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In spite of the havoc they have got wreaked and the flight delays they have got led to, there’s a new, extra nuanced perspective in this day and age against the ones pejoratively known as “Islamofascists” within the West.  Sure, you’ll nonetheless in finding horrifying movies of Muslim males chanting “Jesus Wasn’t a Jew!” on the net, and sure the U.S. is deploying A-10 Warthog assault planes supplied with GBU-39/B (no longer to be had in girls’s sizes) “bunker-buster” bombs to the Mideast to “ship a message” to Iran, however right here within the excellent ol’ U.S. of A. the tough floor of fanaticism had been smoothed down through the belt-sander of non secular tolerance.

Proponents of pragmatic pondering say a extra tolerant means can be triumphant the world over the place pressure has failed to influence terrorists to drop the craziness and sign up for the group of civilized international locations.  It’s definitely value a take a look at.  In spite of everything, it sort of feels to have labored with Presbyterians.

John Calvin:  “Snnf–do I scent popcorn?”


Presbyterianism, based at the theological teachings of John Calvin in Scotland, is a mainline Protestant denomination in The united states, however in its adolescence it raised the hackles of Anglicans, Catholics and as regards to each and every different faith it got here into touch with.  Its adherents had been stereotyped as humorless, sexless enemies of unfastened idea and inquiry.  In an 1822 letter Thomas Jefferson reported that during his village of Charlottesville, the place Presbyterians had been one of the denominations, “all combine in society with easiest solidarity.”  The place Presbyterianism prevailed “undividedly” he famous, their “ambition and tyranny would tolerate no rival” they usually succumbed to a “fever of fanaticism.” Sounds acquainted.

Jefferson:  “Sorry–I don’t date Presbyterian chicks.”


Don’t get me mistaken.  I do know some really nice Scots Presbyterians—in reality I married one.  Humorlessness was once a part of the enchantment, the way in which stand-up comics just like the problem of a difficult target market.  However I in reality consider that Islamofascists may also be persuaded to mood their dogmatic inclinations, simply because the Presbyterians had been.

Take beheadings, a barbaric type of execution this is carried out with out trial through Islamic radicals.  Earlier than they switched to the extra enlightened means of striking, beheading was once the most popular manner of capital punishment amongst Edinburgh’s Presbyterians.  The ensuing transportable frame phase was once then used as a ornament at the gates of town.   Click on on “Outside Equipment and Pillows” on the Pottery Barn web site for a present number of Presbyterian patio headware.

“Honey, may you mild the Dissenters Head Lamps, please?”


As requirements of Presbyterian decency rose through the years, a extra humane method was once followed; the decedent was once beheaded after being hanged.

The monolithic outlook of Islamofascists, which drives them to hunt a world-wide caliphate based on Shari’a regulation, reveals echoes in Scottish historical past as neatly.  In 1564, two males who had simply toasted the King of England’s well being had been whipped, nailed to gallows and minimize to the bone with razors.  To make the punishment are compatible the crime, their tongues had been drawn out to complete period and sure with sticks and thread.

Turning on its head the perception that, if you’ll’t say the rest great, don’t say the rest in any respect.

Presbyterian Pool Birthday party:  “Hi there you children–no dunking!”

Believe the punishments passed out to people who violate restrictions on sexual task in Islamic nations—the general public stonings and floggings for adultery and fornication.  Now examine and distinction, if you’re going to, Sir John Herring, who on the first light of the 14th century in Scotland burned his daughter and her lover alive, whilst they had been nonetheless in the home.  Such a lot for Scottish thrift.

Through the years, Presbyterians moderated their perspectives on the right kind punishment for what we as of late imagine “victimless” crimes.  By means of the top of the 16th century the rules of Scotland mirrored a three-tiered sentencing guiding principle for fornication: a forty-pound positive for the primary offense, 8 days in jail for the second one, and 3 duckings within the “foulest pool on the town” for next violations.

No surprise Scottish beginning charges are low.

This isn’t to indicate that Presbyterians are a great type for imitation through different sects and creeds.  The espresso at their social hours after services and products is horrible–however in this day and age you’ll convey your personal from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.  If you are going to buy Munchkins on the latter, take note the Rule of Kindergarten: Carry sufficient for everyone!

So it’s conceivable that through the years the novel Islamofascists of as of late and their descendants will change into simply as pacific as Presbyterians, who in this day and age permit infidels to wait their church basement sock-hops.

      Sock hop!

This isn’t to mention that all the violence has been bred out of the Scots Presbyterians, alternatively.

When my spouse reads this, she’s going to kill me.

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