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Within the ever-evolving global of NFTs, a groundbreaking assortment has emerged, charming the hearts of virtual artwork fans and blockchain aficionados alike. ALIVE1111, introduced via the cutting edge minds at NYC Labs (recognized for his or her iconic Bare Yeti Membership and diligent paintings on DOB), isn’t just an NFT assortment; it’s a historical milestone inside the SEI community.

A Glimpse into ALIVE1111

ALIVE1111 is greater than an artwork assortment; it’s a testomony to the ingenuity and creativity of the virtual age. Each and every NFT on this assortment is crafted from the original block hash of the primary 1,111 blocks at the SEI community, marking the community’s colourful inception. This special approach now not most effective immortalizes the SEI community’s starting but in addition bridges the distance between generation and artistry.

At the back of ALIVE1111 is a staff of visionaries from NYC Labs, together with the founder and artist at the back of the gathering and the masterminds of the SEI Geese undertaking, significantly Ducktoshi. This collaboration underscores the synergy between blockchain generation and inventive expression, culminating in a set that’s as cutting edge as it’s visually shocking.

An Incubation of Creativity

NYC Labs serves because the incubator for ALIVE1111, offering a platform for building and innovation. The lab’s dedication to pushing the limits of what’s conceivable within the NFT area is obvious within the distinctive aesthetic and conceptual intensity of the ALIVE1111 assortment.

Each and every piece within the ALIVE1111 assortment is a virtual masterpiece, created the usage of a mix of blockchain hash information and custom designed AI. This technique guarantees that each paintings isn’t just distinctive but in addition embodies the thematic consistency and visionary ethos of the gathering. The creators purpose to take creditors on a adventure in the course of the SEI community’s evolution, providing a visible banquet that’s as thought-provoking as it’s stunning.

A Tradition of Sharing

In step with the ethos of sharing tradition fairly than commodifying it, ALIVE1111 is obtainable at a mint value of 0 $SEI, making it out there to a large target market. The minting procedure features a 24-hour precedence window for whitelisted individuals, adopted via public get entry to, making sure equity and inclusivity within the acquisition of those items.

With 88.11% of the gathering already minted, ALIVE1111 invitations artwork fanatics and blockchain fans to enroll in this distinctive undertaking. The gathering isn’t just an array of virtual artistic endeavors; it’s a work of SEI Community historical past, a party of its colourful neighborhood, and a daring step into the way forward for virtual artwork.


A Constant Imaginative and prescient

The consistency seen within the ALIVE1111 assortment isn’t simply a technical success however a testomony to the creative course and imaginative and prescient at the back of the undertaking. Each and every piece, whilst distinctive, carries the thematic essence of the SEI community’s genesis, providing a coherent narrative that provides intensity and price to the gathering. This consistency mirrors the dependable and user-friendly revel in that Automatic1111 presented to early AI artwork fans, showcasing how generation will also be harnessed to provide a cohesive creative imaginative and prescient.

Paying Homage Via Innovation

ALIVE1111’s nod to Automatic1111 is going past mere acknowledgment; it’s a variety of the concept that artwork and generation are interwoven. Through leveraging the SEI blockchain’s features along AI, ALIVE1111 now not most effective celebrates the previous successes of AI artwork platforms but in addition units a brand new usual for a way blockchain generation can be used in ingenious processes. This undertaking illustrates the evolving dating between artist and gadget, the place collaboration results in the advent of one thing in point of fact groundbreaking.

Empowered via Lighthouse

Lighthouse stands at the leading edge of this revolution, providing open-source good contracts adapted for the seamless advent of NFTs on Sei. This initiative is a testomony to Webump’s willpower to empowering creators and builders, making sure that the method of NFT advent is extra out there and environment friendly. With Lighthouse, the artwork of NFT minting transcends conventional obstacles, environment a brand new usual for innovation and straightforwardness of use.

Sei, celebrated because the quickest Layer 1 blockchain, provides an optimum infrastructure for the trade of virtual property, adapting impulsively to the business’s evolving calls for. It’s this exceptional pace and flexibility that make Sei the perfect platform for the ALIVE1111 assortment, making sure that each and every piece isn’t just a murals but in addition part of blockchain historical past.

Evolved via Webump, Lighthouse enriches the Sei blockchain ecosystem with a complete suite of gear designed for NFT creators and builders. From minting and managing allowlists to importing metadata and configuring collections, Lighthouse simplifies each side of the NFT lifecycle. This open protocol now not most effective democratizes the advent of virtual artwork but in addition fosters a neighborhood the place innovation prospers.

TL;DR: ALIVE1111, via NYC Labs, is a modern virtual artwork NFT assortment crafted from SEI community’s block hashes, representing a fusion of blockchain innovation and inventive creativity. It’s a call for participation to revel in and personal a work of SEI Community’s historical past.




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