DIY Salt Scrub Recipes: The 6 Perfect Salts To Check out


Everyone knows that sugar is superb at sprucing away dry pores and skin, however the advantages of salt scrubs pass a long way past exfoliation. They’re loaded with nutrients and minerals that assist refill the surface and nourish it from the outdoor in. Right here’s the whole lot you wish to have to find out about making your individual salt scrub recipe at house for wholesome, satisfied pores and skin.

Why Use Salt as a Scrub?

Whilst moisturizing creams and frame butters can assist dry pores and skin, an exfoliating scrub continues to be a should for sloughing off useless cells and revitalizing pores and skin. And salt scrubs are nice for doing away with dry, flaky patches, particularly on harder pores and skin spaces just like the ft.

Salt is an excellent exfoliant that softens pores and skin, removes flakiness, and infuses the higher layers of pores and skin with nutrients and minerals. Blended with soothing frame oils, a salt scrub can assist to moisturize and hydrate the surface. 

When the use of a salt scrub, it’s vital to rainy your pores and skin first, then observe the scrub in a round movement, specializing in spaces that have a tendency to be dry. Rinse the scrub off with heat water and pat your pores and skin dry.

How to make a salt scrub recipe

The Advantages of Salt for Pores and skin

Amusing reality: it’s believed that someplace throughout the process evolution, we emerged from the sea to turn out to be land dwellers. And a few folks have mentioned that for this reason our our bodies include the similar focus of minerals and vitamins as the ocean itself.

That implies those self same minerals which can be so prevalent in pure sea salt are those that may additionally assist steadiness and repair the frame once we’re feeling dry, achy, or run down. And the ones advantages are maximum noticeable in our pores and skin.

When your pores and skin’s out of steadiness, such things as dryness and inflammation may also be exhausting to do away with. However volunteers in research confirmed Lifeless Sea salt baths progressed pores and skin hydration, reinforced the surface’s moisture barrier, and decreased irritation and roughness of the surface [source].

Sea salt has been used in more than a few cultural practices for generations for the remedy of pores and skin rashes, together with eczema, fungal rashes, and psoriasis [source], and as remedy for growing older pores and skin and rheumatic stipulations [source].

There are more than a few techniques you’ll use salt therapeutically: take a dip within the ocean, soak in a salt-infused tub, or my non-public favourite, observe salt without delay to the surface within the type of a frame scrub. You’ll even upload different substances like aloe vera to heal and give protection to, lavender to appease redness, and a slew of skin-soothing oils to steadiness moisture, leaving you with a well-rounded scrub that does all of it.

The Distinction Between Salt and Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs have numerous the similar advantages as salt scrubs, however there are a few vital variations.

Stage of exfoliation

The primary is within the dimension of the exfoliating granule. Sugar is normally a finer grain than salt, so it’s higher suited to be used at the delicate pores and skin of the face and neck.

Salt scrubs, however, are regularly extra abrasive, which means they do a greater activity at smoothing out tough patches at the frame.

Herbal vitamins

As well as, sugar doesn’t include the vitamins that salt does. So, whilst it makes for a nice exfoliant, sugar doesn’t nourish pores and skin in addition to the all-natural kinds of salt.

Guide to Salt Scrubs--5

When To Use Salt Scrubs

Maximum people are used to exfoliating our faces, however the pores and skin on our our bodies wishes the advantages of exfoliation too. As a result of they are able to be so abrasive, salt scrubs will have to handiest be used two to 3 occasions every week at maximum. If the use of coarse salt, keep on with doing away with useless pores and skin on spaces like ft, elbows, knees, and any cussed patches at the arms and legs (gently, in fact!).

For those who’re the use of a finer grain, pass forward and use it on the entire frame (minus the face) and use a mild contact in order to not motive pores and skin inflammation. At all times be mindful to rub in a steady round movement to assist unfastened ingrown hairs and gently polish away useless pores and skin.

Salt scrubs may also be used similar to a dry brush to inspire flow and support pores and skin detoxing. Gently therapeutic massage the salt granules into rainy pores and skin such as you typically would with a dry brush. However as a substitute of focusing only on dry patches, get started on the ft and gently swipe upward over all the frame, finishing on the middle.

Salt Scrub Elements

Clearly, a pure salt is a should. When you could be tempted to make use of desk salt, it doesn’t include minerals like extra pure kinds of salt do, so it’s now not just about as really helpful. Be happy so as to add in a bit of of sugar or espresso in your scrub as effectively.

Subsequent up, upload your oils. A high quality service oil like fractionated coconut (so it remains liquid at room temperature), jojoba, candy almond, or argan oil is tremendous nourishing and has anti inflammatory houses [source]. It additionally is helping the scrubs flow simply over pores and skin with out snagging dry or delicate spaces.

Chances are you’ll need to upload some skin-specific crucial oils for extra focused skin-soothing motion. I swear by means of lavender, chamomile, and carrot seed oils for his or her total skin-healing attributes.

