“I Discovered Myself On Other folks Of Walmart”: 50 Other folks That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Popularity’


Between sport displays, fact TV, and social media, there are extra probabilities than ever to unintentionally (every now and then actually) stumble into popularity. Somebody requested other folks on-line “What’s your “15 seconds of popularity” second?” and netizens shared their reviews. 

From reside TV fails and trivialities sport victories, to being featured within the information, individuals who had a temporary second within the highlight shared their tales. So get relaxed as you scroll thru, upvote your favourite examples, and in case you have any reviews of being in brief well-known, be at liberty to proportion them within the feedback phase beneath. 

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ When I used to be 10, I were given hit by way of a automobile.
Dented the fender with my knee, broke the windshield with my again, flew 10 toes, once they slammed at the brakes and did not get harm.
Native paper wrote about it with the name ” boy hits automobile, automobile broken”
Somebody despatched it to the This night Display with Jay Leno, and he mentioned me and confirmed the newspaper clipping with my image. Mentioned one thing like, ” The terminators child is operating round and to watch out

Outstanding-Discuss with-471 , jubilation File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I beat a person part to demise for ra$&@ my sister and were given 4 years in jail once I were given out I had the largest birthday celebration thrown for me by way of some other folks I knew and heaps of random individuals who gave me playing cards with money to begin over I attempted to not settle for as a result of I’d do it once more and I’d assume any brother would do it for there sister,however they wouldn’t take no for a resolution and met my now fiancée there been along with her ever since….by no means idea violence and jail would alternate my existence perpetually for the great 😊

diabloson45 , sandym10 File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ A documentary team used to be visiting the clinic I labored at. They had been filming the common shifts of docs and nurses and so on. I did not need to be a part of it and as I came to visit the nook, there all of them had been, coming instantly towards me and chatting with some other nurse. I in an instant became left to break out, tripped over a rainy ground signal and fell flat on my face. When the documentary aired, they integrated the short communicate with the nurse and all you should see within the background used to be me run, fall after which see my toes poking out of a cabinet.

curiousopenmind22 , amynapaloha File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I as soon as donated a signed piece of television display merch to a charity public sale and it became out to be the principle enchantment that folks had been truly combating over. Nobody knew it got here from me or the rest nevertheless it used to be lovely cool sitting within the target audience staring at other folks struggle over one thing I contributed.

karmagirl314 , julia-m-cameron File

I am a white Aussie girl, in my mid 20’s I used to be flying to the United States and had a layover in Japan- Narita Airport. Went to the meals courtroom Macdonalds and I do not truly know what what used to be mentioned, nevertheless it turned into transparent the lady on the counter mistook me for any individual well-known. Subsequent factor I do know I am being mobbed and requested for pics with everybody! I simply went with it and still have a pic of me sitting at the counter of the Maccas with about 80 Jap other folks all posing with me very excited. I nonetheless do not know who I used to be intended to be. I am reasonable having a look and do not put on make up or fancy garments.

RecommendationFew787 File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I used to be (14yo, 1985) a recipient of of some of the early Cochlear Implants this aspect of the rustic. I went on talking engagements, did some interviews, articles in newspapers and teenage magazines, did a receive advantages with Woody Paige (he wrote the newspaper articles too) and I met with potential sufferers across the state for a pair years.

I finished dressed in my implant a couple of years after highschool. I had had sufficient. Silence is golden! Stay a staunch supporter nevertheless it wasn’t for me.

onedef1 , bodenchuknata File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I used to be at a Transiberian Orchestra Live performance. I used to be truly into it and after a cast guitar solo from some of the bandmembers, I checked out him and fixed my fist within the air. Smartly, he noticed it, checked out me, and did the similar. He then inspired the remainder of the gang to do the similar once they had been “feeling it”! Moments like the ones make you’re feeling like you’ll command legions.

ashley21093 , jbtzxclsv File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ Tagged along side a chum to a area birthday celebration the place I slightly knew somebody. Used to be strolling within the kitchen when any individual made up our minds to prep a large fruit salad and I presented to lend a hand with the mango as a result of only a couple days prior I had watched a Youtube instructional on tips on how to simply minimize up a mango. (Bring to an end “flat” facets, go rating, turn inside of out to get a “mango hedgehog”, bring to a halt spikes, simple!). I had by no means attempted that methodology earlier than however nonetheless gave it a shot. One way or the other I controlled to tug it off completely. Once I appeared up everybody within the kitchen used to be astounded by way of how skillfully I had prepped that mango. Certainly one of my pals feminine pals such a lot so, that we ended up hooking up that night and had a months lengthy fling.

TL;DR Treated a mango, were given the lady.

anon , roman-odintsov File

My husband’s quarter-hour of popularity is after we went and noticed Bert Kreischer and as Bert used to be joking about having a bushy a*****e I pointed at my husband and for the remainder of the bit he stored pointing at my husband and announcing such things as “this man is aware of what I’m speaking about.” My husband used to be mortified and it used to be the most productive birthday I’ve had in awhile lol

ShannonsParade File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ There used to be some time when American eagle in Occasions Sq. had a factor the place when you took an image of their retailer, it will display up on their large billboard within the sq. for 15 seconds. The largest one there. You didn’t have to buy the rest. So my pal and I went in and so they took our image and certain sufficient inside of a pair mins we had been at the greatest display screen in Occasions Sq.!

