Juxtapoz Mag – The One That Were given Away: Amoako Boafo in Mexico Town


Because the artwork global turns the eye of the instant to the good town of Mexico Town, we’re loving what we’re seeing from Mariane Ibrahim’s presentation of art work and installations by means of Amoako Boafo.  The person who were given away shall be on view thru Might 4, 2024, marking the artist’s first display in Mexico and the 3rd solo exhibition with the gallery.


In The person who were given away, his expressive figurations, prominent by means of distinctive finger-painting gestures, take middle level, accompanied by means of a debut exploration into mosaic and stained-glass mediums. Those new mediums be offering a mild transparency and company resonance to his creative repertoire.

Amoako Boafo goals to provide figures of their herbal energy, emitting their essence thru fascinating patterns and colours. Each and every portrait, showcasing a chum, collaborator, or anyone hooked up to the artist, contentedly lives inside of its body. Concurrently, the works harmoniously mix throughout generations right through the exhibition.

The person who were given away supplies an area for contemplation to discover the intricacies and nuances inside of transitions and transformations. Amoako Boafo’s canvases, various in dimension and medium, take audience on a releasing adventure, liberating each figures and onlookers from preconceived notions and distractions. Set in opposition to serene backdrops, those works spotlight the artist’s exploration of the relationships between people and their broader cultural context.

Amoako Boafo’s introspective frame of labor displays his adventure in carving a novel creative trail. Thru his canvases, he testifies to a lifestyles dedicated to portray—a faithful significant other that by no means falters. This exhibition fantastically honors loyalty in an artwork shape requiring resilience in opposition to societal expectancies and the solitude of ingenious endeavors. Breaking loose from starting place constraints, Amoako Boafo unveils a good looks and loyalty mirroring the intentional resilience infused into his canvases.



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