Weekly Local weather and Power Information Roundup #586 – Watts Up With That?


Quote of the Week: “Give me a lever lengthy sufficient and a fulcrum on which to position it, and I shall transfer the sector.” – Archimedes

Choice of the Week: 10 Occasions


Through Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Coverage Venture (SEPP)

Scope: Daniel Nebert’s essay that the weather disaster is a fairy story is gifted. The video sequence Juice is mentioned. Gwythian Prins items the failure of insurance policies of changing inexpensive, dependable electrical energy from coal, oil, fuel, and nuclear with wind and photo voltaic from a philosophical point of view. The deceptive use of graphs is introduced up. And the rising failure {of electrical} automobiles is gifted.


Fairy Story: The American Philosopher revealed an essay via physician-scientist Daniel Nebert addressing probably the most uncertainties omitted in authorities weather science. Afterwards meteorologist Chuck Wiess made a couple of further suggestions to right kind sure mistakes. The corrected model is underneath (reproduced with permission via the writer):

These days’s ‘Local weather Disaster’ is a Fairy Story

Through Daniel Nebert, January 30, 2024

“For the beyond 35 years, the United Countries’ Intergovernmental Panel on Local weather Exchange (IPCC) has warned us that emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, predominantly carbon dioxide (CO2), are inflicting bad world warming. This fable is blindly authorized — even via lots of my science colleagues who know nearly not anything about weather. As a scientist, my goal here’s to assist reveal this fairy story.

The worldwide warming tale isn’t a benign myth. It’s significantly harmful Western economies. In January 2021, the White Space ridiculously declared that ‘weather replace is probably the most severe existential danger to humanity.’ From there, The us went from calories independence again to calories dependence. Any other end result has been the illusion of a large number of firms whose function is to ‘sequester CO2’ in addition to ‘sequester carbon’ from our environment. Then again, this so-called ‘answer’ is scientifically unimaginable. Lifestyles on Earth is in keeping with carbon! CO2 is plant meals! CO2 is a drab, odorless fuel! CO2 isn’t a pollutant!

Generations had been brainwashed for many years into believing this imaginary ‘weather disaster’ from kindergarten thru school and in mainstream media and social media. Indoctrinated younger lecturers really feel relaxed instructing this incorrect information to scholars. Cheating weather scientists really feel justified in spreading disinformation as a result of they want governmental improve for salaries and analysis.

The proof contradicting the weather apocalypse is huge. Some comes from research of Greenland and Antarctica ice through which air trapped at more than a few depths finds CO2 ranges of beyond weather. Proxy data from marine sediment, mud (from erosion, wind-blown deposition of sediments) and ice cores supply a document of beyond sea ranges, ice quantity, seawater temperature and world atmospheric temperatures.

From his seminal paintings whilst prisoner of struggle right through WWI, Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch defined how weather is influenced via permutations within the Earth’s uneven orbit, axial tilt, and rotational wobble — each and every going thru cycles lasting so long as 120,000 years.

It’s well known that Glacial Classes of about 95,000 years, interspersed with Interglacial Classes of roughly 25,000 years correspond with Milankovitch Cycles. More than one incursions of glaciers passed off right through the Pleistocene, an epoch lasting from about 2.6 million to 11,700 years in the past, when Earth’s final Glacial Length ended. Round 24,000 years in the past, present-day Lake Erie was once coated with ice a mile thick.

Inside of each and every Interglacial Length, there’ve been warming classes, or ‘Mini-Summers.’ As an example, inside the present Holocene Interglacial, there were hotter classes referred to as the Minoan (1500 – 1200 BC), Roman (250 BC – 400 AD) and Medieval (900 – 1300 AD). Our Fashionable Warming Length started with the waning of the Little Ice Age (1300-1850). These days’s Mini-Summer season is chillier to this point than all earlier Mini-Summers of the final 8,500 years.

How did CO2 get blamed for world warming? French physicist Joseph Fourier (1820s) proposed that calories from daylight will have to be balanced via calories radiated again into area. Irish physicist John Tyndall (1850s) carried out laboratory experiments on ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHGs), together with water vapor; he proposed that CO2 elicited a very powerful impact on temperature. Then again, it’s unimaginable to do suitable experiments — except the roof of your laboratory is a minimum of six miles excessive.

Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius (1896) proposed that ‘warming is proportional to the logarithm of CO2 focus. Columbia College geochemist Wallace Broecker (1975) and Columbia College Adjunct Professor James Hansen (1981) wrote oft-cited articles in Science mag, each overstating the perils of CO2 inflicting bad world warming — with out offering medical evidence.

Maximum of Earth’s calories comes from the solar. Absorption of daylight reasons molecules of gadgets or surfaces to vibrate quicker, expanding their temperature; this calories is then re-radiated via land and oceans as longwave, infrared radiation (warmth). Princeton College physicist Will Happer defines a GHG as that which absorbs negligible incoming daylight however captures a considerable fraction of thermal radiation as it’s re-radiated from Earth’s floor and atmospheric GHGs again into area.

The gases of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon — comprising 78%, 21%, and zero.93%, respectively, of the ambience — display negligible absorption of thermal radiation and due to this fact aren’t GHGs. Necessary GHGs come with water (reasonable of two%, with a spread of one% to five%), CO2 (0.042%, or 420 portions in line with million (ppm) via quantity), methane (0.00017%) and nitrous oxide (0.0000334%, or 334 portions in line with billion). Water vapor (clouds) has a minimum of 100 instances higher warming impact on Earth’s temperature than all different GHGs blended. [In clear skies the influence of CO2 is more important than indicated. The influence of clouds is significant, but not understood.]

As atmospheric CO2 will increase, its GHG impact decreases: CO2’s warming impact is 1.5oC between 0 and 20 ppm, 0.3oC between 20 and 40 ppm,and zero.15oC between 40 and 60 ppm. Each doubling of atmospheric CO2 from these days’s ranges decreases radiation again into area via a trifling 1%. For lots of the beyond 800,000 years, Earth’s atmospheric CO2 has ranged between about 180 ppm and 320 ppm; underneath 150 ppm, Earth’s flora may perhaps now not exist, and all lifestyles could be extinguished.

These days’s world atmospheric CO2 ranges are ~420 ppm; even at those ranges, flora are ‘partly CO2-starved.’ In reality, usual procedures for business greenhouse growers come with raising CO2 to 800­-1200 ppm; this complements enlargement and crop yield ~20-50%. As proven via satellite tv for pc since 1978, increased atmospheric CO2 has helped ‘inexperienced’ the Earth via greater than 15 p.c, considerably improving crop manufacturing.

If world atmospheric CO2 was once ~280 ppm in 1750, and it’s ~420 ppm these days, what’s the supply of this 140-ppm building up? Scientists estimate that human-associated commercial emissions may have contributed 135 ppm — with ‘herbal reasons’ accounting for the rest 5 ppm.

In Earth’s historical past, the absolute best ranges of atmospheric CO2 (6,000-9,000 ppm) passed off about 550-450 million years in the past, which led to plant lifestyles to flourish. CO2 ranges in older nuclear submarines mechanically operated at 7000 ppm, while more moderen subs stay CO2 within the 2,000-5,000-ppm vary. In the meantime, ice-core records during the last 800,000 years display no correlation between global-warming or -cooling cycles and atmospheric CO2 ranges.

