A Foodie’s Information to Namibia Meals


Without reference to the ethnic workforce they belong to, Namibians in most cases love their meat. It’s the primary Namibia meals that you just’ll to find within the nation!

If you happen to’re as hooked in to barbecues, stews and curries, check out a few of these dishes whilst you discuss with the rustic.

Namibia meals: What to anticipate


Actually that means pot meals, potjiekos has its roots in South Africa and has since change into a Namibian favourite. Locals get ready the dish in huge, black, three-legged forged iron pots put on open fires, and the variety of recipes is huge – for the reason that each prepare dinner has some or different liked element.

Stewing pork turns into meltingly comfortable when simmered for a very long time, and is broadly held to be the most productive meat for potjiekos. That mentioned, venison, mutton, beef, hen and fish paintings exceedingly neatly with maximum greens the prepare dinner chooses to make use of. The meal generally calls for 3 to 4 hours cooking time.

Namibia food - potjiekos
Namibia meals – potjiekos


Braaivleis is the Namibian similar of fish fry. However, in contrast to fish fry, sizzling canine and burger patties don’t ordinarily seem at the Namibian braai menu. As a substitute, locals want richly-flavored lamb chops, boerewors (farmer’s sausage), hen, steak, snoek (ocean fish) and beef rashers.

Just like South Africans who even have a large braaing tradition, Namibians revel in their braai with quite a lot of kinds of salad.

In Namibia, getting ready foods outdoor is a lifestyle, as indoor kitchens are uncommon. This isn’t unexpected given the top temperatures within the nation.

Over the years, the fish fry, or braai, has change into a get together and formality – it is regarded as crucial function of Namibian delicacies.

All over a braai, the rest that may be purchased in a grocery store is put at the grill – be it sport corresponding to zebra, ostrich or oryx; a farmer’s sausage referred to as boerewors and even simply peppers with little buns for grilling (braai brootjes).

The most productive accompaniment is both ice-cold Savannah Dry from South Africa or Tafel beer, which remains to be brewed in keeping with German purity regulations.

Namibia food - Braaivleis
Namibia meals – Braaivleis

Mopane Worms

Mopane worms are caterpillars discovered within the northern portions of Namibia. The Oshiwambo ethnic workforce came upon their doable as a scrumptious meal and offered them to the remainder of the rustic.

In Namibia, the caterpillars of the emperor moth are referred to as omangugu and are well-known for his or her top dietary content material of 60% protein, iron and calcium. Locals, particularly in far off spaces of the rustic, believe them a really perfect complement to their nutrition.

If you wish to move on a culinary voyage of discovery, you must undoubtedly do that caterpillar. In conventional markets, in addition to in some eating places, it’s generally presented fried.

It’ll appear bizarre in the beginning, however in spite of everything this can be a rewarding enjoy with a shocking style sensation.

These days, many foodies relish a meal of crispy, fried mopane worms.

Delicacy Mopane worms.
Delicacy Mopane worms.


Make sure to upload kingklip on your record of culinary highlights! Despite the fact that it’s not so widely known but, it is going to quickly be an actual competitor to the cod. The beef of the fish is delicate and coffee in fats – an actual deal with for gourmets!

Particularly at the Namibian coast, the chicken is at its very best: it tastes splendidly juicy and unbelievably scrumptious!

There are lots of tactics to organize it: Kingklip may also be grilled or fried. As a complete fish or as a fillet with pores and skin, the Kingklip is very best for delicate cooking strategies corresponding to poaching, steaming or frying at the pores and skin. Its comfortable flesh may also be ready very gently.

The South African Bearded Kingklip has an elongated frame very similar to that of the eel. It reaches spectacular sizes of as much as 1.80 meters in duration and 15 kilograms in weight.

The other species of kingklip are simply outstanding through their colour: They vary from red-orange with black spots at the again – particularly the South African selection, which is smaller and extra noticed than different species.

Fantastic seafood dish Kingklip.
Improbable seafood dish Kingklip.


Kapana could be very common everywhere the rustic.

Necessarily a boulevard snack, Kapana is pink meat barbecued within the open-air, and offered within the nation’s townships. Chefs lower the beef into small items and serve it with peppers, onions, chillies and sauces.

The road distributors paintings in combination within the markets and serve you freshly grilled meat of the best quality.

They get ready various cuts, continuously together with pork, lamb or venison. It’s historically cooked over a charcoal flame with a steel grill as the bottom. As soon as the beef is cooked to perfection, you’ll be able to take a work proper off the grill and dip it in chili powder and salt – merely scrumptious!

Topping it off is a salsa-like sauce created from diced tomatoes, onion rings, and fiery chili peppers; seasoned with vinegar & oil for a harmonious taste enjoy!

Referred to as a hangover remedy, this strong point could also be a very good appetizer for the joy of Namibian brewed beer.

