Juxtapoz Mag – Peggy Kuiper: Her Emotional Panorama



Now I’d like to understand extra about your studio. How lengthy have you ever had it, has it modified, and what are the important parts? The rest to improve your temper?

I used to have a studio break away my house. I all the time idea I wished that divide between paintings and private lifestyles. But not too long ago I moved to this gorgeous position in Amsterdam, an previous storage transformed right into a loft with a whole lot of sunlight and house, the place I even have my studio. I simply make sure that I take sufficient breaks in between, get out the door, and into nature. Rather then that, the artwork are nice corporate and luxury, so I really like to enclose myself with them. Having them round additionally is helping me get started a brand new portray, a brand new tale. Then, whilst I paint, I all the time play tune, most commonly tune in a language I don’t perceive in order that I will focal point extra at the emotions that the track brings up somewhat than the lyrics. Musicians I these days concentrate to are Robbie Basho, Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, and Naseer Shamma. I’d say my studio is an arranged mess, and I love it that method. 


I really like seeing your domestic dog in such a lot of footage. Balou will have to be a steadying presence. As an obsessed canine mother, I’d love to understand extra about what your puppy way to you.

I by no means had this urgent want to have youngsters, however I all the time knew I sought after a canine. Balou is a rescue canine from Greece, and sure, he does deliver me numerous peace. He’s a grounding presence needless to say as a result of he in point of fact assists in keeping me within the second, and we pass for lots of lengthy walks in nature which assists in keeping me sane and satisfied.


Do you suppose there’s something that characterizes Dutch artists, or I assume, the ingenious temper of the Netherlands? I’ve a stereotype of the Dutch as simple, actual, and really cool-headed, versus an emotional Mediterranean.

In relation to my artwork, I don’t determine that strongly with the heritage or position the place I grew up and reside. I’d say I’m surrounded via people who find themselves very a lot in contact with their feelings. It’s extra about mindset than position for me,


You appear more than happy on your profession and day after day, anyplace you dream of visiting, or anything else you dream of doing?

Now not essentially. I’m more than happy with the place I’m in lifestyles and I do not like to appear too some distance into the long run. I simply intention to be provide within the right here and now. And excited to paintings on my first ebook and solo display in collaboration with Alex Daniëls of Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam, which is able to happen in 2024.






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