Flatter Me Further Power: The Final Debloat Complement


Wish to give your digestion an additional spice up to overcome the bloat? Check out HUM’s Flatter Me® Further Power: A complement that has 18 digestive enzymes and a triple herb mix that is helping damage down meals and strengthen digestion.

The HUM Flatter Me® circle of relatives simply were given larger. Welcome our new method this is 50% extra tough; Flatter Me® Further Power. Get in a position to mention hi to the meals you have got been warding off and battle the bloat with our newest complement that helps a flatter abdomen, digestion and eases bloating. 

Flatter Me Extra Strength

Flatter Me® Further Power is HUM’s latest complement created to battle bloating. With 50% extra Flatter Me® enzymes, this formulation boasts extra digestive enzymes to supply a extra tough spice up in digestion, lowering that uncomfortable bloat.

There are quite a lot of explanation why an Further Power model of Flatter Me® is a great choice. Some other folks to find themselves nonetheless wanting aid from bloat with some varieties of meals or when the indulge. We additionally produce fewer digestive enzymes as we age. Jennifer Martin-Biggers, PhD, MS, RDN, the VP of clinical affairs and training at HUM Diet says, “we’re so excited to release Flatter Me Further Power- we all know and confirmed in a scientific find out about that Flatter Me® is in a position to assist cut back bloating after a meal and Flatter Me Further Power supplies much more energy with 50% extra of our 18 digestive enzyme mix to assist breakdown macronutrients, supporting digestive processes and cut back bloating.”

What are the Advantages?

Maximum folks want somewhat of assist breaking down our favourite meals. You already know that burger you’re keen on such a lot? The ones fries you’ll be able to’t withstand? The grain bowl you dream of on the workplace? Not more dreaming, simply consuming. Flatter Me® Further Power can be your perfect pal for convenience together with your foods. This complement is helping:

  • Is helping damage down protein, carbs, fiber, lactose and fat* 
  • Is helping arrange bloating*
  • Optimizes digestive processes*
  • 50% extra Flatter Me® Digestive Enzymes
  • 50% stronger Flatter Me® Digestive Enzymes
  • Made with Flatter Me® enzymes and herb mix, clinically studied to scale back bloating via as much as 2” after 1 use**
  • **Reasonable ½” much less bloating. In response to a HUM-sponsored placebo-controlled crossover scientific find out about of Flatter Me® with 19 contributors who took two similar take a look at foods, one with Flatter Me® and one with a placebo. Every player was once assessed via waist circumference measurements. 

Key System Substances 

  • 374 mg proprietary enzyme mix
  • 45 mg natural mix
  • Ginger root powder, fennel seed powder, peppermint leaf powder 
  • To damage down protein: protease 3.0 (22.5 SAPU), protease 4.5 (30,000 HUT), protease 6.0 (52,500 HUT), peptidase (3,750 HUT), bromelain (975,000 FCCPU), impartial bacterial protease (30,000 PC), papain (375,000 FCCPU)
  • To damage down fat: lipase (525 FIP)
  • To damage down carbs: amylase (5,250 DU), glucoamylase (8 AGU), alpha-galactosidase (112.5 GalU), invertase (225 SU), diastase (487.5 DP)
  • To damage down fiber: hemicellulase (1,875 HCU), cellulase AN (300 CU), beta-glucanase (15.9 BGU), phytase(4.7 FTU)
  • To damage down milk sugar: lactase (225 ALU)

How To Take It

It’s simple breezy. Take 1 tablet sooner than your 2 major foods!

The Takeaway

In a position to mention bye-bye to bloat? We certain are. Get in a position for extra tough effects and don’t be petrified of the edges, the fries or the veggies and take one tablet sooner than your major foods. 



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