Literacy categories for Afghan women and girls — International Problems


Greater than 1,000 ladies and younger women, from 15 to 45, are actually finding out find out how to learn, write, and calculate for the primary time of their lives thru literacy categories supported by means of the UN Tutorial, Medical, and Cultural Group (UNESCO).

Bi Bi, a 32-year-old home-based tailor, shared her tale, which is commonplace amongst her classmates.

“Up to now, I used to be no longer allowed to wait college by means of my father, however now my husband permits me to enroll in UNESCO’s categories and be informed,” she stated. “I’ve 9 youngsters: 8 women and one boy. I would like my women to visit college and I need to assist them be informed.”

Be told extra concerning the company’s community-based programme, right here.

All students in UNESCO's community-based literacy classes are experiencing schooling for the first time in their lives.

© UNESCO/Navid Rahi

All scholars in UNESCO’s community-based literacy categories are experiencing education for the primary time of their lives.



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