Bing Chat is now “Microsoft Copilot” in doubtlessly complicated rebranding transfer


The Microsoft Copilot logo.
Amplify / The Microsoft Copilot emblem.


On Wednesday, Microsoft introduced that Bing Chat—its famously once-unhinged AI chatbot—has been formally renamed “Microsoft Copilot.” The corporate additionally introduced it’s going to enhance OpenAI’s lately launched GPTs, that are customized roles for its ChatGPT AI assistant.

The rebranding transfer consolidates Bing Chat into Microsoft’s fairly complicated “Copilot” AI assistant naming scheme, which has a lineage that started with GitHub Copilot in 2021. In March this yr, Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 Copilot, Copilot in Home windows, Microsoft Safety Copilot, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. Now Bing Chat is simply “Microsoft Copilot”—its 6th copilot to this point. Lovely quickly, Microsoft will desire a Branding Copilot to stay all of them directly.

In regards to the naming scheme, Microsoft buyer Amit Malik took to X and wrote, “I like Microsoft, however this complete copilot factor is turning into extra complicated than it will have to be. Microsoft Copilot, Home windows Copilot, M365 Copilot, then the entire m365 apps, D365 copilot and so forth. AI used to be intended to simplify, now not differently.” Notice that Malik wrote that during September—just about two months ahead of the new announcement.

A screenshot of the new
Amplify / A screenshot of the brand new “Microsoft Copilot” site—aka Bing Chat in hide.


It sounds as if, the Copilot branding is an try to unify relatively than confuse, consistent with a Microsoft weblog submit: “At Microsoft Ignite 2023, we’re pronouncing new inventions throughout Microsoft Copilot—one copilot enjoy that runs throughout all our surfaces, working out your context on the internet, to your PC, and at paintings to deliver the appropriate talents to you when you want them throughout paintings and existence. Microsoft is the Copilot corporate. And shortly there will probably be a Copilot for everybody and for the whole lot you do.”

However is it in point of fact one Copilot? Each and every plays other duties in numerous contexts, and although Microsoft by some means unifies the capability throughout all packages, those who recall the historical past of the differing Copilots might nonetheless be at a loss for words.

Along the rechristening of Bing Chat and Bing Chat Undertaking, Microsoft has offered a devoted site for Copilot,, which gives a specialised chat interface—even supposing it calls for the Microsoft Edge browser to paintings. (the quest engine) will nonetheless be offering a blended seek and chat enjoy for customers very similar to what used to be prior to now introduced with Bing Chat.

However that isn’t all. Microsoft could also be embracing OpenAI’s fresh transfer towards agent-like AI fashions referred to as GPTs with Microsoft Copilot Studio (but some other Copilot, even supposing this one is for making new Copilots). “GPTs are a brand new approach for any person to create a adapted model of Copilot for explicit duties,” writes Microsoft. “Blended with the prior to now introduced enhance of OpenAI schema plugins, GPTs and plugins will open a brand new alternative throughout citizen {and professional} builders, and supply customers with stories and interactions adapted to satisfy their wishes.”

Microsoft says that Microsoft Copilot (the Bing Chat one) will turn into typically to be had on December 1. We’re going to stay you up to date if any new Copilots all of sudden emerge.



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