And it by no means went away 😂 I suppose no person else sought after to do it…. As a result of our image stayed there all evening. We returned after dinner and a display and it used to be nonetheless there. Nonetheless surprise what number of people noticed that goofy image people simply smiling on the digital camera.

False_Aioli4961 , alexhaney File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ Russell Howard requested me a query whilst he used to be appearing stand-up in a tiny venue, and my panicked resolution made him chortle so onerous he purchased me a drink afterwards. Many of the main points of our interplay are misplaced to adrenaline, unfortunately, however he used to be great.

ibiacmbyww , ilyasssed File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I made a connection with some of the fanfictions I wrote. And any individual used to be like, “HOLY S**T, IS THAT _______” they shouted it out in the midst of a grocery retailer……… that used to be my 15 seconds of popularity second.

alonelydnd , tatianasyrikova File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I turned into quite recognized within the unfashionable gaming neighborhood for doing this insane YouTube video on an difficult to understand shooter (SHMUP) from 1992. I’d move to cons and get identified. It used to be extremely abnormal however glorious on the similar time. It resulted in me assembly a quite widely known sport dev. In 2019 he invited me out to San Francisco to a sport liberate birthday celebration the place I spent the day with a host of mythical sport devs in addition to Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Track. Just right occasions.

reefguy007 , nordwood File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ Cramming a hotdog in my mouth whilst a well-known golfing shot used to be made in a Main. This is a rerun in numerous sports activities spotlight reels.

never_stirred , blunkorama File

I used to be the one child in 6th grade who may spell “psychology”. After which everyone clapped. No, truly.

6r576fru7 File

I used to do gymnastics, and to this present day I will nonetheless simply pull a backflip just about any place

So I used to be out clubbing w some pals, and we’re on the dance ground, and this crew of fellows made up our minds to make a circle, so ppl are dancing and s**t. And numerous ladies had been taking turns twerking, which there’s not anything improper w that, however everybody used to be kinda looking forward to any individual to do smth else. So I’m going in and I do my little backflip, and I assumed that will be the finish of it.

Everybody begins cheering and going loopy as though I simply scored the successful level on the Tremendous Bowl. And for some time ppl stored like following me as we had been leaving to get to our desk, and the similar crew of fellows even purchased us a spherical of photographs.

Obvs the hype ended up death because the evening went on, however I felt lovely cool abt myself, like a lil adrenaline got here in lmao

Sleviss File

When I used to be a kid, perhaps 8 or 9, my mum took us to London, and we had been simply at the means out of the herbal historical past museum and there have been a few other folks in the street with a digital camera asking passers by way of in the event that they sought after to be on TV.

Lengthy tale brief, I stopped up at the Disney channel (in the United Kingdom anyway) pronouncing some of the nominations for some awards display, i feel in an advert for the display and now not within the display itself. Anyway, having a look at once into the digital camera, I used to be recommended to mention “this 12 months, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrect used to be completely magical”, and throw my arm against the digital camera like I used to be casting a spell.

My deficient grandmother recorded hours and hours of that rattling channel so I may see the photos (we did not have Disney Channel at house) and did set up to get it. Obviously the take the place I threw my arm out did not make it as they used some of the different ones the place I awkwardly glance off digital camera at my mum. I be expecting that tape is lengthy long gone now, however take into consideration it once in a while. It is my move to if I ever wish to proportion one attention-grabbing reality about myself.


My image used to be in playboy mag. My mother purchased 5 copies

02K30C1 File

I used to be on a TV display again within the day referred to as Forgive or Put out of your mind. In a prior episode, I’d observed this younger girl who used to be being abused by way of her boyfriend, however couldn’t have enough money to go away so I wrote the display to inform them if she used to be truly excited by leaving she may stick with me in my New York rental till she were given it in combination. I’m unmarried without a youngsters nonetheless.

So I went at the display and I used to be excited to fulfill her after which **are you aware what this b***h did**? After the display, she requested me if her boyfriend may additionally transfer in with us. I used to be so thru. Got rid of myself from the location.

*However I appeared just right on tv* 🤣. I want I may to find the episode. It used to be round 1999, earlier than Robin Givens took over the display.


“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I used to be on who needs to be a millionaire, i didnt take part however i used to be the one that got here as a chum for the player, after that episoded aired on tomorrow in school i used to be lovely standard. After 2 days no person gave a s**t anymore.