CO2 in our lungs reaches 40,000-50,000 ppm, which induces us to take our subsequent breath. Each and every human exhales about 2.3 kilos of CO2 in line with day, because of this Earth’s 8 billion folks produce day by day 18.4 billion kilos CO2. However people constitute only one/fortieth of all CO2-excreting lifestyles on Earth. Multiplying 18.4 billion kilos via 40 equals 736 billion kilos of CO2 in line with day. This approximates the entire CO2 excreted via the entire animal and fungal biomass on this planet.

International commercial CO2 emissions in 2022 have been estimated to be 38.5 billion metric lots in line with 12 months. If one metric ton is two,200 kilos, then ‘overall commercial emissions’ quantity to 84.7 trillion kilos in line with 12 months, or 232 billion kilos of CO2 in line with day. Which means that all the animal and fungal biomass (736 billion kilos) places out greater than thrice as a lot CO2 as all commercial emissions (232 billion kilos)!

Can any clear-thinking individual comprehend the info above and nonetheless create an organization with idiotic plans to ‘sequester CO2’ or ‘sequester carbon’? Scientifically, ‘net-zero’ and ‘carbon footprint’ are meaningless phrases. There is not any ‘weather disaster.’

When you attempt to to find those info on the internet, excellent success! Out of each and every 10 ‘hits’ on any weather subject, you’ll be fortunate to search out one or two websites with fair medical records. The door of a close-by school room shows a poster of Abraham Lincoln with the caption: ‘Don’t imagine the whole thing you learn on the web.’ It’s recommendation that our sixteenth president certainly would have presented — had he lived to peer the upward thrust of this world warming quasi-religion.”

Daniel W Nebert is Professor Emeritus in Gene-Setting Interactions on the College of Cincinnati Faculty of Drugs. He thank you Professor Will Happer (one of the most CO2 Coalition administrators) and Chuck Wiese (fellow CO2 Coalition member) for treasured discussions.

For the model revealed in American Philosopher see hyperlink below Difficult the Orthodoxy.


Juice: The fashionable electric grid is without doubt one of the biggest tendencies of contemporary civilization and a perfect get advantages to all those that are served via it. It may be regarded as to have 3 vital elements operating in combination: 1) era; 2) transmission; and three) distribution. The grid was once constructed with the function of offering a public carrier to people who depend on it. After the Chicago International’s Honest of 1893 confirmed off the splendor of electrical gentle, towns, then rural spaces clamored for electrical energy. City utilities equipped electrical energy to towns and co-ops have been shaped to supply electrical energy to extra rural spaces. Within the Nineteen Thirties the Federal Govt stepped-in, construction dams and electrifying the stability of the country with the Rural Electrification Management. Through 1950 with regards to 80 p.c of the farms in america had electrical energy from the grid, changing windmills and different gadgets to generate electrical energy. The function was once to supply inexpensive, dependable electrical energy. The United Kingdom and Germany are demonstrating that there’s not anything inexpensive and dependable about the usage of photo voltaic and wind to exchange thermal era from coal, oil, fuel, and nuclear. Sadly, many in Washington and sure different states don’t notice the significance of inexpensive, dependable electrical energy and are selling new fads.

Skilled calories commentator Robert Bryce produced a chain of 5 movies, each and every about 20 mins, that obviously display the fragility of the present grid that is dependent upon photo voltaic, wind, and just-in-time herbal fuel (fuel chronic flora with out garage). The 5 portions are:

1.         Texas Blackout

2.         “Undermined via Enron — Enron Company will have declared chapter in 2001, however the corporate’s impact on The us’s electrical grid can nonetheless be observed these days in states like California and Texas, the place chronic costs are hovering, and reliability is declining. The rush to regard electrical energy as a commodity as an alternative of a carrier is especially punishing in California, the place electrical energy costs are expanding thrice quicker than in the remainder of the U.S.”

3.         Inexperienced Desires

4.         Nuclear Renaissance

5.         “Commercial Cathedrals — The us is plagued via momentary pondering, in particular relating to our electrical grid. If we’re going to be excited about calories safety, calories get right of entry to, and weather replace, we wish to make our electrical grid weather-resilient, now not weather-dependent. That can require pondering long-term. It’s going to require embracing fission. It’s going to require us to imagine our nuclear chronic flora because the crowning achievements of our society. It’s going to require us to peer them, as Emmet Penney does, as ‘commercial cathedrals.’”

Writing in Energy Line, Steven Hayward extremely recommends the sequence however questions a few of its implications. He writes:

“Herewith the second one installment of Robert Bryce’s new documentary, ‘Juice’ Energy, Politics, and the Grid,’ through which he’s taking up the topic of electrical energy deregulation within the Nineteen Nineties and the position of Enron within the California debacle of 2000. I’m now not positive I completely believe Robert’s narrative of this vital coverage shift—for something, ‘de-regulation’ isn’t in reality correct, because it was once in reality a regulatory restructuring—however this episode is worthy of viewing to the top for its 2d part, the place Robert includes a grassroots staff or left-leaning (or previously) left leaning civil rights housing activists who’ve known that environmentalism—fairly than racism—is their maximum potent foe.”

See hyperlinks below Difficult the Orthodoxy.


Failure: A famous safety specialist, Professor emeritus Gwythian Prins of the London College of Economics (and Political Science) writes that the “Internet 0” plan of changing coal, oil, and herbal fuel with wind and photo voltaic creates a countrywide safety downside for the United Kingdom. He states:

“Now that we will give an explanation for why the Hansen 1988 ‘keep watch over knob’ CO2/world temperature close-coupling speculation doesn’t hang, which is the main discovering of thirty 5 years of world weather methods analysis, however as an alternative is vitiated via two basic mistakes in its idea of data and via a significant technical error via the IPCC (see Archimedes’ Fulcrum pp. 9-13), we will extra as it should be assess the dangers from anthropogenic CO2 emissions to world safety, relative to different dangers, and adapt to them. As ‘depraved’ issues, they can’t be mitigated as a result of there’s no enough realizing of reason and impact.” [Boldface added]

In Archimedes’ Fulcrum, Prins offers the important thing variations between “depraved” and “tame” issues. ‘Tame’ issues have the next traits:

Bounded; Can also be exactly formulated; ‘True-false’ answers – medical standards; Waypoint and ultimate checks conceivable; Trial and blunder via repeated experiment; Definable units of conceivable answers; Speculation refinement via iterative Popperian falsification standard; ‘Tame’ issues inhabit wealthy classifications; Get started-point worth judgements extra contestable; and No destructive reckoning for Popperian falsifiers engaging in iterative experimentation: the opposite.

‘Depraved’ issues have the next traits:

Unbounded; No definitive system of downside; No ‘preventing rule’ on records assortment; ‘Excellent-bad’ answers – moral standards; No instant and no final take a look at; Interventions are continually ‘one shot’; No enumerable set of conceivable answers; Speculation refinement via iterative Popperian falsification now not conceivable; Each ‘depraved’ downside distinctive and will also be observed to be a symptom of one other; Number of rationalization prescribes the character of selected optic [view], and that during flip the collection of putative answer; and The ones making interventions aren’t granted the suitable to be fallacious via the ones suffering from their ‘one shot’ movements. [Boldface added]

From this record we will see why advocates of depraved issues imagine themselves resistant to complaint. Their view can’t be criticized from usual checking out with bodily proof. Prins writes:

‘To use the common sense and procedures acceptable to ‘tame’ issues to ‘depraved’ issues is a basic class mistake in collection of idea of data.’