Finally, I really like including more substances like aloe vera, bentonite clay, flooring almonds, and flower petals. That’s as a result of they include added nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that may additional soothe away the irritation that reasons flakes and inflammation.

6 Techniques to Make a Salt Scrub Recipe

No longer all salts are created equivalent. The most efficient, maximum pure salts have added advantages from crucial minerals and vitamins leached from the surroundings through which they have been created. Listed here are one of the maximum nutrient-rich salts to make use of for attractiveness functions.

Guide to Salt Scrubs

1. Finely Floor Sea Salt

Normally talking, sea salt is a pure detoxifier that is helping take in toxins from the surface. Maximum sea salt is prime in magnesium, a mineral recognized to extend the moisture content material in pores and skin, soothe redness, and fortify the surface’s total look, in conjunction with different minerals reminiscent of potassium, iron, and calcium [source].

Since maximum sea salt is coarsely flooring, it’s now not supreme for delicate pores and skin or massive spaces that get offended and pink temporarily. Whilst now not technically a sort of sea salt, extra like one of those grind, finely flooring sea salt is gentler than its coarse cousins. That implies it’s effectively fitted to rather extra delicate spaces like the tummy, backs of the hands, or even the chest if you happen to use a mild hand.

Sea Salt Hand Scrub Recipe

Sea Salt Hand Scrub

—Juice of a 1/2 lemon
—1/3 to one/2 cup sea salt
—1/4 cup olive oil
—5 drops lavender crucial oil
—5 drops tea tree crucial oil

Mix all substances in a jar with a lid and stay it by means of the sink.

2. Lifeless Sea Salt

I’m a large fan of Lifeless Sea salt. One of the crucial nutrient-rich salts in the world, Lifeless Sea salt comprises round 20 minerals and hint parts additionally discovered within the frame and regularly misplaced all through the day. Mix salt with the glad addition of hydrating coconut oil and antioxidant-packed kiwi and also you’ve found out easy pores and skin nirvana. 

Cooling Coconut Kiwi Sea Salt Scrub

Cooling Coconut Kiwi Sea Salt Scrub

—1 cup Lifeless Sea salt
—1 kiwi, with pores and skin got rid of
—1/4 cup coconut oil
—10 drops peppermint crucial oil
—1 teaspoon poppy seeds (not obligatory)

Take away the surface from the kiwi and scoop out the flesh. Use a fork to weigh down and mix the kiwi flesh till easy. Combine within the mineral sea salt, coconut oil, and peppermint crucial oil. Mix effectively.

Upload extra coconut oil, if wanted, to get the specified texture. Sprinkle in a couple of poppy seeds for additonal kiwi cuteness.

Use as an exfoliating scrub for your pores and skin within the bathe or tub after which rinse with water. To assuage extra-irritated pores and skin and strengthen cooling houses, depart the scrub for your pores and skin for a couple of mins sooner than rinsing blank. 

3. Black Lava Salt

Black lava sea salt, often referred to as Hawaiian salt, is a sea salt that will get its pitch-black colour from the addition of charcoal. The activated charcoal in lava salt is considered efficient for cleaning and doing away with toxins out of your frame.

It may additionally assist to ease joint and muscle ache, scale back water retention, and soothe cramps. General, it makes a very good cleanser for pores and skin, serving to to cut back zits whilst leaving pores and skin feeling refreshed.

Citrus Salt Frame Scrub

This salt scrub is each enjoyable and immune boosting. The pure uplifting perfume from the citrus zest will even stay you energized.

—1/2 cup Black lava sea salt
—1/2 cup jojoba, almond, or olive oil
—1 teaspoon orange or grapefruit zest

Mix the salt and oil, and blend effectively in a bowl till the salt is saturated with oil. Then upload the teaspoon of zest and blend. Retailer your scrub in a coated jar, and use it as wanted all over the place your frame. Rinse and towel dry whilst you’re completed.

Practice with a frame moisturizer for optimum hydration. Salt may also be grittier than sugar, so make sure to use mild force, and not use this scrub at the face or neck.

4. Himalayan Crimson Salt

Himalayan salt is among the purest salts on Earth. This is a rock salt mined within the space south of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Crimson salt is lovely simple to seek out in shops, making it supreme for purple salt baths and whipping up massive batches of scrub.

Crimson salt is among the extra coarsely flooring salts available on the market, so I’d counsel a couple of pulses in a espresso grinder to get a finer texture sooner than the use of it as a frame scrub or on this ACV scalp scrub. It’s mentioned to have anti inflammatory houses that assist soothe pores and skin and calm inflammation and breakouts.

Pink Salt Body Scrub Recipe

Hibiscus + Grapefruit Salt Scrub 

Believe this beautiful purple scrub your magic elixir on early mornings or the ones days when you wish to have an additional pick-me-up. Grapefruit boasts a ton of antioxidants to combat unfastened radicals, to not point out that it’s prime in diet C and flavonoids to detox and assist give protection to the surface. With the extra anti inflammatory and moisturizing results of jojoba oil, you’ll be expecting this scrub to depart your pores and skin hydrated, easy, and supple.

