Bowld Rice Maker Serves up Small Portion of Daring Design


In lots of families world wide the rice cooker holds perpetual courtroom inside the kitchen, at all times in a position to organize a pair cups of rice for a meal (or holding leftovers heat from the evening prior). However even our personal small sized unit designed for a modest 2 to a few cups capability calls for a large amount of counter area. The application’s look whilst recent, could also be a tad gaudy, decorated with consideration in quest of illuminated controls and glossy steel detailing – par for the direction inside the class. Even the logo maximum incessantly related to trendy minimalism within the home context options extra buttons than most of the people will ever want or use. The Bowld Mini Rice Cooker by means of Korean design company discovered/Based by means of comparability is deliberately sparse intimately and choices, a thoughtfully pared design extolling the virtues of “much less as extra.”

Bowld rice maker set upon cotton cloth with small pile of uncooked rice, bowl of cooked rice in traditional Korean brass rice bowl, and black rice serving paddle to the left.

discovered/Based’s small rice cooker is discovered in opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer (aka ABS plastic), a carefully tapered bowl formed extra carefully like conventional stone vessels as soon as used to cook dinner rice moderately than the squat and elongated shapes now related to most sensible electrical fashions.

Overhead views of various design explorations of the rice maker's paddle and top lid designs.

Four of found/Founded's early 3D printed prototype models shown set upon three sheets of concept sketches.

Overhead view of Bowld rice cooker with person's hand turning the rounded stone dial lid lock.

Bowld’s maximum conspicuous element is its higher dial take care of. Corresponding to a sophisticated river stone, its clean end tempts eyes and palms towards the black dial. Give it a twist and it locks the rice cooker’s lid and paperwork a seal. Closed, the dial additionally regulates and directs steam output from the interior cooking pot safely towards the again whilst cooking.

Front view of Bowld rice maker with two white ceramic rice bowls to its right in partial view.

The rice cooker’s simplicity is additional underlined by means of its lone regulate button, fortunately simple by means of the icon-drawn hieroglyphics typically plastered or illuminated throughout many rice makers.

Front and back views of Bowld rice cooker, revealing its power cord storage.

Bowld’s energy wire can also be looped to shorten its duration or disguise it totally from view.

Sadly for minimalist design aficionados Bowld is recently just a thought, certainly one of a lot of case research showcasing discovered/Based’s wide variety of design answers showcased around the Seoul-based design studio’s website online.

Gregory Han is the Managing Editor of Design Milk. A Los Angeles local with a profound love and interest for design, mountain climbing, tide swimming pools, and street journeys, a choice of his adventures and musings can also be discovered at



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