The shortcoming to objectively criticize the paintings of weather replace advocates will also be observed within the e-book The Primacy of Doubt: From Quantum Physics to Local weather Exchange, How the Science of Uncertainty Can Assist Us Perceive Our Chaotic International via Tim Palmer a pioneer of the ensemble method of weather modeling. It’s fascinating that Palmer invokes the sphere of Quantum Physics, for Richard Feynman, whose Nobel was once in in Quantum Physics insisted that during Bodily Science nature was once the overall and supreme pass judgement on of an idea. Whether it is inconsistent with nature, it’s fallacious. Quantum Physicist John Clauser, a 2022 Nobel recipient, turns out to have a view very similar to Feynman.

Moreover, Prins writes:

“For the reason that collection of rationalization prescribes the character of selected putative answer and because laptop simulations of the weather are central within the suite of strategies of research used, a 2d class mistake generating a 2d error within the idea of data mechanically happens. Pc simulations produce projections: perspectives of conceivable futures delimited via their beginning assumptions. But politicians longing for grist to the legislative mill are mechanically vulnerable to take projections as company predictions. Intervening time, scientifically illiterate eco-zealots set such projections, mis-described as predictions, in stone. Those are cemented with claims alongside the strains of ‘x% of scientists can’t be fallacious: ‘the science is settled’. Through those mis-matchings, each teams use a doubly faulty idea of data. Through so doing, they devote what Alfred North Whitehead named the ‘fallacy of out of place concreteness.’ As he famously noticed, ‘now not lack of expertise, however lack of expertise of lack of expertise is the dying of data’.” [Boldface at the end is added, previously it was italics in the original. See links under Challenging the Orthodoxy.


Graphs: Many politicians and commentators are numerically illiterate and do not understand how to read graphs. Recently, Gavin Schmidt, the director of NASA-GISS, objected to Roy Spencer’s essay discussed in last week’s TWTW including the manner in which Roy Spencer presents graphs. Spencer plots graphs comparing different datasets by beginning at the beginning of the dataset. This clearly shows the divergence between, say, atmospheric temperatures and model projections. Schmidt plots graphs by having the lines representing different datasets intersect in the middle of the timeline of data. Thus, he masks the extent of the divergence of two different datasets. See links under Challenging the Orthodoxy and https://www.sepp.org/twtwfiles/2024/TWTW%20Jan%2027.pdf


Different, Not Acceleration: A favorite trick of NOAA and others who advocate dangerous sea level rise is to splice together datasets from different sets of instruments to give the impression that sea level rise is accelerating. [If sea level rise were accelerating, the acceleration would show up in tide-gauge data at all stations, but it does not, regardless of whether the land is sinking, rising, or remaining static, but tide-gages are ignore.] If the datasets haven’t any keep watch over or calibration duration, one can not know in the event that they measure the similar factor the similar manner. Willis Eschenbach exposes this trick in NOAA’s previous “Satellite tv for pc Based totally Sea Degree From 4 Satellites.” He additionally explains that synthetic intelligence methods equivalent to “Climinator” attacked the NIPCC experiences via the usage of false data. See hyperlinks below Under the Backside Line.


Atmospheric Temperature Development: For causes that aren’t clean, calculated atmospheric temperatures went up significantly within the latter a part of 2023, and in January 2024. Roy Spencer experiences: “The linear warming development since January 1979 now stands at +0.15 C/decade.” (0.27F in line with decade). For his file and the total file see hyperlinks below Dimension Problems – Environment.


Mann Litigation: TWTW is linking to the Mann v. Steyn litigation with out remark till the verdict is made. Then again, Larry Bell has a phenomenal touch upon its significance. He states:

“Following many trillions of greenbacks spent on ‘web carbon impartial’ fantasies ‘inexperienced calories’ and ‘blank electrical automobiles,’ about two dozen years too past due we’re in spite of everything witnessing severe courtroom demanding situations to this kind of ‘science’ that spawned those expensive and economically harmful weather alarm-premised boondoggles within the first position.”

See hyperlinks below Oh Mann!


Political Methods: Power commentator Mark Turbines is a contributing editor of the Town Magazine. In discussing Washington’s push for electrical automobiles, he writes:

“This domestic-sourcing characteristic is what it took, reportedly, to get West Virginia senator Joe Machin on board to cross the all-partisan Inflation Relief Act, as a result of, as he certainly knew, just about all battery fabrics are recently foreign-made and can stay so for ages. Then again, the overall regulation had a surreptitious exception permitting the credit score for leased automobiles constructed with overseas fabrics. Plainly, the pen is mightier than the miner.”

“This debate issues as a result of loads of billions of greenbacks in public spending will probably be deployed by means of the misnamed Inflation Relief Act to push EVs into markets—and since a proposed rule from the EPA, with similar regulation in additional than a dozen states, will make it unimaginable to shop for a brand new automobile except it’s an EV inside the decade. The exceptional magnitude of presidency intervention offers EV lovers self assurance that it is going to all “’spur shopper call for.’”

“However for EVs to develop into ubiquitous, we’ll want quantum-leap inventions, and historical past displays that mandates, taxes, and subsidies aren’t how we get that roughly growth. All they do, as an alternative, is lock in the day prior to this’s applied sciences and waste cash.”

As well as, Laura Beck writes in Yahoo Finance:

“A sobering new reliability file from Shopper Experiences signifies electrical automobiles nonetheless have a protracted street forward relating to unswerving efficiency. The survey of over 300,000 automobiles discovered electrical fashions undergo 79% extra upkeep issues than gas-powered automobiles. In the meantime, plug-in hybrids fared even worse — with a regarding 146% extra problems reported via drivers.”

As connected in final week’s TWTW, Hertz is dumping about 20,000 Teslas as it can not hire them, they usually price significantly extra to fix than typical automobiles. Apparently that electrical automobiles are a political fad, now not a well-liked one. See hyperlinks below Choice, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Automobiles.


Choice of the Week: 10 Occasions — the quantity in different animals: In response to fresh proof, Homo sapiens will have developed within the tropics of Africa; now not within the rainforests, however within the savanna, the recent grasslands out of doors the rainforests. People have particular traits giving them a distinct segment for staying power searching. They run upright, now not in a bounding style, thus breathe extra readily. And people have a novel cooling device. They have got about 10 instances the density of sweat glands embedded of their pores and skin in comparison to chimpanzees, regarded as the nearest residing family members to people. Additional, not like horses and different mammals, human sweat is most commonly water with salt and different hint minerals. The sweat of horses and maximum land mammals incorporates lipids.

Maximum land animals cool via panting. So long as they’ve water, people don’t. This explains why natives of the Southwest have been ready to run down the quickest land animal within the Americas, the Pronghorn (referred to as antelope), one other flat runner however with out the tough cooling device of people. They might cave in from warmth exhaustion.

Thus, opposite to what weather alarmists declare, so long as people have water, they’re going to continue to exist a warming global. See   https://www.pennmedicine.org/information/news-releases/2021/april/the-chillest-ape-how-humans-evolved-a-super-high-cooling-capacity#:~:textual content=PHILADELPHIApercentE2percent80percent94percent20Humanspercent20havepercent20apercent20uniquely,densitypercent20ofpercent20chimpanzeespercent20andpercent20macaques.

and https://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/everlasting/human-origins/understanding-our-past/dna-comparing-humans-and-chimps#:~:textual content=ofpercent20Humanpercent20Origins-,DNApercent3Apercent20Comparingpercent20Humanspercent20andpercent20Chimps,ofpercent20Hallpercent20ofpercent20Humanpercent20Origins.&textual content=Thepercent20chimpanzeepercent20andpercent20bonobopercent20arepercent20humans’%20closestpercent20livingpercent20relatives.&textual content=Thesepercent20threepercent20speciespercent20lookpercent20alike,bothpercent20inpercent20bodypercent20andpercent20behavior.