MrChopsticks89 , kenner116 File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I used to be the sufferer of a well-liked prank video on Tiktok that went viral. It is totally ruined my Social existence

Yaancat17 , a_d_s_w File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I slapped some choking child at the again at Disney global when I used to be 16. His folks didn’t notice he used to be choking. I didn’t even know if that used to be what I used to be intended to do. It labored although. The awkward little emo I used to be hated the volume of consideration it were given, despite the fact that it used to be only some mins value.

babythrottlepop , amyjoyhumphries File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ My canine used to be within the Latin-American cleaning soap opera, ¿Donde Esta Elisa? – he used to be even within the opening credit. (That is extra against my ex-wife’s quarter-hour).

For me, I used to be on ESPN right through the 1992-1993 HCAA hockey championship. I used to be within the pep band for UMaine and so they put the digital camera proper on me enjoying my tenor sax.

.. and sure, the UMaine Black Bears gained. 😀

draggar , yaspho File

I used to be in faculty when the Virginia Tech capturing came about. My faculty had some kind of memorial carrier, and a pair pals and I made up our minds to move as a result of we had not anything higher to do and it simply kinda felt proper.

Seems the photographer for our college newspaper used to be there and my pals and I stopped up at the entrance web page, keeping our candles.

Not anything truly got here of it nevertheless it used to be kinda wild to look my face at the newsstands.

Immortal_in_well File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ Years in the past when I used to be a youngster I used to be in a type of Reality anti-tobacco advertisements. My position used to be the preferred woman at a seashore birthday celebration that neglected out at the amusing as a result of she simply HAD to move have a smoke.

They made me take large puffs from an actual cigarette to urge coughing, it used to be nuts lol

I by no means were given a duplicate of the completed industrial however I were given to look it earlier than it aired.

SchylaZeal , handywicaksono File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ I roasted a star that shall stay anonymous in 2020 on Twitter, such a lot of likes retweets replies and… unhealthy DMs I stopped up getting so scared I deleted my account.

KatesCool , nate_dumlao File

I had a primary iTunes podcast and the brand for my podcast (and my face) used to be on a display screen at the back of Steve Jobs whilst he used to be describing the highest podcasts on iTunes. It used to be an Apple tournament for the iPod mini in 2005.

bunnehfeet File

I used to be car-spotting and filming automobiles in London when a Lamborghini stuck hearth from revving too onerous.
I had a big bottle of water available to lend a hand put out the auto hearth.

x-katie-x File

My mum gained a BAFTA. Now not truly MY 15 2nd of popularity, nevertheless it doesn’t forestall me telling other folks.

If we’re speaking completely MINE, I used to be very in brief featured on The One Display, in passing photos.

LoudAndQueer1991 File

I were given scouted off the road in NYC to be in a shoot for a hair salon, which were given revealed in a couple of small magazines. The shoot used to be ridiculous and so had been the hair items they placed on me. They’d one thought for a photograph that used to be “assume tank” themed, so that they actually… had me stand inside of an enormous fish tank with f****n e=mc^2 and chemistry equations on a chalkboard at the back of it. Whilst dressed in what I will most effective describe as waist-length puffy witch hair. Whilst I used to be having my make-up completed, the hair salon man came to visit and mentioned he didn’t just like the “c*m lips” they gave me which—I agreed with, basis lips are bizarre however *guy* what a unusual factor to mention to any individual you simply met. There used to be additionally an older, in fact signed style who used to be obviously going thru one thing and felt threatened by way of me for no matter reason why. She used to be additionally a vegan, and so they had us in a photograph in combination and made her stand in entrance of a grill keeping a slab of meat with tongs?? With like some Whoville having a look coiffure. The entire thing used to be a large number 😂

GCCjigglypuff File

Striking out with the GZA and The Funky Nomads whilst GZA and my 12 12 months outdated performed chess.

I can perpetually be well-known to my son for this tournament! Thank you GZA!

For individuals who don’t know GZA is a member of the Wu Tang Extended family.

Ok_Blueberry_6250 File

“I Found Myself On People Of Walmart”: 50 People That Had Their ‘15 Seconds Of Fame’ Went to a pro 3-hitter in army uniform as a “member of the ladies’s council”. Went at the box and the entirety earlier than the sport. I used to be the one male within the crew (now not in fact a part of the council) however my feminine military roommate gave me and some other feminine medic the tickets and we weren’t conscious it used to be an tournament.

The fellow studying the names paused earlier than studying mine. Made it a wee bit awkward 🤣

FlyingDodoBird25 , gstockstudio File

John Day-to-day made amusing of me at the Day-to-day display for an image that used to be taken of me under the influence of alcohol at a soccer sport. The similar image used to be at the entrance web page of the newspaper and on each spotlight of the sport. Colorado 62 Nebraska 36

DegngusKhan File

I used to be on Just right Morning The usa for roughly 15-30 seconds. Nonetheless have the video stored someplace.

ChemE-challenged File

I hugged high Britney Spears when I used to be 16 and she or he used to be relationship Justin Timberlake, she got here into the shop I used to be running at and I advised her to have a Merry Christmas

Transient-Advert-4666 File

A pal of mine posted a clip people enjoying Deadly Corporate on TikTok that blew up and turned into probably the most watched clip of the sport for some time. I had no concept till a host of other folks despatched it to me and had been like “is that this you?”

No_Creativity File



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