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We make mini chocolate muffins as a result of they’re lovely, there’s a very good ratio of frosting to cake, and also you get the entire thing to your self! With 3 layers of chocolate cake smothered in fluffy chocolate buttercream frosting, those are the easiest special day dessert.

Close up of Mini chocolate cakes

Mini Chocolate Truffles

Those lovely mini chocolate muffins are a petite 7cm/2.75cm dimension that’s made for no longer sharing with friends and family. Proper within the spirit of particular events that I’m suggesting you’re making those for! 😂

So, let me talk frankly. Particular person portion mini muffins do take extra time to brighten than a unmarried chocolate cake. However they’re extra particular. They give the impression of being so nice coated up on a platter. You don’t need to maintain the mess of slicing an enormous cake.

And there’s a prime ratio of frosting to cake. Those mini muffins name for part a batch of chocolate cake however a FULL batch of frosting! No longer simply because I’m being grasping, however just because mini muffins have extra floor space to hide.

So, on your subsequent special day, there’s no wish to spend $12 for a unmarried mini cake from that posh patisserie down the street, simplest to be dissatisfied with how dry the sponge is and the way meh the frosting is as it’s no longer made with actual butter for value slicing causes. Let’s make our personal!

(PS This recipe makes 7 mini muffins which is $84 price for round $13 of elements).

Inside of 3 layer Mini chocolate cakes
3 layers = superb frosting to cake ratio!

Elements in Mini Chocolate Truffles

We’re the use of my vintage chocolate cake batter right here. It’s the easiest cake to make use of for mini muffins as it’s wet and remains wet (small muffins dry out quicker than massive ones) with the bonus that it’s a in reality fast and simple batter.

Chocolate cake layers

Right here’s what you want for the chocolate cake batter:

  • Flour – Simply undeniable / all-purpose flour. The cake received’t be as cushy the use of self-raising flour.

  • Sugar – Both superfine / caster sugar or strange white sugar (granulated sugar). They paintings the similar.

  • Baking powder and baking soda (bi-carb) – This cake in particular makes use of each as it makes the softest cake with a good upward push (relatively than a dome). On the other hand, should you’ve simplest were given baking powder, you’ll replace the baking soda with an additional 2 teaspoons of baking powder.

  • Cocoa powder – Simply strange unsweetened cocoa powder. No longer dutch processed, no longer sizzling chocolate sweetened cocoa!

  • Milk – Complete fats cow milk is very best, although low fats works too.

  • Massive egg – A 55-60g/2oz egg from a carton labelled “massive eggs”. Extra on eggs for baking right here.

  • Oil is the fats on this cake which is what helps to keep this cake extremely wet for days upon days. The sponge is drier should you use butter. Any herbal flavoured oil can be utilized.

  • Espresso powder – Complements the chocolate flavour, however you’ll’t style espresso! Be happy to skip it.

  • Vanilla – For additonal flavour!

chocolate buttercream frosting

And right here’s what you want for the chocolate buttercream frosting.

  • Unsalted butter – Softened to room temperature so it may be whipped right into a fluffy frosting. Don’t let it get too cushy and sloppy else your frosting can be too! Technically in baking phrases, “softened butter” will have to be 17°C/63°F – more impregnable than you suppose! 🙂 That is cushy sufficient to whip into creamy fluffiness however company sufficient so it doesn’t flip frosting into slop.

  • Cushy icing sugar / powdered sugar – As famous above, be sure you get cushy icing sugar! In the event you use natural icing sugar the frosting may not be cushy and fluffy, it units exhausting.

  • Cocoa – As with the cake, use undeniable unsweetened cocoa. No longer dutch processed or sweetened.

  • Vanilla – For flavour.

  • Pinch of salt – To carry out the flavours within the frosting.

Overhead photo of Mini chocolate cakes

Find out how to make Mini Chocolate Truffles

It in reality is solely your favorite chocolate layer cake in mini shape. However I’ve some little tricks to make your mini-baking-life a bit of more uncomplicated as a result of it may get a bit of fiddly!