Science: Is the Solar Emerging?

Sun Replace January 2024

Through David Archibald, WUWT, Jan 29, 2024

Remark: Is the Solar Emerging?

A Curious Correlation -Sunspots vs. Main Typhoon Frequency

Through Kirby Schlaht, WUWT, Jan 31, 2024

“If the Svensmark cloud speculation is right kind, larger photo voltaic task deflects extra Cosmic Rays (CR) clear of the interior photo voltaic device generating much less ionization within the troposphere, generating fewer clouds with extra photo voltaic radiation achieving the oceans.”

What the following photo voltaic most approach for you

Through Body of workers Writers, Washington DC (SPX), Jan 29, 2024


“Similar to the Earth, our Solar is a dynamic frame with a posh – and occasionally violent – climate device. Sun storms eject extremely full of life radiation that may affect our planet, forming sturdy auroras and disrupting chronic grids, electronics, and satellites.”

[SEPP Comment: According to the National Climate Assessment endorsed by NOAA, the Sun has little impact on climate!]

Emerging Temperatures, Sunshine Hours & The Blank Air Acts

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 27, 2024

“In keeping with the Met Administrative center, UK imply temperatures had been on the upward thrust since about 1980. However right through the very same duration sunshine hours have additionally been often emerging:”

Difficult the Orthodoxy — NIPCC

Local weather Exchange Reconsidered II: Bodily Science

Idso, Carter, and Singer, Lead Authors/Editors, Nongovernmental Global Panel on Local weather Exchange (NIPCC), 2013

Abstract: https://www.heartland.org/_template-assets/paperwork/CCR/CCR-II/Abstract-for-Policymakers.pdf

Local weather Exchange Reconsidered II: Organic Affects

Idso, Idso, Carter, and Singer, Lead Authors/Editors, Nongovernmental Global Panel on Local weather Exchange (NIPCC), 2014


Abstract: https://www.heartland.org/media-library/pdfs/CCR-IIb/Abstract-for-Policymakers.pdf

Local weather Exchange Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels

Through More than one Authors, Bezdek, Idso, Legates, and Singer eds., Nongovernmental Global Panel on Local weather Exchange, April 2019


Obtain and not using a fee:

http://climatechangereconsidered.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Local weather-Exchange-Reconsidered-II-Fossil-Fuels-FULL-Quantity-with-covers.pdf

Why Scientists Disagree About International Warming

The NIPCC File at the Clinical Consensus

Through Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter, and S. Fred Singer, Nongovernmental Global Panel on Local weather Exchange (NIPCC), Nov 23, 2015


Obtain and not using a fee:


Nature, No longer Human Task, Regulations the Local weather

S. Fred Singer, Editor, NIPCC, 2008


International Sea-Degree Upward thrust: An Analysis of the Knowledge

Through Craig D. Idso, David Legates, and S. Fred Singer, Heartland Coverage Transient, Would possibly 20, 2019

Difficult the Orthodoxy – Radiation Switch

The Function of Greenhouse Gases in Power Switch within the Earth’s Environment

Through W. A. van Wijngaarden and W. Happer, Preprint, Mar 3, 2023

Difficult the Orthodoxy

Easy Explanations Don’t Observe In The Advanced Local weather Device

Through Frank Bosse, By the use of P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Jan 28, 2024

These days’s ‘Local weather Disaster’ Is a Fairy Story

Through Daniel W. Nebert, American Philosopher, Jan 27, 2024


Reproduced with next corrections via writer within the This Week phase above.

Juice: Energy, Politics & The Grid Is Out!

Our five-part docuseries at the fragilization of the electrical grid is on YouTube. It’s loose. And it’s terrific.

Through Robert Bryce, His Weblog, Jan 31, 2024


Juice, Energy, Politics, and the Grid, Phase 2

Through Steven Hayward, PowerLine, Feb 1, 2024

Internet 0 threatens nationwide safety

Press Unlock, Internet 0 Watch, Jan 31, 2024


Hyperlink to article: The Internet 0 track stops

Nationwide safety issues will have to take priority over the weather

Through Gwythian Prins, Internet 0 Watch, Jan 31, 2024


Hyperlink to review: Archimedes’ Fulcrum

Through Gwythian Prins, Internet 0 Watch, 2023

Running backward to test my paintings

Through Joe Bastardi, CFACT, Jan 20, 2024


“If we now have extra incoming photo voltaic radiation achieving the planet’s tropical waters, that is going to be a reason for warming. However that implies there needs to be a loss of clouds over the tropical oceans. Over the past 10-15 years, Outgoing long-wave radiation (OLR) has larger and is reverse what it was once within the Nineteen Fifties. There’s a believable rationalization.”

Gavin’s Plotting Trick: Conceal the Incline

Through Roy Spencer, WUWT, Feb 1, 2024

Spencer vs. Schmidt: Spencer Responds to RealClimate.org Criticisms

Through Roy Spencer, WUWT, Jan 31, 2024

Interview With Dr Neil Frank, former Director, Nationwide Typhoon Middle

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 31, 2024

“I’ve incessantly quoted Dr Neil Frank. It is a nice interview”

WINNING – Trillions Spent on ‘Local weather Exchange’ In response to Misguided Temperature Knowledge

Through Anthony Watts, WUWT, Jan 29, 2024

How A lot Ocean Heating is Due To Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents?

Through Roy Spencer, His Weblog, Jan 29, 2024

[SEPP Comment: Spencer shows that globally, the warming from submerged hydrothermal vents may be very small. However, they may explain isolated warming patches such as “blobs” in the Pacific that were unexplained initially.]

Protecting the Orthodoxy

How YouTube’s weather deniers changed into weather doomers

A brand new file paperwork a pointy upward push in arguments that blank calories and weather insurance policies received’t paintings.

Through Kate Yoder, Grist, Yale Local weather Connections, Jan 31, 2024

Hyperlink to obvious file: The New Local weather Denial

How social media platforms and content material manufacturers benefit via spreading new kinds of weather denial

Through Body of workers, The Middle for Countering Virtual Hate, 2024

Protecting the Orthodoxy – Bandwagon Science

Renewable Energy Set to Surpass Coal Globally via 2025

Renewable calories will surpass coal chronic via 2025 and, with nuclear calories, will account for almost part the sector’s chronic era via 2026, the Global Power Company forecasts

Through Jason Plautz & E&E Information, Science American, Jan 25, 2024


Hyperlink to: Electrical energy 2024: Research and forecast to 2026

Through Body of workers, EIA, January 2024


[SEPP Comment: IEA is predicting that CO2 emissions from China will decline from 2023?]

Wondering the Orthodoxy

The ones weren’t the times

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“A cautious take a look at historical past tells us that the worldwide reasonable floor temperature isn’t a keep watch over knob that we will set to a most popular worth to ‘save you struggling.’”

