Do Weight Loss Medication Like Ozempic Motive Hair Loss?


Might 24, 2023 — Must you be involved in hair loss when taking Mounjaro, Ozempic, or Wegovy for weight reduction  — as was once just lately claimed by way of some other people on social media and reported in information tales?

The consensus amongst dermatologists and endocrinologists WebMD contacted is not any.

It’s as much as the person to weigh some great benefits of treating weight problems in opposition to the hazards of the remedy, together with the low chance of creating brief hair loss, says one professional.

Mounjaro, Ozempic, and Wegovy

Of those 3 more recent drugs, the FDA has licensed most effective the drug semaglutide (Wegovy) for weight control  particularly for other people with both weight problems or with obese plus no less than one weight-related dysfunction corresponding to hypertension, sort 2 diabetes, and top ldl cholesterol  with a dosage as much as a 2.4-milligram weekly injection. 

When there was once a brief provide of Wegovy quickly after it become to be had, some other people became to the similar drug, semaglutide, however advertised as Ozempic for sort 2 diabetes, which is given in injections of as much as 2 milligrams weekly, or to tirzepatide (Mounjaro). Tirzepatide is licensed for sort 2 diabetes within the U.S. however no longer but licensed for weight reduction.

Wegovy shortages proceed to be reported. 

Hair loss was once an unusual facet impact within the scientific trials of those drugs. In truth, it was once extra not unusual after bariatric surgical procedure.

In scientific trials, 3% of sufferers receiving Wegovy  as opposed to 1% of sufferers on placebo reported hair loss. Hair loss was once no longer reported as a facet impact in scientific trials of Ozempic for sort 2 diabetes. In a scientific trial of tirzepatide for weight reduction in weight problems, 5.7% of sufferers taking the best possible dose (a 15-milligram once-weekly injection) reported hair loss in comparison to 1% of those that were given a placebo. 

By contrast, a assessment of 18 most commonly observational research reported that 57% of sufferers had hair loss after bariatric surgical procedure. 

Is It the Drug or the Speedy Weight Loss?

Not one of the professionals consulted for this tale had noticed sufferers who got here to them about hair loss whilst taking those medicine for weight reduction. 

“I’ve no longer noticed sufferers complaining of hair loss from those drugs, however in all probability it is only an issue of time,” mentioned Lynne J. Goldberg, MD, a professor of dermatology and pathology and laboratory medication at Boston College Faculty of Drugs and director of the hair medical institution at Boston Scientific Heart.

A few of my sufferers lose hair once they reduce weight, typically because of the burden loss itself, and no longer as a facet impact of those drugs,” mentioned Katharine H. Saunders, MD, an weight problems medication physician, co-founder of Intellihealth, and an assistant professor of drugs at Weill Cornell Drugs, in New York Town.

Hair loss from fast weight reduction is quite common [and] no longer essentially a facet impact of the drugs itself however extra because of how temporarily the burden loss happens,” mentioned Susan Massick, MD, affiliate professor of dermatology at Ohio State College and a dermatologist on the college’s Wexner Scientific Heart. 

“Hair loss is difficult,” mentioned Anne Peters, MD, director of the College of Southern California’s Scientific Diabetes Methods. “Shedding weight and/or converting your nutrition reasons hair loss. Rigidity may cause hair loss. So it’s exhausting to split weight reduction from medicine impact.”

Rigidity Losing With Speedy Weight Loss

The hair loss appears to be related to fast weight reduction, the professionals agreed. 

It’s uncommon, however we will see sufferers who’ve a duration of diffuse hair loss, referred to as telogen effluvium or ‘rigidity losing,’ with fast weight reduction,” mentioned Michael A. Weintraub, MD, an endocrinologist at NYU Langone Well being in New York Town. 

This hair loss happens all over a demanding tournament this is both bodily (surgical procedure, being pregnant, sickness) or emotional, mentioned Weintraub, who’s an assistant professor on the NYU Grossman Faculty of Drugs.

Hair loss because of fast weight reduction may well be brought about by way of an weight problems medicine however it might additionally happen with different weight problems remedies, corresponding to bariatric surgical procedure and even drastic nutritional adjustments, he mentioned. The hair losing is in most cases short-lived and reversible. 

About 80% to 85% of hair is within the anagen (enlargement) section, about 5% is in a transitional (catagen) section, and the remainder is in telogen (resting, or losing) section, Messick mentioned. In telogen effluvium, hairs which are most often within the enlargement section get all of sudden shifted to telogen section and motive fast hair losing.

