10 Absolute best Satirical Sci-Fi Films, Ranked



  • Science fiction films have steadily used satire and social statement to discover real-world problems via metaphors and allegories.
  • Films like Idiocracy, Sorry to Hassle You, and Galaxy Quest have effectively satirized subjects comparable to anti-intellectualism, the category device, and the science fiction style itself.
  • Motion pictures like Starship Soldiers and RoboCop have successfully used the sci-fi style to critique ideas like struggle, authoritarianism, company greed, and the lack of humanity.



From RoboCop to They Are living, one of the vital largest science fiction films ever made have used their sci-fi tropes as a car for biting satire and social statement. The science fiction style has all the time used speculative situations and invented settings to mirror the true global. Sci-fi tales permit writers to make use of metaphors and allegories to discover real-world problems. Gene Roddenberry famously conceived Big name Trek in order that he may just touch upon fresh social and political problems with out addressing them without delay. George Lucas drew on real-life dictators to painting the Emperor’s rule over a galaxy a long way, a long way away within the Big name Wars saga.

Science fiction has been used as a car to satirize a wide variety of subjects at the large display screen. Idiocracy satirizes the anti-intellectualist flip that society has taken, Sorry to Hassle You satirizes the category device and the attract of company The usa, and Galaxy Quest satirizes the science fiction style itself with its story of iconic sci-fi stars being whisked away to combat in a real interstellar warfare. From Starship Soldiers to The Stepford Other halves, one of the vital smartest sci-fi films of all time have used their pulpy sci-fi style framework to lampoon a big social factor like struggle or misogyny.

10 Darkish Big name

John Chippie, 1974

The astronauts in Dark Star sit together

Darkish Big name is a superbly nihilistic hangout comedy set aboard a boat despatched to damage any planet that would jeopardize the colonization of different planets. The primary function from The Factor director John Chippie and Alien screenwriter Dan O’Bannon, Darkish Big name is a pupil movie that step by step expanded right into a $60,000 function. It’s a parody of 2001: A House Odyssey with a countercultural hippie sensibility. Lo-fi results like a beachball status in for an alien upload to Darkish Big name’s middle of the night film appeal.

9 Mars Assaults!

Tim Burton, 1996

The Martian ambassador looks on in Mars Attacks!

In keeping with the Topps buying and selling playing cards of the similar identify, Mars Assaults! is a pitch-perfect homage to the schlocky sci-fi B-movies of the Nineteen Fifties. The film has a star-studded ensemble forged that comes with gleefully goofy turns from Glenn Shut, Danny DeVito, Martin Quick, Pam Grier, Michael J. Fox, and Jack Nicholson in a twin function. Mars Assaults! makes use of the acquainted premise of an alien invasion to poke a laugh at ‘90s cynicism. It supplied a counterpoint to the earnestness of Independence Day, which was once launched round the similar time.

8 Galaxy Quest

Dean Parisot, 1999

Galaxy Quest satirizes science fiction itself. The solid of a Big name Trek-style hit sci-fi display is kidnapped by means of an alien fleet that has improper the episodes in their collection for historic information. The film is a spot-on spoof of Big name Trek and an affectionate tackle diehard sci-fi fandom. The solid is led by means of 3 icons mocking their very own occupation: Tim Allen as a arrogant Shatner cartoon, Sigourney Weaver as a talented actor relegated to a one-dimensional function, and Alan Rickman as a Shakespearean thespian who resents his sci-fi popularity.

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7 Starship Soldiers

Paul Verhoeven, 1997

A big bug coming after Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers

Tailored from Robert A. Heinlein’s novel of the similar identify, Starship Soldiers tells the tale of a gaggle of futuristic squaddies despatched to combat in an intergalactic Twenty third-century skirmish with an alien race of big insects. Similar to its supply subject material, Starship Soldiers makes use of a struggle tale about humanity’s warfare with a non-human enemy to neutrally ridicule the concept that of struggle itself. It was once first of all disregarded by means of critics as an endorsement of fascism, however it’s since been known as a tongue-in-cheek lampoon of fascism.

6 Idiocracy

Mike Pass judgement on, 2006

Great Garbage Avalance in Idiocracy (2006)

Mike Pass judgement on’s follow-up to Workplace House, Idiocracy, had a an identical trajectory to cult vintage standing. Idiocracy imagines a long term wherein humankind’s collective IQ has been diminished as clever other folks have stopped having children and unintelligent other folks have had numerous children. Within the years since its unlock, Idiocracy has been jokingly described as a documentary, as a result of its satire of anti-intellectualism and the company affect on politics has confirmed to be unusually prescient. It didn’t take 500 years like Idiocracy prophesized; it best took about 10 years.

5 The Stepford Other halves

Bryan Forbes, 1975

Three wives talking in The Stepford Wives

In keeping with Ira Levin’s sensible novel, The Stepford Other halves is a vintage paranoid mystery starring Katharine Ross as a girl who strikes to the suburban group of Stepford and reveals that all of the different girls there are suspiciously subservient to their husbands. The Stepford Other halves is without doubt one of the earliest entries within the “social mystery” style that has since been revived by means of Jordan Peele. William Goldman’s script captures the irritating informal misogyny of the menfolk and the righteous indignation of the imprisoned housewife.

4 Sorry To Hassle You

Boots Riley, 2018

Cash looking up in Sorry to Bother You

The directorial debut of socialist activist Boots Riley, Sorry to Hassle You, is an incisive critique of capitalism and the category device. LaKeith Stanfield stars as a telemarketer torn between his unionizing co-workers and the attract of a top-ranking company place. Someplace across the midpoint, Sorry to Hassle You takes a wildly surprising left flip that makes it one of the vital craziest films ever made. Stanfield anchors all of the craziness with a nuanced, 3-dimensional efficiency, whilst Riley’s screenplay touches on the whole lot mistaken with classism and corporatization.

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3 Brazil

Terry Gilliam, 1985

Helmed by means of Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam, Brazil is a uniquely surreal take at the dystopian subject matters of Nineteen 80-4. A low-level bureaucrat navigates a technocratic long term society looking for a girl who has been showing in his desires. Gilliam brings his standard gonzo visible genre and absurdist comedic sensibility to this Kafkaesque story of technocracy, hyper-surveillance, and company statism. The filmmaker used Brazil as a car to take out all his frustrations with the industrialization of the sector.

2 RoboCop

Paul Verhoeven, 1987

RoboCop in an alley way in RoboCop

On paper, RoboCop seems like a brainless motion film: a futuristic police pressure reconstructs a loss of life officer as an unstoppable cybernetic killing system and sends him out onto the crime-ridden streets of Detroit as pass judgement on, jury, and executioner. The film does have various explosive, exhilarating motion sequences, however in director Paul Verhoeven’s arms, it’s additionally an incisive satire of authoritarianism, company greed, and the character of humanity. Its portrayal of a robot personality dropping his humanity is wholly distinctive.

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1 They Are living

John Chippie, 1988

Roddy Piper leads the solid of They Are living as a blue-collar drifter who discovers a couple of sun shades that permit him to peer the sector for what it truly is. He sees that the rich elite is made up of body-snatching extraterrestrial beings who’ve infiltrated human society. All of the billboards and commercials designed to brainwash other folks have direct messages like “OBEY” and “CONFORM.” With its use of alien invaders to satirize Reagan’s The usa, They Are living is probably the most biting sci-fi satire ever made.



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