All Character 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies


This information will duvet all of the Character 3 Reload achievements and trophies

Character 3 Reload has simply been launched for Home windows, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Sequence X/S on February second. Naturally, players who’ve a completionist persona will instantly get started grinding the a lot of trophies and achievements for the sport and that’s why this newsletter is right here that will help you out along with your function.

There are 48 collectible trophies for Character 3 Reload and despite the fact that the quantity would possibly look like so much, a lot of these are really easy to get and will also be obtained in an off-the-cuff playthrough with out a lot effort. Let’s get proper into it.

Tale Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

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Those trophies/achievements will also be bought very simply and moderately inevitably as they’re a part of the primary tale. So sit down again and beat up some bosses to obtain those candy trophies on your assortment.

  • Woke up Energy: Bought Orpheus.
  • SEES the Day: Joined the Specialised Extracurricular Execution Squad.
  • Again on Monitor: Defeated the Priestess.
  • Empowered Protector: Defeated the Empress and the Fans.
  • By no means Toy with Issues of the Center Defeated the Hierophant and the Fans.
  • Armor Disarmed: Defeated the Chariot and Justice.
  • Dodging Lightning: Defeated the Hermit.
  • Twist of Destiny: Defeated Fortune and Power.
  • A Sense of Finality: Defeated the Putting Guy.
  • The Nice Seal: Sealed Nyx.

Bronze Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

The entire tale trophies rely as bronze trophies as neatly, however we determined to categorize them one after the other as a result of they’re more straightforward to tell apart and they all are bought particularly within the tale. There’s moderately a couple of bronze trophies to head over, so let’s take a look at them:

  • The Idiot’s Adventure: Bought through opting for 10 main arcana playing cards thru Shuffle Time, which happens randomly after each and every struggle in Tartarus. Word that finishing a struggle with an All-Out assault promises a Shuffle Time victory.
  • Other people Particular person: Unencumber each and every social hyperlink within the recreation and rank them as much as rank 1.
  • A Newfound Power: Download each and every teammates’ Final Personas. That is accomplished through attaining most friendship with everybody in SEES.
  • The Energy of Selection: Download 10 Personas throughout Shuffle Time.
  • There’s No “I” in “Crew”: Carry out a Shift for the primary time, which is a brand spanking new mechanic in Character 3 Reload.
  • Extracurricular Excellence: After 6/18, other people will begin to cross lacking inside The Darkish Hour, and saving no less than one in every of them will earn you this trophy.
  • Get a Load of The ones Numbers!: Deal 999 injury in one assault, apart from All-Out assaults.
  • Shrouded Murderer: Start up 50 likelihood encounters, do that through attacking enemies from in the back of within the box.
  • The Thrill of The Hunt: Defeat an extraordinary, golden enemy.
  • Making The Dream Paintings: Bought after doing 50 All-Out assaults.
  • Glimpse of The Depths: Beat 10 Monad doorways for your playthrough; Monad doorways disguise tough bosses in the back of them.
  • Briefcase Burglar: Open 50 treasure chests.
  • Shattered Plumes: Use 50 Twilight Fragments.
  • The Horror of the Colour: Stumble upon a Darkish Zone in Tartarus. This excludes the educational to Darkish Zones so that you’ll need to come across one unintentionally to get the trophy.
  • The First of Many: Fuse two Personas in combination the usage of Dyad Fusion.
  • Fusion Artisan: Carry out a fusion with 3 or extra Personas. To take action, you’ll wish to liberate particular fusions, which can be unlocked after completing Requests, Related Episodes or Social Hyperlinks.
  • Birthday Provide: Personas will once in a while have a large middle icon subsequent to them, indicating that they’ll drop an merchandise should you proceed to degree them up. Gather a type of pieces to procure the trophy.
  • Tempting Destiny: Bought while you trade a talent throughout Fusion. Talent Adjustments are a random incidence.
  • Devour your Veggies, Peas!: Harvest a crop with the assistance of a teammate.
  • The Grindset Mindset: Earn over 50,000 yen from part-time jobs.
  • Specialist: Max out one Social stat.
  • Dorm Lifestyles: Spend a night with one in every of your teammates.
  • Gourmet: Order from a secret menu at Iwatodai strip mall at night time. This will also be accomplished through deciding on ‘Seafood Complete Path’ at Wakatsu Kitchen. Word that your attraction must be at rank 3 for this to paintings.
  • Benevolent Purr-tector: Nurse a cat again to well being. Can also be accomplished thru Request #42 from Elizabeth.
  • In Prime Call for: Settle for 5 haunt invites. Socializing is vital!
  • Past the Darkness: Can also be bought through opening the treasure on the finish of the Monad door at the 91st ground of Tartarus.
  • Via Thick and Skinny: Unencumber a Teammate’s Fight Traits. Do that through witnessing all 3 dorm occasions for a spouse and process.
  • Eagle Eye: Download each and every Twilight Fragment on the town. There are a complete of 17 of them which will also be discovered within the the town.

Silver Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

That’s a large number of bronze trophies! Up subsequent are the silver trophies, which normally require a bit of extra effort or time to procure. Right here they’re:

  • From Shadows into Gentle: Select the great finishing. You’ll be able to do that through opting for to combat Nyx when the verdict arrives.
  • Outstanding Customer: Invite Elizabeth in your room after finishing 82 requests for her. However to earn the trophy, you want to invite her out on a date and watch the cutscene that involves.
  • Most sensible of the Magnificence: Ace an examination at school. Get to learning!
  • That Particular Any individual: Nurture romance with a spouse within the recreation. The possible romantic companions within the recreation are Yuko, Chihiro, Yukari, Fuuka, Mitsuru, and Aigis.
  • Unbreakable Hyperlink: Totally max out one Social Hyperlink.
  • The Power of Our Hearts: Use all teammates’ Theurgy. Those are mainly final assaults for every member for your celebration.
  • Height Efficiency: Max out ALL social stats.

Gold Trophies

All Persona 3 Reload Achievements and Trophies

Finally, listed below are the gold trophies for the sport. There’s now not so much, so get grinding!

  • A Legacy of Friendships: Max out ALL Social Hyperlinks.
  • Reaper Reaped: Defeating the Reaper will earn you this trophy. To make him spawn, merely keep at the identical ground for round 5 mins. Word that you simply must be no less than degree 80 prior to making an attempt.
  • Trail to Salvation: Unlocked after acquiring Messiah, which is a degree 90 Character that may be unlocked through maxing out the Judgement Social Hyperlink in January. The fusion recipe would require you to fuse Thanatos and Orpheus.

After acquiring all of the trophies discussed above, you must mechanically get a notification for acquiring the Platinum trophy, A Maximum Outstanding Visitor. Congratulations, you’ve formally finished Character 3 Reload thru and thru!

And that concludes our information for all of the trophies/achievements for Character 3 Reload! Not like the unique recreation, you’ll be able to download these kinds of in only one unmarried playthrough, so it makes issues much more out there for brand spanking new gamers. In fact, that doesn’t imply we don’t suggest that you simply by no means play this recreation after completing it for the primary time, because it’s a particularly a laugh adventure and NG+ simply provides to the additional demanding situations. We are hoping this information is helping you earn all of the trophies and feature a great time whilst doing so!



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