1. The cake phase (tremendous simple!)

That is my vintage chocolate cake batter with minor alterations to make a smaller batch baked in a skinny layer that we lower rounds out of.

  1. Whisk dry – Sift the flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda right into a bowl. Upload the sugar and salt, then whisk to mix.

  2. Upload rainy – Upload the egg, oil, milk and vanilla first, then whisk. Stir the espresso powder (if the use of) into the recent water then whisk that into the batter. It’s going to be VERY skinny!

  3. Baking tray – Pour right into a coated baking tray. I exploit a 40 x 28.5 x 2.5cm cm tray (15.8 x 11.3 x 1″ – US same old jelly roll pan). This makes a cake which is ready 12mm / 1/2″ thick which is perfect for a three layer mini cake. Any tray round this dimension will paintings although smaller pans will make thicker sponges and bigger ones will make thinner ones.

  4. Bake for 13 mins at 180°C/350°C (160°C fan-forced).

  1. Cool within the pan for 10 mins then use the paper to boost it out onto a cooling rack. Go away to chill at the paper for no less than half-hour, then refrigerate for every other 1 to 4 hours (exposed) to completely, absolutely cool.  ⚠️ Cooling correctly is the most important step as a result of in a different way the cake is also too contemporary and crumbly to chop out neat circles.

  2. Invert – ⚠️ Some other necessary step – turn the cake the other way up prior to slicing circles! Duvet the outside of the cake with baking paper (it’s rather sticky, so the use of paper is necessary). Then turn it the other way up onto a slicing board so the sticky floor of the cake is facedown.

    Why does this topic? As a result of if the sticky floor is dealing with up, it’s tough to chop out neat circles because the sticky floor will get caught at the ring then drags down the cake as you press down.

2. Slicing rounds

Use a 6cm / 2.4″ spherical cutter to chop circles out of the cake. Minimize the circles as shut to one another as you’ll to minimise wastage. You will have 21 circles. Be happy to make use of a special dimension cutter to make extra smaller ones, or much less greater ones!

See underneath for possibility not to lower rounds.

Want to not lower rounds? Or don’t have a cutter? No issues! Make sq. or rectangle muffins. Minimize the cake into 3 equivalent dimension rectangles. Frost and stack. Refrigerate to set the frosting (so it doesn’t smear whilst you lower). Then lower into squares / rectangles, and frost the edges.

3. Chocolate buttercream

That is your same old buttercream, so the one issues to be careful for is to begin the beater on low when you upload the icing sugar (to steer clear of a snow hurricane!) and to overcome, beat, beat for a just right couple of minutes on the finish to get the frosting great and fluffy!

  1. Cream butter & icing sugar – Beat the butter first till great and fluffy (a just right 3 mins), then steadily upload the icing sugar and beat it in.

  2. Fluff it! Beat within the cocoa powder, milk and vanilla, then as soon as it’s all integrated, beat on prime for a complete 3 mins. This creates quantity and makes the frosting fluffy so don’t skip it!

  3. Evidence of fluffiness. Take a look at to not consume an excessive amount of!

  4. Piping luggage – Switch the frosting to a piping bag to use to the muffins. That is the quickest and absolute best approach to frost the muffins! With out, you’re going to be tearing your hair out and cursing me. Right here’s why:

Agree with me – piping bag is very best!

The quickest and absolute best approach to frost those mini muffins is to make use of a piping bag. This avoids the desire for a two step “crumb coating” that we’d in a different way wish to steer clear of crumbs smearing into the frosting as we unfold it around the cake.

That is my same old means of frosting muffins this present day, mini and whole dimension!

The crumb smearing frustration – The chocolate cake is cushy and gentle as it’s a humid, springy cake (relatively than dry and stiff!). What this implies is that during mini shape, and particularly when you’ve lower rounds, the cake may be very vulnerable to crumbs smearing into the frosting as you unfold it around the floor, which makes it glance untidy.