“We’d pass extra and say it’s now not one we will set to a most popular worth in any respect. However for sure if somebody claims another way, and even expresses a want that shall we, they must be requested to give an explanation for the place they’d set it and why. And if they are able to’t, or received’t, cut price any more climate-related remarks they may make as willfully ignorant babble.”

[SEPP Comment: Contrary to the UN IPCC and its followers, the period from 1850 to 1900 was far from ideal.]


Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“And we will have to say once more that if the weather is so fragile that its long term hinges on whether or not folks put sails on massive ocean-going ships, we’re accomplished for anyway.”

#ECS in the true global: Shaviv et al. 2022

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“Certainly, on the 540 million 12 months time scale many stuff reason transient modifications, as geologists use the phrase ‘transient’

ECS does now not correlate with volcanic results, and why it issues

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“The IPCC claimed ECS is most probably between 2.5° C and four.0° C, an estimate which was once (within the phrases of Pauling et al.) ‘largely completed via attention of emergent constraints’. Huh? Smartly, the theory is that as an alternative of measuring ECS at once, you measure one thing else in mannequin outputs that may don’t have anything to do with temperature however which seem to correlate with CO2 ‘forcing’, the volume of warming CO2 is inflicting, like (as an example) distinction in precipitation between two areas.”

How Sulphur Rules Have Helped To Heat The Planet

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 28, 2024

“This aid in pollutants has without a doubt had an upward impact on ocean temperature. The query is how a lot.”

After Paris!

Delusions of Davos and Dubai

Through Ron Clutz, Science Issues, Jan 31, 2024

Social Advantages of Carbon Dioxide

New Find out about: 2001-2020 ‘International Greening Is An Indeniable Reality’ And It’s Pushed Through CO2 Fertilization

Through Kenneth Richard, No Methods Zone, Jan 29, 2024

Hyperlink to paper: The worldwide greening continues in spite of larger drought rigidity since 2000

Through Xin Chen, et al., International Ecology and Conservation, January 2024


From the item: “The usage of Complex Very Top-Solution Radiometer (AVHRR) records resources of questionable high quality, some fresh research have advised the greening development has slowed or has even been reversed to browning because the twenty first century started. As advised, those records resources ‘must be utilized in warning’ (Chen et al., 2024) as it’s ‘widely known that AVHRR-based NDVI and LAI have a couple of resources of uncertainty,’ equivalent to ‘obtrusive synthetic indicators from the orbital flow.’

The usage of a lot more dependable MODIS records, scientists (Chen et al., 2024) can now say the LAI development within the twenty first century is robustly certain, and that 2001-2020 ‘world greening is an undeniable fact.’”

FOURNIER: Sorry Biden, CO2 Is No longer Air pollution. It’s The Foreign money Of Lifestyles

Through Joseph Fournier, Day-to-day Caller, Jan 15, 2024


“The examples that I can show off that display that Arrhenius’ predictions are coming true are 1) the increasing Plant Kingdom, 2) the acceleration of agricultural productiveness, and three) the weather stabilizing results of emerging CO2.”

Burn oil, save forests: International greening is accelerating in 55% of the sector due to fossil fuels

Through Jo Nova, Her Weblog, Feb 2, 2024

Fashions v. Observations

Two model-observation comparisons verify: CMIP6 fashions run too scorching

Through Frank Bosse and Nic Lewis, Local weather And so forth. Feb 2, 2024

“A up to date article via Roy Spencer was once (strongly) criticized via Gavin Schmidt [NASA-GISSS] over at ‘Actual Local weather’.”

U.S.A. Temperature Developments, 1979-2023: Fashions vs. Observations

Through Roy Spencer, His Weblog, Feb 2, 2024

“For the reason that ‘world warming’ is a better fear in the summertime, those effects extra display that the weather fashions depended upon for public coverage must now not be believed in terms of their world warming projections.”

Type Problems

Modelling climatic affects of low clouds over tropical waters

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

From the CO2Science Archive:

Dimension Problems — Floor

The Local weather Knowledge Corruption Trade

Through Tony Heller, His Weblog, Feb 1, 2024

Textual content: https://realclimatescience.com/2024/02/the-climate-data-corruption-business/#gsc.tab=0

Video: https://realclimatescience.com/2024/02/the-climate-data-corruption-business-2/#gsc.tab=0

Additional Investigations on Mistakes in Climate Station Knowledge Opinions

Through Moritz Busing, WUWT, Feb 1, 2024

“The mistake was once that warming of the elements station housings because of getting older of the paint via 0.1°C to 0.2°C (0.18°F to 0.36°F) was once compounded a couple of instances via the so-called homogenization algorithms utilized by NOAA and different organizations. This occurs, for the reason that homogenization set of rules assumes an everlasting replace in temperature when the station housing is repainted, changed, and even wiped clean. However those modifications are transient, for the reason that new paint begins getting older and gathering filth once more.”

Lengthy Time period Local weather Sensitivity After All Comments Has Acted

Through Bob Irvine, WUWT, Jan 29, 2024

“This essay will try to to find an estimate for Equilibrium Local weather Sensitivity (ECS) in keeping with two strategies of estimating the International Imply Floor Temperature (GMST) in any case NCGHGs had been artificially got rid of. Each those estimates come with an unknown determine for Device Achieve Issue (SGF).”

[SEPP Comment: History shows that Earth never had an equilibrium climate.]

City Warmth Island Research – Do Pristine Climate Stations Even Exist? Phase Two. ‘HIDE THE INCLINE’ [Australia]

Through Geoff Sherrington, WUWT, Feb 2, 2024

Dimension Problems — Environment

UAH International Temperature Replace for January 2024: +0.86 deg. C

Through Roy Spencer, His Weblog, Feb 2, 2024

International Temperature File: January 2024

Through Body of workers, Earth Device Science Middle, the College of Alabama in Huntsville, Feb 4, 2024

Map: https://www.nsstc.uah.edu/weather/2024/JANUARY/202401_Map.png

Graph: https://www.nsstc.uah.edu/weather/2024/JANUARY/202401_Bar.png

Textual content: https://www.nsstc.uah.edu/weather/2024/JANUARY/GTR_202401JAN_v1.pdf

Converting Climate

EU Wildfire Developments

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Feb 2, 2024

Germany’s “Spring In Iciness” Lasted Weeks, Reached 15°C In January 1974!

Through P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Jan 31, 2024

The Internal Secrets and techniques of An Spectacular Pacific Hurricane

Through Cliff Mass, Climate Weblog, Jan 31, 2024


The entire drought that’s are compatible to drink

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“Smartly, clean to a few folks. Who additionally know that plenty of puts, together with Alberta, have traditionally and prehistorically been extraordinarily vulnerable to groundwater-depleting droughts a ways worse than the present one.”

Any other Lifeless Canary

Through Tony Heller, His Weblog, Feb 2, 2024


“Alaska was the canary within the world boiling coal mine, however now they’re having document bloodless and snow.”

January 1952 & 1953: When Climate In point of fact Used to be Excessive

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 30, 2024

January 1954 – heavy rain, floods, critical gales, gentle climate, very bloodless climate and thick snow

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 29, 2024

Converting Local weather – Cultures & Civilizations

Did Local weather Exchange Reason the Fall of the Roman Empire?

Through Kip Hansen, WUWT, Jan 29, 2024

“Paul Erdkamp, of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, has a pre-print up that begins with this ‘In 1984, the German historic historian Alexander Demandt indexed over 2 hundred reasons of the decline of the Roman global that were proposed in earlier scholarship. The record gives a transparent representation of the truth that our perspectives of the beyond are very a lot made up our minds via fresh issues.’”

