Gifting Taboos in Chinese language Tradition: Not unusual errors


In Chinese language tradition, gifting is an artwork shape, reflecting admire, gratitude, and social ties. Then again, navigating the intricate internet of what to present – and what to not give – could be a refined job. Working out those taboos is an important for any person taking a look to foster non-public or industry relationships in China. This weblog put up delves into the important thing gifting taboos in Chinese language tradition, providing insights to steer clear of cultural fake pas.

What items will have to be have shyed away from in Chinese language Tradition?

1. Quantity Issues

In Chinese language, the phrase for ‘4’ (四, sì) sounds very similar to the phrase for ‘loss of life’ (死, sǐ). Subsequently, any reward that is available in fours, be it a suite of cups or plates, is thought of as inauspicious. All the time go for items in even numbers, however skip the quantity 4.

2. Clocks and Timepieces: A Signal of Parting

Giving a clock (送钟, sòng zhōng) sounds just like the word ‘attending a funeral’ (送终, sòng zhōng) in Mandarin. This makes clocks, watches, or anything else that measures time, an unwelcome reward, because it implies loss of life or the tip of a courting.


3. Sharp Gadgets: Chopping Ties

Presenting any person with sharp items like knives or scissors is observed as a gesture of severing the connection. If you happen to obtain a knife or scissors as a present, it is standard to present a small sum of money in go back, symbolizing a ‘acquire’ slightly than a present.

4. Sneakers: A Trail to Separation

Sneakers are steadily related to the word ‘to stroll away’ and will indicate that you need the recipient to depart. It is particularly taboo in romantic relationships, because it suggests a want for the spouse to stroll away.

5. Mirrors: Attracting Damaging Power

Mirrors are believed to draw malevolent spirits and will convey dangerous success to the recipient. They are additionally simply damaged, which will represent the breaking of a courting.

6. Umbrellas and Pears: Symbolizing Separation

In Chinese language, the phrase for ‘umbrella’ (伞, sǎn) sounds just like the phrase for ‘breaking aside’. In a similar fashion, the phrase for ‘pear’ (梨, lí) rhymes with ‘separation’ (离, lí). Those items are idea to convey in regards to the finish of relationships and are best possible have shyed away from.

7. Inexperienced Hats: Infidelity and Dishonor

Giving a inexperienced hat (绿帽子, lǜ màozi) is a big taboo as it is related to infidelity. In Chinese language tradition, dressed in a inexperienced hat means that one’s partner or spouse is untrue.

8. Handkerchiefs: A Image of Announcing Good-bye

Historically used all the way through farewells, handkerchiefs are connected to disappointment and goodbyes. They’re thought to be a present that indicates the tip of a courting or friendship.

What if I already purchased the reward?

Do not fret, there’s a workaround  for individuals who can have inadvertently decided on a less-than-ideal reward. Ask the recipient to provide you with a nominal sum of money ($1). This transforms the reward right into a ‘acquire’, putting off the speculation of slicing ties / dangerous success. 

Working out those gifting taboos is very important for any person enticing with Chinese language tradition. Whilst the foundations may appear complicated, they’re deeply rooted in language and conventional ideals. Through averting those taboo items, you display admire and sensitivity in opposition to Chinese language cultural norms, paving the way in which for harmonious relationships.

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