Getting across the crumb smear – One approach to get round that is to do what is known as a crumb coat wherein a skinny layer of frosting is unfold in all places the cake to catch and “glue down” the crumbs, and create a clean floor for the general layer. The cake is then refrigerated to set the frosting, then the general layer of frosting is implemented.

The piping bag resolution! On the other hand, we will be able to bypass that fiddly two step procedure just by the use of a piping bag. By way of piping the frosting on, we necessarily steer clear of touch with the outside of the crumbs at the cake layers when spreading!

So, consider me in this. A piping bag is methods to cross! You’ll be able to even simply use a freezer bag as a result of this frosting is so clean. Simply one thing to pipe it on. You don’t want a piping tip. 🙂

4. frosting

OK, now that you just’re absolutely on board the frosting piping teach (which, by means of the best way, is my same old means of making use of frosting to muffins this present day, mini or no longer), let me display you the way simple it’s to do for those mini muffins!

  1. First layer – Position a layer on a small piece of paper on a cake turntable should you’ve were given one (or lazy Susan). But it surely’s high quality should you don’t, it’s simple to make use of this technique on small muffins even with out one. Then a snail at the first layer. No spreading wanted.

  2. Layer – Position the second cake layer on most sensible, pipe every other snail then duvet with the third layer.

  1. Floor – Pipe a snail at the most sensible which would be the floor.

  2. Facets – Then pipe the frosting across the facet of the cake, beginning on the backside. No wish to be meticulous right here as a result of we will be able to unfold it.

  1. Spreading – Now, to unfold the frosting, use a mild contact and unfold simply the outside. Steer clear of making touch with the cake which can dislodge crumbs that smear into your frosting! No wish to be meticulous with the frosting should you plan to hide the outside. And the edges are great when they’re left a bit of rustic!

  2. Voilà! Crumb-free frosting mini chocolate muffins, in a position for adorning!


Enhance as you please! The very best can be a dusting of cocoa or icing sugar / powdered sugar, or vibrant sprinkles for cheerful mini birthday muffins. Pictured in put up are chocolate shavings. Right here’s how one can do them:

  1. Chocolate blocks – Use chocolate of selection. Within the video I exploit basically darkish chocolate with a little of white for color.

  2. Shave – Stand the chocolate on a forty five level attitude then use a knife to shave shards.

  3. Stated shards!

  4. White chocolate is softer than darkish chocolate so you’re going to get great curls. While darkish chocolate is tougher so is extra flaky.

  5. Pile onto the muffins. Steer clear of touching the chocolate as a result of it is going to wreck / soften simply. A fork makes transference and pilling simple.

  6. Embellished and in a position to provoke!

Platter of Mini chocolate cakes
Eating Mini chocolate cakes

I do know, you’re already visualising the glance on everyone’s face whilst you stroll into the room with a platter of those mini muffins.

Marvel. Satisfaction.

And naturally, so, so inspired. So if the consume phase isn’t sufficient to spur you directly to make those, do it for the reward! Folks can be speaking about your mini muffins for days to come back. Weeks! Month! (I in reality wish to develop up. Who encourages folks to bake issues only for the reward? 😂) – Nagi x

Watch how one can make it

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Close up of Mini chocolate cakes

Mini chocolate muffins

Servings7 mini muffins

Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. We make mini chocolate muffins as a result of they are lovely, there is a very good ratio of frosting to cake, and also you get the entire thing to your self! With 3 layers of chocolate cake smothered in fluffy chocolate buttercream frosting, those are the easiest special day dessert.No spherical cutter? Make sq. or rectangle layer muffins as a substitute! Makes 7 x 3 layer muffins which might be 7cm / 2.8” broad.


  • Preheat oven to 180°C / 350°F (160°C fan-forced).