Converting Seas

Seen vs. Imagined Sea Ranges 2023 Replace

Through Ron Clutz, His Weblog, Feb 1, 2024

Converting Cryosphere – Land / Sea Ice

Greenland Temperature Replace – 2023

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 28, 2024

Agriculture Problems & Concern of Famine

International Cereal Manufacturing Set To Hit Report Top In 2023

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Feb 2, 2024

[SEPP Comment: The consequences of “the hottest year in 125,000 years”?]

Reducing Requirements

EA Can’t Even Get Easy Details Proper

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 31, 2024

“Once a year the Setting Company fill their flood experiences with weather replace hype, like this one:”

Bude To Drown In 2050!

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Feb 1, 2024

“Extra foolish scaremongering from the BBC:”

Extra On The Intended Report Temperature At Kinlochewe

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 31, 2024

Speaking Higher to the Public – Use Yellow (Inexperienced) Journalism?

And so they marvel why no person trusts them

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“When you imagine China is production automobile batteries in a blank approach, you most likely shouldn’t be a journalist.”

Speaking Higher to the Public – Exaggerate, or be Imprecise?

Insurance coverage Trade’s Faux Claims Of Expanding Hurricane Injury Are No longer Supported Through Knowledge

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 31, 2024

Speaking Higher to the Public – Protest

They Firebombed My Administrative center

Through John Hinderaker, PowerLine, Feb 1, 2024

“I’m operating with the FBI to take a look at to spot the perpetrators. As I informed them, the record of possible suspects is lengthy, as my group is energetic, and surprisingly efficient, throughout a extensive vary of problems. I can have extra to mention about this prior to lengthy.”

Value of Dwelling Farmers Protests Paralyze Europe

Through Eric Worrall, WUWT, Jan 30, 2024

Wondering Ecu Inexperienced

Chilly, hungry, caught at house: Internet 0’s drastic daily life modifications

Through David Turver, Internet 0 Watch, Jan 30, 2024


How the Welsh authorities offered out the Welsh geographical region

Through Clive Goodridge, Internet 0 Watch, Feb 2, 2024


“fairytale” occupied with web 0.”

Through Tony Heller, His Weblog, Feb 2, 2024


Wondering Inexperienced In different places

Inexperienced Electric Shocks in 2024

Through Ron Clutz, Science Issues, Feb 1, 2024

Investment Problems

Michael Bloomberg’s $1 Billion Attack on The Electrical Grid

Through Robert Bryce, Cornwall Alliance, Jan 23, 2024

Malawi COP29 Frustration: Wealthy Country Parliaments Wish to Debate OUR Local weather Money NOW

Through Eric Worrall, WUWT, Jan 31, 2024

[SEPP Comment: Why doesn’t Bloomberg fund electricity generation in poor countries rather than fund the destruction of reliable electricity in the US as described above?]

The Political Video games Proceed

This 12 months, Congress Will have to Get to the bottom of to Reform the Antiquities Act

Through Gabriella Hoffman, Actual Transparent Power, Jan 29, 2024


Vote on Capito Modification Unmasks PROVE IT as Carbon Tax Enabler

Through Marlo Lewis, Jr., CEI, Jan 25, 2024


Litigation Problems

Time to Get Rid of the Chevron Ruling

Through John Horvat II, American Philosopher, Jan 31, 2024


[SEPP Comment: By rewriting regulations, such as those greatly extending subsidies to wind and solar under the Inflation Reduction Act, Washington “experts” demonstrated they do not deserve deference as “experts.”]

You Can’t Shield ‘Democracy’ and the Administrative State

Through David Harsanyi, The Day-to-day Sign, Jan 26, 0224

[SEPP Comment: The USA is a Republic, different from a democracy.

DAVID BLACKMON: ExxonMobil Just Set The Climate Alarm Lobby On Fire Again

By David Blackmn, Daily Caller, Jan 31, 2024


Cap-and-Trade and Carbon Taxes

Gov’t Knows Best Carbon Taxes Will Crush Low-Wage Earners

By Larry Bell, Newsmax, Jan 31, 2024


Subsidies and Mandates Forever

Biden Admin Classifies Martha’s Vineyard, Elite Locales As ‘Low-Income’ To Push EV Charger Subsidies

By Nick Pope, Daily Caller, Jan 31, 2024


“Large pockets of Cape Cod, another pricey locale, are also eligible for ‘low income’ EV subsidies. This includes Hyannis, the longtime home base of the Kennedy political dynasty, and Great Island, which features numerous multi-million-dollar properties.”

[SEPP Comment: Integrity in Washington.]

FEMA to compensate faculties, hospitals for including photo voltaic panels after screw ups

Through Zack Budryk, The Hill, Jan 30, 2024

“Underneath the brand new coverage, FEMA’s Public Help grant program will be offering investment for net-zero calories installations together with photo voltaic panels and warmth pumps for public amenities broken via excessive climate and different screw ups.”

UK To Subsidise China Automotive Producers

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Feb 1, 2024

“Any producer that doesn’t have sufficient allowances, a technique or one other, must pay a advantageous of £15000. Producers with extra allowances will due to this fact be capable to promote those at with regards to £15000, as call for will nearly for sure exceed provide. (This assumes that overall EV gross sales are not up to goal, which turns out extremely possible).”

“Chinese language owned MG and Polestar, for example, offered 34,000 EVs on this nation final 12 months. So their allowances could be value £510 million. Tesla’s gross sales of the Y and three fashions totalled 49,000, value £735 million.”

EPA and different Regulators at the March

EPA proposes to allow states to require ‘without end chemical’ cleanup, giving components ‘hazardous’ label

Through Rachel Frazin, The Hill, Feb 2, 2024

“The Environmental Coverage Company (EPA) has proposed to designate 9 poisonous ‘without end chemical compounds’ as ‘hazardous constituents’ below the country’s regulation for cleansing up ongoing pollutants, in a transfer that will allow states to require cleanups if the components are launched.”

[SEPP Comment: Shouldn’t the EPA demonstrate why chemicals that are inert in nature and in the human body are toxic to humans?]

The SEC Oversteps its Powers on Local weather Exchange

Through H. Sterling Burnett, American Philosopher, Feb 2, 2024


Power Problems – Non-US

The Folly Of Local weather Management

Through Tilak Doshi, Forbes, Feb 1, 2024

Extra Revelations Emerge of How the Local weather Exchange Committee Dupes Parliament into Vote casting for Internet 0 Measures

Through Chris Morrison, The Day-to-day Sceptic, Jan 27, 2024 [H/t Paul Homewood]

In the meantime in the true global

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

“One of the most difficult nuances of the previous couple of years is that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparked a Ecu scramble each to search out non-Russian fuel and to get off fuel.”

“Off it onto what? Unicorns? Uh no, that’d be coal, together with in Germany.”

FES Eventualities Gained’t Meet Power Garage Wishes

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 28, 2024

“Let’s take a look at the newest Nationwide Grid’s Long term Power Eventualities, and spot how they cater for the 100 TWh of calories garage really helpful via the Royal Society.”

[SEPP Comment: Underestimating the  underestimates to keep it “affordable”?]

