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Planting consciousness

Zaid Sa’advert has a point in media and communications, however has all the time been a farmer and beekeeper in Al Qurnah, Iraq.

“Our group has a courting with our land this is demanding to explain; our fathers and grandfathers had been additionally farmers,” he stated. “Our paintings and lifestyles cycle on those farms are interdependent.”

Ziad Sa’ad, a beekeeper from Basra, Iraq,  is raising awareness among his community on the importance of safety at work.


Ziad Sa’advert, a beekeeper from Basra, Iraq, is elevating consciousness amongst his group at the significance of protection at paintings.

Planting consciousness at the significance of farms within the predominantly deficient house used to be his function. So, he arrange Fb and WhatsApp teams on beekeeping and farming, and with occupational protection and well being coaching from the Global Labour Group (ILO), he’s spreading the phrase on social media and shifting the information to native farmers.

“Our paintings in agriculture promotes financial alternatives, safety and self-reliance,” he stated. “It lets in us to be impartial.”

Supporting beekeepers

Gulhayo Khaydarova, from Durmon, Uzbekistan, has been in beekeeping for 14 years, and the honey her bees produce, is legendary during the village. She stated the traditions and secrets and techniques of beekeeping are handed down from technology to technology.

However, closing wintry weather’s plummeting temperatures killed off maximum of her bees. Even essentially the most skilled beekeepers can endure this loss.

To atone for her losses, the UN meals company (FAO) supplied her circle of relatives with fashionable beekeeping apparatus and 20 new hives.

These days, she has higher honey manufacturing, offering a extra sustainable livelihood for her family.

Nearly 75 per cent of the world’s crops producing fruits and seeds for human use depend, at least in part, on pollinators.

UNDP Guatemala/Carolina Trutmann

Just about 75 consistent with cent of the sector’s plants generating culmination and seeds for human use rely, a minimum of partly, on pollinators.

Breaking gender obstacles

“Bees are extraordinarily clever bugs,” stated Ligia Elena Moreno Veliz, from Los angeles Fé, Venezuela. As soon as frightened of the pollinators, via an FAO scholarship, she now runs a thriving industry focusing on queen bee breeding and is passing on wisdom to others.

She additionally broke a pitcher ceiling. These days, whilst simplest 4 of the group’s 30 beekeepers are girls, the taboo is now long past, she stated.

In the meantime, local weather alternate is worrisome, she added. Local weather instability, inconsistency in tree blooms and air pollution motive bees to have new patterns of behaviour, adapting to the adjustments in flowering occasions.

To deal with this problem, Ligia Elena and her co-workers have planted new bushes to draw bees once more.

Beekeeping is my way of living,” she stated. “It’s the livelihood of my circle of relatives and an task that I’m hoping my daughters will proceed to do someday.”

Once afraid of bees, Ligia Elena now treasures these creatures that have given her a livelihood for the last 17 years, a livelihood that began with an FAO programme in her village.

© FAO/Pablo Varela Cuervas-Mons

As soon as frightened of bees, Ligia Elena now treasures those creatures that experience given her a livelihood for the closing 17 years, a livelihood that started with an FAO programme in her village.

Honey proud

Betty Ayikoru, from Arua district in Uganda, is mom of 4, a farmer, native councillor, and a beekeeper.

“That’s how I make a dwelling,” she stated.

She works with Honey Pleasure Arua, a social endeavor based through Sam Aderubo and supported through the UN Capital Building Fund (UNCDF).

Like many others, her lifestyles has progressed because of abilities coaching, and the sustainable marketplace supplied through the industry.

Now, greater than 1,700 farmers stay their bees in apiaries and at harvest time, they promote to Honey Pleasure.

“Through enticing farmers, we’re giving them choice employment,” Mr. Aderubo stated. “If beekeeping is taken to a degree the place farmers comprehend it as a industry, it’s going to toughen their livelihoods.”

Bee biosecurity

Making sure bee well being is a function of the UN meals company, particularly in gentle of threats towards them, together with unsustainable agriculture, pesticide abuse, and extensive monoculture manufacturing.

Pollination is very important for the upkeep of plant biodiversity, the survival of the sector’s ecosystems, with about 75 p.c of plants – which produce culmination and different seeds for human intake – relying, a minimum of partly, on pollinators, together with bees, FAO stated.

Pollinator-friendly practices come with crop rotation and variety, lowering the usage of insecticides, and restoring and protective their habitat. Even the adoption of precision agriculture equipment and innovation can give protection to bees, the company stated.

To assist to higher give protection to the pollinators, the company hosted and co-organized on Thursday the second one Global Symposium on Biosecurity in Beekeeping, bringing contributors up to the moment on the newest trends in bee biosecurity and the tasks that the world organizations concerned are making use of in several spaces of the sector to verify bee well being.

A beekeeper in Madagascar tends to his beehive using techniques learned through climate adaptation training.

© UNEP/Lisa Murray

A beekeeper in Madagascar has a tendency to his beehive the usage of ways realized via local weather adaptation coaching.

Celebrating bees international

“Global Bee Day has contributed considerably to elevating consciousness of the significance of bees and different pollinators and to selling world cooperation to offer protection to them,” stated Nataša Pirc Musar, President of the Republic of Slovenia.

Her nation initiated the status quo of a Global Bee Day in 2016 at an FAO regional convention for Europe and co-created greater than 300 pollinator initiatives with companions on all continents, she stated.

For its phase, the UN marked Global Bee Day with an FAO-hosted world rite emphasizing the significance of those hard-working pollinators.

Underneath the theme of pollinator-friendly agricultural manufacturing, the development drew consideration to the threats endangering those bugs and the wish to cope with them.

On Monday, an match at UN Headquarters will exhibit best possible practices and leading edge initiatives in order to elevating consciousness of bees’ contributions to environmental and social resilience.

“Protective bees and different pollinators is very important to ensure agricultural manufacturing, meals safety, ecosystems recovery, and plant well being,” FAO Director-Common Qu Dongyu stated.

As beekeeper Ms. Moreno Veliz stated, “bees are extraordinarily clever bugs. They’re stunning animals.”

The National University of Costa Rica estimates that 65 per cent of the plants on the planet require pollinators, and of these, the most important are bees.

UNDP/Priscilla Mora Flores

The Nationwide College of Costa Rica estimates that 65 consistent with cent of the crops on the earth require pollinators, and of those, crucial are bees.

What have you learnt about bees?

Take FAO’s quiz proper right here and to find out extra under:

  • FAO performs a number one position in facilitating and coordinating the Global Pollinators Initiative and is dedicated to selling insurance policies that toughen organic plant pest regulate and restrict pesticide use throughout the World Motion on Pollination Products and services for Sustainable Agriculture, aiming to construct larger habitat range in agricultural and concrete environments.
  • 3 out of 4 plants around the globe generating culmination or seeds for human use as meals rely, a minimum of partly, on pollinators.
  • Safeguarding bees safeguards biodiversity, as maximum pollinators are wild, together with over 20 000 species of bees.
  • ​Pollinator-dependent meals merchandise give a contribution to wholesome diets and diet.
  • Bettering pollinator density and variety boosts crop yields – pollinators have an effect on 35 consistent with cent of world agricultural land, supporting the manufacturing of 87 of the main meals plants international.
  • Just about 75 consistent with cent of the sector’s plants generating culmination and seeds for human use rely, a minimum of partly, on pollinators.



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