  • Baking pan – Butter a 40 x 28.5 x 2.5cm cm tray (15.8 x 11.3 x 1″ – US same old jelly roll pan) then line with baking paper (parchment paper).

Cake layers

  • Whisk dry – Sift the flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda right into a bowl. Upload the sugar and salt, then whisk to mix.

  • Combine in rainy – Upload the egg, milk, oil and vanilla. Whisk to mix. Dissolve the espresso within the sizzling water, then upload into the batter. Whisk to mix. The batter can be VERY skinny!

  • Bake – Pour into the pan and bake for 13 mins.

  • Cool for 10 mins then use the paper overhang to boost the cake onto a rack and funky for half-hour (go away it at the paper). Then refrigerate exposed for no less than 1 hour prior to slicing rounds (cake is just too cushy when freshly baked).

Assembling & frosting:

  • Slicing rounds – Duvet the sticky floor with paper. Then turn the other way up onto a slicing board (ie sticky facet down). (Be aware 4) Peel the paper off the bottom. Then press out 21 x 6cm / 2.4″ rounds (or different dimension or form as you want).

  • Pipe frosting – Position a work of cake on a small piece of paper, the use of a dab of frosting to forestall it from sliding. Pipe coils of frosting at the layers, the use of 3 rounds for each and every cake. Pipe frosting across the facets and at the most sensible. (A cake turntable is at hand if you have got one however no longer very important.)

  • Clean frosting – Clean the frosting the use of a small offset spatula or knife, taking care to just contact the outside. Steer clear of touching the cake as a result of it is going to dislodge crumbs that can finally end up for your frosting!

  • Enhance with piles of chocolate shards. I extensively utilized raspberries and rosemary for the footage within the put up!

Chocolate buttercream:

  • Beat butter for three mins on prime till cushy and fluffy. Upload icing sugar in 3 a lot. Beat it in, beginning on low velocity then expanding the rate (to steer clear of a snow hurricane). As soon as integrated, upload extra icing sugar and repeat.

  • Beat 3 mins – As soon as the icing sugar has all been added, added the cocoa powder, milk and vanilla. Beat once more, beginning on low velocity then expanding the rate steadily. As soon as the cocoa is integrated, beat on prime for three mins to make it in reality great and fluffy.

  • Piping luggage – Switch to a piping bag for frosting. (That is the quickest and absolute best means, consider me in this. Even a ziplock bag will paintings right here).

Recipe Notes:

1. Cocoa – This recipe requires strange unsweetened cocoa powder, although the pricier dutch processed cocoa powder (which has extra intense chocolate color and flavour) can be utilized.
2. Baking soda – Will also be substituted with 2 1/4 tsp additional baking powder (baking soda is an insurance coverage to make sure even upward push).
3. Espresso in chocolate is a not unusual observe this present day to fortify the chocolate flavour. You’ll be able to’t style it. Not obligatory!
4. Flipping the other way up is necessary to lend a hand lower out neat rounds since the floor of the cake is sticky so it sticks to the cutter and you find yourself with relatively untidy circles.
5. Sq. or rectangle mini muffins – More straightforward to gather and no cake scraps! Minimize the cake into 3 equivalent rectangles. Frosting the layers to make one massive 3 layer cake. Refrigerate for 1 hour to set the frosting (so it cuts smartly). Then lower into sq. or rectangles. Frost facets as desired (whip frosting once more to re-fluff).
6. Garage: If leaving cooked muffins in a single day, ensure that it’s 100% cool then duvet the highest with paper (it’s sticky) then dangle wrap. Refrigerate till required – you’ll in fact do that 5 days forward since the cake remains contemporary for five days. Or freeze for three months.
Assembled muffins will keep contemporary within the refrigerator for five days – the cake sponge has superb shelf existence!

Lifetime of Dozer

In these days’s recipe video, you get to observe Dozer following me round the home whilst I consume the chocolate cake then in the end trapping me in a useless finish (laundry). No chocolate cake for Dozer!!



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