Power Problems – Australia

Grid at the Edge: Queensland Executive switched off 1000’s of house air conditioners six instances within the final 8 weeks

Through Jo Nova, Her Weblog, Feb 1, 2024

“Welcome to trendy Australia the place the grid is so fragile, deficient folks have to shop for air conditioners that the federal government can remotely transfer off .  Such is the state of deterioration that Queensland not has sufficient electrical energy to permit the riff-raff to have air con each time they would like it — simplest the wealthy can do this.”

“It’s a option to arrange the grid — recall to mind it as 170,000 mini blackouts as an alternative of 1 massive one:”

[SEPP Comment: Once electricity was smart, you could turn it on whenever you wanted. Now, smart electricity means the government can turn it off whenever it wants.

Energy Issues — US

The Electric Grid Explained In 10 Charts

The U.S. electric grid delivers $500 billion worth of juice every year. But what is it?

By Robert Bryce, His Blog, Jan 17, 2024


Link to report: National Transmission Needs Study: Draft for Public Comment, February 2023

From article: Last February, the Department of Energy published a report — the “National Transmission Needs Study” — which claimed the U.S. needs to build 47,300 gigawatt-miles of new power lines by 2035. It did not bother to explain what a gigawatt-mile is, nor did it say how many miles of transmission are being built annually. (As I explained last May in “47,300 Gigawatt-Miles From Nowhere,” the answer is very few.) 

New York Cap and Invest – The Role of Cap-and-Invest

By Rober Caiazza, WUWT, Jan 27, 2024

“In brief, that plan is to electrify everything possible using zero-emissions electricity.”

[SEPP Comment: Government gone amuck. Are the plans feasible is not a question that is addressed.]

The Key to Power IQ

Through Ron Clutz, Science Issues, Jan 29, 2024

[SEPP Comment: Video with text on power density.]

Purple States: Run FAR Away From Renewable Portfolio Requirements!

Through Rick Whitbeck, Actual Transparent Power, Jan 31, 2024


“These days, alternatively, manufacturers in Prepare dinner Inlet – who’re liable for maximum of Southcentral Alaska’s provides of dependable calories – have sounded alarms about operating out of economic-to-extract fuel provides. Utilities are having a look at uploading herbal fuel as a momentary repair, which might double ratepayers’ expenses till different company (always-on) resources are dropped at marketplace.”

Alaska ‘Inexperienced New Deal’ Lurks (RPS risk)

Through Kassie Andrews, Grasp Useful resource, Jan 31, 2024

Washington’s Keep an eye on of Power

3 Causes Why the Moratorium on LNG Tasks Is Joe Biden’s Newest Power Misstep

Through Ted Garrish, Actual Transparent Power, Jan 30, 2024


Joe Biden’s struggle on fossil fuels is hurting The us

California must now not be the President’s calories mannequin

Through Joel Kotkin, UnHerd, Feb 1, 2024


Hyperlink to: California assists in keeping its name as having the country’s absolute best poverty price

Through Dan Walters, Cal Issues, Sep 13, 2023


Hyperlink to records: Poverty in the USA: 2022

Through Emily Shrider and John Creamer, United States Census Bureau, Sep 12, 2023


From article: “California’s final two huge oil manufacturers, ExxonMobil and Chevron, this week introduced a blended $5 billion in write-offs in their sources within the state.”

“This catch 22 situation can’t be blamed on California operating out of oil and fuel; some estimates of the state’s oil and fuel reserves are significantly greater than the ones of Texas.”

[SEPP Comment: The discussed poverty rate includes the official rate, which for California is about the same as for the country plus the “supplemental” rate which puts California at the top. The supplemental rate includes cost of housing, utilities, fuel, and other consumer needs.]

Extra Power Folly From 1600 Pennsylvania Road

Through Erik Milito, Actual Transparent Power, Jan 30, 2024


Take 5 – Gauging The Affect Of The DOE’s Pause In LNG Export Licenses

Through David Braziel, RBN Power, Jan 31, 2024


“Most likely probably the most irritating side of the pause is its counterproductive affect at the strategic goals surrounding weather replace. It will be cheap to presume that, if LNG provide is artificially restricted, rising world calories wishes could also be met with inexpensive, extra carbon-intensive fuels — particularly coal. It’s been well-documented that U.S. GHG emissions have declined during the last decade in large part because of coal-to-gas switching within the chronic era sector. However decarbonization objectives are world in scope.”

[SEPP Comment: The question is: does the DOE act in the public interest or the interests of Washington?]

Biden Pauses Herbal Fuel Export Approvals

Through Eric Worrall, WUWT, Jan 27, 2024

There Ain’t Not anything Like a “DAME”

Through Duggan Flanakin, CFACT, Jan 30, 2024


“The Biden Management’s proposed fiscal 2024 price range integrated a brand new proposal for the Virtual Asset Mining Power (DAME) excise tax with a function of taking 30 p.c of the price of electrical energy utilized in cryptocurrency mining for the federal treasury.”

US to require cryptocurrency mines to file calories use records

Through Rachel Frazin, The Hill, Feb 2, 2024

“The survey was once licensed via the White Space Administrative center of Control and Finances as an ‘emergency selection of records request.’

[SEPP Comment: Another emergency myth? See link immediately above.]

Biden publishes watered-down fuel range potency rule

Through Rachel Frazin, The Hill, Jan 29, 204

Go back of King Coal?

With Coal, We Will have to Believe Power Reliability

Through Emily Arthun, Actual Transparent Power, Feb 01, 2024


Nuclear Power and Fears

The place Are The SMRs?

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Jan 31, 2024

Hyperlink to article: Six SMR chronic flora authorized in Poland

Through Body of workers, International Nuclear Information, Dec 8, 2023


“Poland’s Ministry of Local weather and Setting has issued decisions-in-principle for the development of chronic flora in keeping with GE Hitachi Nuclear Power’s BWRX-300 small modular reactor (SMR) at six places. A complete of 24 BWRX-300 reactors are deliberate on the websites.”

From Homewood: “So why are we so intent of increasing down the useless finish of high-priced, out of date and unreliable wind chronic?”

Choice, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Sun and Wind

Let’s Observe Rationale for LNG Pause to Offshore Wind

Through David T. Stevenson, Actual Transparent Power, Jan 29, 2024


Offshore wind has a large up and down week

Through David Wojick, CFACT, Feb 1, 2024


Key Participant In Biden’s Offshore Wind Push Withdraws From Deal With Blue State, Blames Inflation

Through Nick Pope, Day-to-day Caller, Jan 26, 2024


Offshore Wind and the Rigidity on Business Fishermen

Through Craig Rucker, WUWT, Jan 28, 2024

Woodmac: 3 predictions for the worldwide photo voltaic {industry} in 2024

Through Simon Yuen, PV Tech, Jan 23, 2024

The Rooftop Sun Trade May Be At the Verge of Cave in

Through Alana Semuels, Time, By the use of Yahoo Information, Jan 25, 2024 [H/t Bernie Kepshire]


“The concept we wish to persuade tens of 1000’s of American citizens who can’t manage to pay for it to place photo voltaic on their rooftops shifts the duty for addressing the weather disaster from the entities who may perhaps in reality make a distinction—massive firms and governments, as an example—and onto people who are excellent objectives for financing firms.”

[SEPP Comment: Contrary to what the reporter writes, solar panels will not stop climate change which has been occurring for millions of years.]

