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SAN GUACAMOLE, California.  This idyllic the town within the San Fernando Valley is house to UCal-San Guacamole, one of the most lesser-known outposts of the huge California public faculty gadget, however the faculty’s loss of renown is set to modify as Tiffany Hansen, a self-described ”out and proud former Valley Woman,” takes the reins of the college’s six-member philosophy division this semester.

“Why do you assert that?  Wittgenstein is like utterly rad!”


“They have been like ‘You wanna be chairman?’ and I used to be like ‘Ya suppose?’” she says, nonetheless incredulous at her just right fortune.  “It’s like 3 thousand extra dollars a semester, which I will be able to utterly use to shop for garments!”

“Oh . . . my . . . God.”


Tiffany has been a emerging superstar on the earth of philosophy since she astounded contributors of the self-discipline with a Ph. D. thesis on pessimistic German thinker Arthur Schopenhauer that consisted of an insignificant 5 phrases–”Existence sucks, then you definately die.”  After modifying and the advised addition of a unmarried footnote–”Me”–the monograph was once revealed in Zie Journallen du Boringische Research de Schopenhauer and therefore advanced right into a line of informal clothes and greeting playing cards.

Schopenhauer:  “Tiffany thinks like me, however seems higher in a tube most sensible.”


“Tiffany’s philosophy is aphoristic, like Nietzsche’s,” says Professor Nelson Hienrikus, her doctoral marketing consultant.  “However Nietzsche wasn’t specifically simple at the eyes, whilst Tiffany is one bitchin’ babe in a tube most sensible.”

“It’s chic–similar to Kant’s 3rd Critique!”


The upward thrust of former Valley Ladies now of their forties to the highest of the gloomy self-discipline of philosophy has introduced new passion to the sphere, generally considered as a dead-end that may lead simplest to low-paying instructing jobs.  “Valley Ladies can expound a number of international perspectives–cynical, pessimistic, hedonistic–however now and then they verge over virtually into Oriental quietism,” notes Dr. Merrick Moskill, present chairman of the American Philosophical Affiliation.  “Concentrate to this,” he says as he alternatives up a monograph submitted to the crowd’s quarterly magazine.  “I don’t suppose I must need to pay for my gasoline as a result of I don’t paintings.  My dad works, so like–duh–he must pay for it,” he reads.  “It recollects the passage within the Gospels concerning the lilies of the sphere,” he says, rising wistful as he gazes out his place of work window and spills pipe tobacco, surroundings hearth to his tweed vest.

Kant:  “Why does she stay pronouncing ‘No matter’?”


Each Valley Ladies and philosophers had been accused of the usage of jargon to make what’s simply difficult to understand appear profound.  Philosophers steadily stop hasty conclusions by means of defining terminology and wondering whether or not positive forms of wisdom are inclined of elucidation in a significant style.

“My object,” mentioned Immanuel Kant in his Prolegomena to Any Long term Metaphysics, “is to steer all those that find out about Metaphysics to pause a second, and ask ’Are you severe?’”  In a similar fashion, “Valspeak,” the argot of Valley Ladies, will depend on paradox and opposition to supply a synthesis resulting in reality.  “Take the expression ‘As though!’” notes Moskill.  “It’s each a contingent expression of disbelief, and a option to like utterly diss someone.”

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