“Telogen effluvium will also be brought about by way of fast weight reduction, main surgical procedure, critical COVID an infection, top fever, or loss of life within the circle of relatives,” she mentioned. “You’ll no longer move bald with telogen effluvium, however you may to find which you could lose a excellent quantity of hair,” a lot more than the standard lack of as much as 100 hairs an afternoon.

“I advise my sufferers about the potential of dropping hair ahead of they go through bariatric surgical procedure,” Saunders mentioned. “In most cases, the well being advantages of weight reduction and weight upkeep outweigh the danger of brief hair loss.”

Dietary deficiencies and malnutrition can give a contribution to hair loss as properly, and iron deficiency is once in a while a perpetrator, she mentioned.

“If any individual is concerned” about hair loss related to weight reduction, “they must see their physician,” Peters mentioned. “If they’re on thyroid hormone, particularly, the degrees must be retested after weight reduction.” 

“Hair loss seems extra not unusual after bariatric surgical procedure than with anti-obesity drugs,” Weintraub mentioned, and it’s unclear whether or not it is because the burden loss is extra dramatic after surgical procedure and thus a better supply of rigidity or because of nutrient deficiency or one thing else completely.

Iron and diet D deficiencies are the most typical dietary deficiencies that may motive hair loss, he mentioned. 

Sluggish and Secure Weight Loss Reasonably than Speedy

“I’d recommend that sufferers attempt to stay the burden loss sluggish and secure, moderately than fast,” Goldberg mentioned, “and practice any diet/mineral supplementation plan that they’re given. Sufferers with bariatric surgical procedure have dietary steerage and a supplementation plan.”

Practice a well-balanced nutritional technique with considerable protein, greens, and a few fruit,” Saunders mentioned. Well being care suppliers must observe lab checks to test for and deal with diet deficiencies, and registered dietitians will also be an important to make sure right kind vitamin. She advises sufferers: “To find coping methods to cut back rigidity and get sufficient sleep. If iron ranges are low, get started an iron complement underneath your supplier’s supervision.

“A few of my sufferers swear by way of biotin dietary supplements, prenatal nutrients, or ‘hair, pores and skin, and nails’ nutrients,” she added. If hair loss doesn’t forestall, a dermatologist can search for different members and talk about methods for hair recovery.

Individuals who go through bariatric surgical procedure require lifelong diet supplementation and every year (or extra widespread) lab checking out, she famous.

With, for instance, bariatric surgical procedure or any form of nutrition exchange, you need to be sure you nonetheless take care of a balanced nutrition, whether or not its energy, protein, iron, zinc, nutrients (diet D for instance),” Massick mentioned. 

In a similar fashion, Peters advises: “I’d say to take care of a regular, nutritious diet despite the fact that consuming much less. Workout. Do all the ones wholesome issues. Taking a day by day multivitamin isn’t a foul thought. Communicate with a nutritionist. Use the urge for food suppression of the drugs to mix with wholesome consuming. “

“If any individual is having new hair loss, they must see their clinician to guage for all imaginable reasons,” Weintraub mentioned. “Their supplier can review for underlying reasons like thyroid disorder, iron deficiency, and Diet D deficiency.” 

Alternatively, if the trend of hair loss happens in patches, this has a wholly other set of reasons most likely unrelated to their weight problems medicine and must be evaluated. 

Operating with a nutritionist to verify sufferers have enough protein and vitamins can decrease the danger of creating hair loss and different headaches, Weintraub mentioned. “That is in particular necessary for sure varieties of bariatric surgical procedure … since that can result in malabsorption of explicit nutrients and minerals that want to be periodically measured and supplemented.” 

In case you are beginning an weight problems medicine, starting a day by day multivitamin has little hurt, he mentioned, and will lend a hand be sure you are getting very important minerals and nutrients. Alternatively, no research have particularly investigated this but. 

“In the long run, it’s necessary to weigh some great benefits of anti-obesity drugs in opposition to the prospective dangers, as we do with any clinical intervention,” Weintraub mentioned. 

“The aim of treating weight problems,” he mentioned, “is to cut back the danger of middle illness, stroke, and more than one sorts of cancers. It’s as much as the person to weigh those advantages in opposition to the hazards of the remedy, together with the low chance of creating brief hair loss.”



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