Choice, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Power — Different

Congress’ Priorities Will have to Come with Advancing The us’s Blank Power Long term

Through Neil Caskey, Actual Transparent Power, Jan 29, 2024


“The iciness months are effectively underway, bringing cooler climate and the joy of a brand new 12 months. This time serves as a reminder of the objectives we’ve set in 2023, and the hassle we’ve given to peer them thru.” [Boldface added]

[SEPP Comment: Who is we? The promoters of corn ethanol?]

Wooden Pellets Aren’t CO2 Impartial, Emit Extra Than Coal… Double Of Herbal Fuel

Through P Gosselin, No Methods Zone, Feb 2, 2024

Choice, Inexperienced (“Blank”) Automobiles

Tapping the Brakes on Electrical Automobiles

Tesla will repair its cold-weather woes, however an all-EV long term remains to be useless on arrival.

Through Mark Turbines, Town Magazine, Jan 29, 2024 [H/t Eduard Harinck]


Vehicles, human nature, and the problem of creating automobiles that folks if truth be told need

Through Terry Etam, BOE File, Jan 24, 2024

New File Presentations Electrical Automobiles Are Unreliable — Those 3 Are the Worst

Through Laura Beck, Yahoo Finance, Jan 27, 2024 [H/t Bernie Kepshire]


So Many Issues Proceed to Plague the EV Trade

Through Kirsten Walker, WUWT, Jan 30, 2024

Volvo To Prevent Investment Polestar

Through Paul Homewood, No longer a Lot of Other people Know That, Feb 1, 2024

“Volvo recently owns 48% of Polestar. The remainder is owned via Geely, who themselves personal Volvo!

This transfer means that Volvo merely don’t have the sources to stay pouring cash into Polestar.”

Carbon Schemes

EU Fee desires captured CO2 to develop into ‘tradeable commodity’

Through Frédéric Simon, EURACTIV, Feb 1, 2024

California Dreaming

Newsom pledges to revive salmon via disposing of dams in new strategic plan

Through Sharon Udasin, The Hill, Jan 30, 2024

“The Klamath Hydroelectric Venture (FERC No. 2082) is positioned in a predominantly rural house in southern Oregon. The challenge generates roughly 716 gigawatt-hours of emissions-free electrical energy on an annual foundation – sufficient chronic to offer the calories wishes of roughly 70,000 families.”

“Constructed between 1903 and 1967, PacifiCorp’s Klamath Hydroelectric Venture is composed of 7 hydroelectric tendencies and one non-generating dam.”

https://www.pacificorp.com/calories/hydro/klamath-river.html#:~:textual content=2082)%20ispercent20locatedpercent20inpercent20a,wishespercent20ofpercent20approximatelypercent2070percent2C000percent20households.

Roads flood, snow piles up as first of 2 atmospheric rivers pummels California

Through Tara Suter, The Hill, Feb 2, 2024

Wildfires Pose A $761 Billion Risk To California

Through Sam Stebbins. Local weather Disaster, 247, Jan 24, 2024

“Dry, windy prerequisites can building up the chance of a catastrophic wildfire, and in California, such instances aren’t unusual. For lots of the final 34 years of information from the U.S. Drought Track, over 75% of the state’s land house has been in a drought. The Santa Ana winds that transfer west from the Nice Basin additionally dry out crops in portions of the state and will heighten wildfire menace via blowing embers.”

[SEPP Comment: Good reasons for management of grasslands and forests. After the flood comes the drought.]

Well being, Power, and Local weather

The shameless duvet up of the lab leak idea

Through Matt Ridley, His Weblog, Dec 20, 2023

“So in sum, a world pandemic started in 2019 very with regards to a lab that was once doing dangerous, gain-of-function analysis on the exact same roughly virus as Covid. Since then, the medical and public-health established order has attempted to close down debate at the origins of the virus and has refused to speak about the chance of lab leaks. The silence speaks volumes.”

Oh Mann!

Additional Notes On Mann v. Steyn: The Plaintiff Rests

Through Francis Menton, Long island Contrarian, Jan 31, 2024


Alarmist, Junk Local weather Science In the end Placed on Trial

Through Larry Bell, Newsmax, Feb 2, 2024


Different Information that Would possibly Be of Hobby

ESA’s Leading edge Steel three-D Printer Arrives at ISS

Through Erica Marchand, Paris, France (SPX) Feb 01, 2024


Guy-oh-Guy: Manatees

Through Kip Hansen, WUWT, Jan 31, 2024


Synthetic Alarmism

Through Willis Eschenbach, WUWT, Jan 28, 2024

Extra About Synthetic Lack of awareness

Through Willis Eschenbach, WUWT, Jan 29, 2024

All tipping issues always

Through John Robson, Local weather Dialogue Nexus, Jan 31, 2024

Coal: Don’t Burn It, Compute With It A definite fossil gas works effectively as a 2D insulating movie for transistors

Through Tammy Xu, IEEE Spectrum, Jan 24, 2024


[SEPP Comment: The world consumes 8,561,852,178 tons (short tons, st) of coal per year as of the year 2016. Will all this be used in insulating transistors?]



1. Choice Power’s Technology of Truth Assessments

Pretending that inefficient chronic manufacturing is an unalloyed excellent simplest results in unhappiness.

Through James Freeman, WSJ, Jan. 29, 2024


TWTW Abstract: The journalist begins:

“Taxpayers and application shoppers naturally be expecting to pay closely for wind and solar energy. In the end, if such initiatives made financial sense, there could be little need for governments to subsidize and mandate them. However even past the prices of inefficient chronic manufacturing, there’s a query of whether or not alternative-energy cheerleaders but have a maintain at the environmental affect in their initiatives. It sort of feels that there’s nonetheless no loose lunch and that each and every approach of manufacturing electrical energy carries prices and advantages.

As an example, a photo voltaic farm incessantly calls for the elimination of enormous swathes of crops, which naturally carries a neighborhood end result—and now not only for the flora and fauna who used to are living there. Stephen Peterson experiences for the Solar Chronicle from Plainville, Mass.:

A large number of houses on the town have for months been seeing their yards and basements flooded via rainwater flowing down a hill from land the place a photo voltaic farm is being constructed…

The flooding has been happening since final summer time after bushes have been cleared from the website online to make manner for the photo voltaic panels.

Mr. Peterson describes a contemporary assembly of town making plans board at which citizens described the brand new deluge in houses that in the past had now not had a historical past of flooding:”

The journalist offers a chain of quotes and examples supporting his claims, then concludes with:

“California’s rooftop photo voltaic {industry} has benefited for years from authorities subsidies that offset house owner and enterprise set up prices. The state mandates rooftop photo voltaic on new houses, and a state web metering program rebates house owners for extra chronic that they generate and remit to the grid.

The rebate for a few years was once as much as two to 3 instances greater than the wholesale value of electrical energy…

Input calories actuality. In December 2022, the state Public Utilities Fee voted to scale back reimbursement for extra solar energy despatched to the grid via about 75% for brand spanking new rooftop shoppers to compare the price in their exported electrical energy to the grid… the subsidy taper is inflicting withdrawal pains. Regardless of the Inflation Relief Act’s sweetened photo voltaic subsidies, California’s photo voltaic and garage {industry} claims that the state subsidy decline price 17,000 jobs final 12 months as set up programs fell via 80%. Sun Insure lately informed PV mag USA that 75% of photo voltaic installers are at ‘high-risk’ of failing. ‘We’ve observed a wave of latest photo voltaic installer bankruptcies,’ mentioned Sun Insure CEO Ara Agopian.”



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