15 Best possible Ahsoka Tano Moments From Celebrity Wars Animation


“Shattered” and “Victory and Demise,” the general two episodes of “Clone Wars,” blow their own horns Ahsoka’s impeccable talents. She narrowly survives Order 66 and groups up with Commander Rex and Darth Maul to get previous the Clone soldiers, doing so with out killing somebody. Eventualities escalate when the Celebrity Destroyer they are driving on plummets towards a planet. Rex’s send falls out first, adopted by means of Ahsoka, who navigates the wreckage and grabs cling of his send, securing herself onboard. Filled with impressive visuals, a bombastic ranking, and the type of outdated thrills “Celebrity Wars” was once at all times recognized for, the prolonged motion collection is top “Clone Wars,” providing the whole lot fanatics of the collection may need.

Additionally, following the set piece, we see Ahsoka commemorate the fallen Clone soldiers by means of hanging their helmets atop sticks subsequent to the fallen Celebrity Destroyer. Years later, Darth Vader arrives on the actual location, scours the snow-covered floor, and occurs upon Ahsoka’s lightsaber. He mulls over the weapon, appears up on the sky, after which leaves with out pronouncing a phrase. It is the very best finale to “The Clone Wars,” which was once at all times extra about Ahsoka’s adventure than Anakin’s. As such, it handiest is sensible that she will have to get the ultimate hurrah, going out with a bang sooner than her go back in “Rebels.”



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