Türkiye marking anniversary of earthquake coined as Century’s Crisis


BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 6. Türkiye marks the
first anniversary of the disastrous earthquakes of magnitudes 7.7
and seven.6 (“the Crisis of the Century”), with the epicenter within the
Kahramanmaras province, Pattern studies.

The crisis killed 53,537 other folks, injured 107,213, and broken
38,901 constructions.

This earthquake, which affected 120,000 sq. kilometers and 14
million other folks, together with 11 provinces, 124 districts, 6,929
villages, and neighborhoods, used to be named one of the most global’s maximum
harmful failures in relation to each casualties and space

The disaster zone hired a personnel of 650,000 other folks
(11,488 from more than a few countries, 35,250 seek and rescue staff, and
142,000 safety officials).

To finish this job, 20,000 cars and building
apparatus, 141 helicopters, 182 airplanes, and 23 ships have been

First of all, a million tents have been despatched to the area, offering
transient safe haven for just about 2.5 million victims. In overall, 3.5
million other folks have been evacuated from the area. Right through this time,
Turkish Airways transported nearly two million other folks on 13,701
flights and equipped 32,770 lots of humanitarian support to the
earthquake zone.

The sufferers additionally won housing condominium help within the sum
of 14.45 million billion liras ($470,000).

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