Sun Phrases 101: Xiaoman, a Time to Have fun the Small Issues in Lifestyles


The standard Chinese language lunar calendar divides the yr into 24 节气 jiéqì sun phrases according to seasonal adjustments and herbal phenomenon. They play the most important function in guiding agricultural actions, even to at the moment. However even city-dwellers like us can revel in them. Every sun time period has its personal related customs, traditions, or even recipes. In Sun Phrases 101, we delve into what makes each and every one particular… 

Identify of the sun time period: 小满 xiǎomǎn lit. “somewhat complete”
Gregorian date: Would possibly 21 +/- an afternoon (Would possibly 21, 2023)

What’s xiaoman all about?

As the second one summer season sun time period, xiaoman‘s title is in all probability probably the most extra difficult to understand in terms of China’s historical sun phrases. Actually that means “somewhat complete,” it is a time after we get started looking at small adjustments within the surroundings as a result of the season: water ranges will upward thrust, as do the temperatures, serving to vegetation comparable to wheat and rice transform plump as their husks replenish with energy-rich starch. As such, this is among the maximum essential sun phrases a few of the nation’s many hopeful farmers.

The average sowthistle grows, the shepherd’s handbag dies, and autumn wheat arrives

Simply as with different sun phrases, xiaoman is made up of 3 distinctive micro-seasons. Within the first, a different weed known as not unusual sowthistle (苦菜 kǔ cài lit. “sour vegetable”) can also be discovered rising in abundance right through China’s verdant fields. As with different sour greens, when ingested, the leaves of the not unusual sowthistle are believed to stop irritation within the frame and scale back our inside yang, or fireplace part, which is at its best throughout summer season. By contrast to the thriving not unusual sowthistle, refined plants and herbs (referred to as 靡草 mí cǎo, and concept particularly to confer with shepherd’s handbag) will start to wilt and die within the direct warmth of the daylight. Even supposing weather-wise xiaoman marks just the start of summer season, it represents the fall or harvest season, for the reason that wheat is at its maximum ripe.

Paying admire to water wheels and silkworms

Water wheels were used in agricultural irrigation for lots of centuries in China, and xiaoman was once the instance that villagers used to have a good time the tireless paintings performed through those picket giants. To take action, villagers would collect round their water wheels at daybreak and percentage snacks created from wheat till the professional rite started. On the sound of a gong and a drum, the other folks would then climb onto the wheels and peddle backward, diverting the water into the fields. This invariably would grow to be a contest amongst some villages to look who may just irrigate their fields quickest. Farmers would additionally make small choices to the Wheel God comparable to fish and incense, in addition to pour a cup of water into their fields within the hopes of staving off a drought within the following yr.

Whilst the boys have been busy splashing round, ladies would adopt the altogether extra critical job of celebrating the beginning of the Silkworm Goddess whose birthday took place to land on xiaoman. For the reason that nearly all of ladies would make a dwelling – to not point out get dressed themselves and their households – through weaving silk, the silkworm was once regarded as a creature ordained from heaven. In some areas, silk reelers would additionally seek advice from temples to be offering their tributes to the Silkworm Goddess, in most cases within the type of fruit, liquor, and one of those snack created from flour that resembles a cocoon.

What to consume for xiaoman

Possibly as a result of they have been so preoccupied with harvesting throughout this era, now not many data exist about what the traditional Chinese language would consume throughout xiaoman. The only exception is after all the aforementioned not unusual sowthistle, or sour vegetable. If you would like to check out making your individual, give the leaves a snappy boil prior to draining and combining them with plum sauce, gentle soy sauce, and end with a sprinkle of sesame and chopped scallions. The stability between candy, bitter, and sour makes this dish a wholesome appetizer right through summer season and provides us a possibility to 忆苦思甜 yì kǔ sī tián – recognize what we now have lately.

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Photographs: Xinhua, Shi Changhong, Sina



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