The Richest Towns In Alabama As Published By way of Newest Census Information


In fresh research, we’ve analyzed and tested the richest towns in different Deep South states, like Mississippi and Georgia. Right here, we’re going to try the richest towns of their mutual neighbor, Alabama. Despite the fact that the median family source of revenue in Alabama — $54,943 — is with reference to $14,000 not up to the median family source of revenue for the US — $69,021 — there are nonetheless many towns in Alabama with top earning.

Learn on and in finding out what the richest town in Alabama is, in addition to the highest 50 wealthiest towns within the state.

What Is the Richest Town in Alabama?

In order that shall we outline a “richest town in Alabama,” we sourced information from the Census Bureau’s 2021 American Group Survey 5-12 months Estimates (which is the newest information to be had), together with median family source of revenue, imply family source of revenue, median house price, and median assets taxes paid, after which analyzed and scored each and every this type of elements, assembling an inventory of the highest 50 richest towns in Alabama

With a purpose to totally clutch the figures, listed below are some vital notes about Census information. The Census Bureau measures median family earning as much as $250,000, with families incomes extra being denoted as “$250,000+”. In a similar fashion, the Census does this with median house price, which fits as much as $2 million, with the whole thing above that being expressed as “$2,000,000+”. Finally, the similar limits observe to measuring median assets taxes paid, which cross as much as $10,000 and any quantity above this is denoted as “$10,000+”.

That is what makes imply family source of revenue in particular helpful in our research of the wealthiest towns in Alabama. In contrast to median family source of revenue, the Census Bureau supplies imply (or reasonable) family source of revenue with precise values for each town in Alabama. All 4 of those metrics had been scored, added up, after which ranked via the towns’ blended rankings.

Underneath you’ll discover a desk detailing the highest 50 richest towns in Alabama and their respective buck figures for each and every metric:



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