—1 cup purple Himalayan salt
—1/4 cup jojoba oil
—10 drops grapefruit crucial oil
—2 hibiscus tea baggage

Upload the purple Himalayan salt, jojoba oil, and grapefruit crucial oil right into a bowl. Open the hibiscus tea baggage and empty their contents into the bowl.

Combine once more with a spoon till all substances are blended. Upload extra oil, if wanted, to get the specified consistency.

Follow the mix in your pores and skin, scrub, after which rinse, or permit it to take a seat at the pores and skin for a number of mins sooner than rinsing for its added advantages. 

5. Grey Sea Salt

Grey sea salt is normally hand-harvested the use of the similar conventional strategies as the ones present in historic Rome. It’s then dried within the solar, leaving the salt grey and rainy.

This procedure guarantees that its 82 important hint minerals, which advertise optimal organic serve as and mobile repairs within the frame, keep intact.

Salted Cream Body Scrub

Salted Cream Scrub

—1/2 cup cream
—1/2 cup grey sea salt
—5 drops vanilla crucial oil or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix substances in a small bowl. Within the bathe, observe salted cream scrub in full of life circles all over the place the frame.

Rinse off and temporarily test how comfortable the surface is. Reapply to any spaces that can were overlooked or want slightly more assist, like elbows and knees.

6. Epsom Salt

Named for the British the city they’re present in, Epsom salts are famously muscle-soothing, partly on account of the prime ranges of magnesium they include.

Epsom salt is useful for the ones with thick, dry pores and skin on their knees and elbows, particularly the ones with eczema or psoriasis. Do that ginger detox frame scrub sooner than a detox tub.

Margarita Salt Scrub

Margarita Frame Scrub

The tequila and lime juice are pure antiseptics, the salt exfoliates any useless pores and skin, and the olive oil provides plenty of moisture.

—1 cup Epsom salt (pulse a few occasions in a meals processor or espresso grinder)
—2 tablespoons olive oil
—1-2 tablespoons tequila
—Juice of one lime

Combine all substances in combination in small bowl till you will have a paste. Upload extra olive oil if wanted. Then scrub away within the bathe. One notice of warning – use the scrub sooner than you shave, now not after, as a result of it would burn.

Tips on how to Use a Salt Scrub

Get issues steamy: I like to recommend shutting the toilet door and cranking the bathe to extremely popular, making a steam room-like impact. After a couple of mins, flip the temperature down so the water is heat—however now not scorching—thus serving to to stay pores and skin from drying out and getting annoyed even additional.

Bathe first: Subsequent, bathe as same old sooner than making use of your scrub. That method, you don’t run the danger of washing off the oils and minerals.

Use on rainy pores and skin: For those who made your salt scrub upfront, give it slightly stir to mix the oils that can have risen to the highest. Scoop out slightly together with your hand and gently therapeutic massage the salt granules into rainy pores and skin.

Center of attention on dry spaces: Pay particular consideration to the extra-dry spaces, reminiscent of ft and elbows, then rinse off and pat the surface dry.

Retailer correctly: Since salt is of course antibacterial, a easy scrub with simply salt and oil in a right kind container will have to ultimate for as much as a yr. If it comprises such things as flower petals, aloe vera, or water, it’s perfect to make use of it up inside a month.

Tips on how to Make a Salt Scrub

There are a ton of various salt scrub recipes in the market, however the fundamentals are the entire similar. Upon getting the elemental recipe down pat, check out experimenting with your individual add-ins, like flower petals, clay, espresso grounds, or crucial oils.

Tips on how to Make a Salt Scrub Recipe

All you wish to have are 3 substances for a nourishing, skin-soothing salt scrub. This recipe presentations you easy methods to make your individual the use of substances you have already got available. However when you get the cling of it, check out experimenting with your individual crucial oils and extra substances.

Prep Time15 mins

Energetic Time5 mins

General Time20 mins

Direction: Frame Scrub

Key phrase: attractiveness, skin care

Yield: 1 cup

Writer: Stephanie Pollard

Value: $5


  • 1 cup sea salt (any pure sea salt will do)
  • 1/3 cup almond oil (jojoba could also be just right for all pores and skin sorts)
  • 15 drops lavender crucial oil (too can select rosehip, carrot seed, or any oil you will have available)
  • 1 teaspoon bentonite clay (not obligatory – or use dried flower petals, grated citrus rinds, espresso grounds, and so forth.)


Elements for your salt scrub might separate through the years, so at all times stir sooner than the use of.

This put up used to be medically reviewed by means of Dr. Rina Mary Allawh, M.D., a dermatologist who practices grownup and pediatric clinical dermatology, beauty dermatology, and gives pores and skin most cancers remedy. Be told extra about Hi Glow’s clinical reviewers right here. As at all times, this isn’t non-public clinical recommendation, and we propose that you simply communicate together with your physician.




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