Goat or Pork Tripe – Matangara

Namibians benefit from the fit to be eaten offal from the ox, sheep and goat stomachs, and get ready them as curries or potjies.

Earlier than it may be ready, alternatively, it will have to be completely wiped clean till it’s completely blank.

The tripe is then gradual cooked and paperwork the most important base for a hearty stew. That is specifically common in eating places across the nation, in addition to with boulevard distributors as a snappy meal to head.

Matangara additionally continuously reveals its method into the normal potjiekos of the locals. The beef must be great and comfortable – that’s when Namibians like it probably the most!

Tripe is a Namibian conventional meals, so keep in mind to take a look at it in the event you’re after a radical cultural enjoy. So in the event you’re all for making an attempt the extra conventional Namibia meals, that is the only to take a look at!



While you check out biltong, you’re in for a unique style enjoy.

But even so pork, Biltong can come from dried Kudu, Springbok, or Gemsbok meat. The preparation approach comes to marinating the beef for days, spicing it and, in spite of everything, striking it to dry for 2 to 3 weeks.

The meat is lower into skinny strips and seasoned with decided on spices. It’s then slowly air-dried till the beef has reached its feature consistency – 100 grams of biltong is created from 240 grams of unpolluted pork.

What makes this delicacy so particular? For something, this can be very tasty: The highly spiced flavors mix completely with the juicy, low-fat muscle meat of pork. Biltong could also be an ideal supply of diet: It’s top in protein and iron, and coffee in carbohydrates, making it supreme for an athletic snack or a snack between foods!

Consuming biltong is a big a part of the tradition in Namibia, so be sure you give it a check out.

Biltong - Popular African food.
Biltong – Well-liked African meals.


Namibia has many fascinating (and scrumptious) sport choices for adventurous foodies. Anticipate finding Kudu, Springbok, Ostrich and Crocodile at the menu.

It’ll appear a little bizarre to to find ibex meatballs and zebra steak at the menu. However we will be able to guarantee you: Each and every dish is extremely advisable! The beef is superb and generally completely recent.

In case you are doing a self-drive excursion thru Namibia, you must ask for recent sport on the campsites. Many of those puts are owned through farmers with their very own farm animals – so you may have the chance to revel in in point of fact top quality meat proper at the spot.

Any other extra distinctive form of Namibia meals to take a look at!

Game Meat
Recreation Meat


When speaking about meals in Namibia, one matter can’t be lacking: Boerewors.

This South African product could also be to be had right here and may also be discovered as a kringle within the refrigerated segment. The title interprets as “farmer’s sausage” and that’s precisely what it’s – a sausage for barbecues with buddies or circle of relatives.

Curiously, there are strict specs for the manufacturing of this kind of sausage, that have even been regulated through legislation since 1990.

So be careful – don’t mess with the Boerewors! If you wish to revel in it correctly, it’s best served with mustard on the braai – it tastes simply very best that method!


Check out the numerous diversifications of potijekos whilst you don’t really feel like grilled meat. Historically cooked in a three-legged iron pot immediately over an open fireplace, this stew is a real style sensation.

The elements for the stew range relying at the area or the prepare dinner’s desire, however generally various meats corresponding to pork, beef or lamb are mixed with greens. Well-liked greens come with cauliflower, pumpkin, or cabbage – all recent and wholesome elements!

So what are you looking forward to? Give this scrumptious selection to grilled meat a check out!

Vegetarian Miliepap

In Namibia, miliepap is a well-liked vegetarian maize porridge this is generally served as a facet dish. Then again, when greens are added, it may also be loved as a nutritious primary dish.

These days, pap exists below other names in lots of African nations and has alternative ways of preparation relying at the area. Slap Pap is eaten for breakfast with milk and honey, Stywe Pap is going completely with braai dishes and Krummel Pap completes meat and vegetable dishes.

The most important custom when tasting Miliepap is that it’s eaten solely with the fingers.

Smiley: Sheep or Goat Head

Smiley is for individuals who love the abnormal.

It’s generally a ready sheep or goat head cooked with various herbs and spices.

There are not any portions of the pinnacle – except the mind – that can not be eaten. Even the eyes are a part of this delicacy! Be courageous and check out Smiley!

Through the way in which, the title “smiley” comes from the truth that the pinnacle seems love it is smiling after cooking.

Recent Bread

Braai brootjes are a deal with for someone who loves to grill herb baguettes. Namibia’s supermarkets promote small white rolls stuffed with do-it-yourself garlic or herb butter – an actual style explosion and very best for the recent fish fry!

If you happen to want do-it-yourself bread, search for farms in Namibia. Many circle of relatives farms have their very own resorts or campsites and bake their very own recent bread – which tastes heavenly with an fragrant cup of espresso within the morning!

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