

  • To prepare dinner the home made pasta – salt a big pot of water and produce it to a boil. Upload the dried pasta dough (or frozen dough), stirring gently to start with to make certain the noodles do not stick. Selfmade pasta dough chefs a lot sooner than store-bought dough, so take a look at the noodles for doneness between 2-4 mins. If undercooked, the noodles will style a little bit eggy. Upload 2 mins if cooking from frozen. Drain the pasta.

  1. Make Forward: As soon as your pasta strands have rested for 20 mins on a semolina-dusted baking sheet, sprinkle with just a little extra semolina on peak then twirl the pasta into little nests. Switch the baking sheet to the freezer exposed and freeze for 1 hour till company then switch to a freezer-safe zip bag and freeze for as much as 2 months. Cook dinner without delay from frozen.
  2. Pasta Machines: We use our stand mixer with a KitchenAid attachment. You’ll additionally use a free-standing, hand-cranked pasta device.
  3. To Roll Pasta dough via hand: Evenly roll the dough out and fold like a letter two times then roll to a good thickness, very similar to a dime. Fold or roll the dough like you may a cake roll or burrito, and minimize skinny slices for your desired width. Spread and lay lengthy noodles onto the ready baking pan.

252kcal Energy40g Carbs9g Protein6g Fats1g Saturated Fats1g Polyunsaturated Fats3g Monounsaturated Fats0.01g Trans Fats109mg Ldl cholesterol430mg Sodium96mg Potassium1g Fiber0.2g Sugar159IU Nutrition A25mg Calcium3mg Iron

Vitamin Information

Selfmade Pasta Recipe

Quantity in line with Serving

% Day-to-day Price*

* P.c Day-to-day Values are in accordance with a 2000 calorie nutrition.



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