Biker blocks automobile the usage of Good Lane on toll freeway


Biker blocks car using Smart Lane on toll highway

With the 2024 Lunar New Yr balik kampung exodus in complete swing, the Good Lane gadget is in impact on sure stretches of Malaysia’s toll highways. Accomplished to relieve visitors congestion at the freeway particularly right through the pre- and submit vacation trip duration, the Good Lane implementation right through explicit occasions and dates turns out to have escaped one motorcyclist.

In a video shared by way of consumer anthraxxx781 on social media, a biker is noticed preventing his bike at the emergency lane, blockading the trail of a automobile. This isn’t a one-time incidence because it has came about previously.

The rider then will get off his motorbike and confronts the driving force, probably to inform the driving force off for the usage of the emergency lane which isn’t allowed right through commonplace days.

Alternatively, in numerous public bulletins, automobiles at the toll highways are allowed to make use of the emergency lane right through explicit occasions and dates. This was once reported in a article, right here.

Simply to recap, the SMART Lane is going in impact starting February 8, and lasts until February 18, with different dates appropriate for sure stretches of freeway. The overall record is as follows:

  • from Bukit Tambun to Juru Toll Plaza – KM150.9 to KM150.5 (northbound)
  • Bandar Cassia to Sg Bakap layby – KM155.3 to KM156.0 (southbound)
  • Gua Tempurung to Gopeng KM306.7 to KM297.0 (northbound)
  • Slender River to Sungkai KM367.3 to KM354.0 (northbound)
  • Sungkai – KM354.0 to KM356.0 (southbound)
  • Rawang R&R to Sg Buaya – KM439.5 to KM435.5 (northbound)
  • Go out of Petron NKVE to Subang – KM11.2 to KM13.3 (northbound)
  • Nilai to Seremban R&R – KM280.0 to KM286.0 (southbound)
  • USJ overhead bridge to Seafield – KM6.1 to KM8.1 (northbound)
  • Port Dickson to Seremban – KM260.0 to KM263.1 (northbound)
  • Air Keroh to Jasin layby KM194.5 to KM 184.0 (southbound)
  • Kulai to Senai – KM27.0 to KM19.0 (southbound)
  • Senai to Kulai – KM19.0 to KM27.0 (northbound)
  • Dato Onn to Pasir Gudang – KM4.5 to KM1.9 (southbound)

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