David X. Cohen Pinpoints A Biblical Futurama Episode That ‘Did not Age Smartly’


There are numerous cherished episodes of the display’s first complete season again from cancellation, however “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” wasn’t considered one of them. It is frequently ranked some of the worst “Futurama” episodes, principally on account of how casually it treats Zapp’s aggravating conduct. Zapp’s all the time been a creep, however most often he will get way more of a comeuppance for it, now not a praise. The opposite fan grievance is that Leela comes throughout as an excessive amount of of a pushover. She falls for Zapp’s lies extra simply than the Leela we all know would, or even prior to the Earth’s intended destruction she’s nonetheless striking up with way more abuse from him than same old. 

Likewise, Leela’s loss of fear against Fry all through all this feels inconsistent. All over the Fox technology of the display, Leela went from side to side between liking Fry or now not, frequently to the purpose the place it appeared like they had been relationship in a single episode and mere acquaintances within the subsequent. This was once the comprehensible results of Fox messing round with the episode’s airing order, however for Comedy Central there was once no such excuse. Why was once the target market anticipated to snort at Fry’s heartbreak after it is been so obviously established via now that the 2 love every different? Why give us this storyline proper when they left off the former episode on such excellent phrases?

Fortunately, “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” was once a low level in an another way sturdy season, fairly than a harbinger of items to come back. No longer handiest did season 7 give us all-time nice episodes like “Deadly Inspection” and “The Overdue Philip J. Fry,” but it surely normally stayed clear of any flippant jokes about Leela being sexually burdened. David X. Cohen pointed to this episode as a mistake, however a minimum of they appeared to be told from it in a while.



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