BEST Complete Meals Complement at the Marketplace?



[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Smartly, hi my pals, and welcome again to some other episode of the Well being Detective Podcast by way of Practical Diagnostic Vitamin. My title is Evan Transue, aka Detective Ev. I will be able to be your host for these days’s display in regards to the most likely absolute best complete meals complement available on the market these days. We’re speaking to this man, Steven Abbey, who’s truly onto one thing right here.

Steven has a scheduler that despatched stuff over. The sheet itself was once all about micronutrients and consuming excellent meals and all this sort of stuff. Once I noticed this, I used to be so ignorant, to be truthful. As a result of numerous the sheets that get despatched to you within the practical house are about vitamin and stuff like that, and it simply turns out generic. However once more, I’m the one who’s being ignorant right here as a result of although I’m like, oh, I “know this” quote/unquote, so additionally a little bit bit smug with this, I’m like, ah, k. I simply have a excellent feeling about this man; we’ll convey him on.


He is taking the vitamin facet to the sort of deep stage. There have been a minimum of 5 – 6 various things that I discovered from this podcast on my own. It could be much more than that, however I will call to mind the ones off the highest of my head simply from paying attention to this man.

One, it is going to turn don’t pass judgement on by way of silly media sheets as a result of simply since you assume you understand that stuff doesn’t imply you if truth be told do. And two, you guys are going to like the episode. I’m simply going to learn his bio after which we’re going to get proper into it these days.

About Steven Abbey

Steven Abbey has taken a unique strategy to the fitness and wellness business with the status quo of SOS Vitamins, a Santa Barbara founded smoothie corporate. Steven’s interdisciplinary background that includes levels in economics and psychology from the College of Colorado has allowed him to expand complete understandings of financial system, politics, and healthcare.

His various occupation encompasses vital roles reminiscent of co-owner of Community Energy Included, a sun construction corporate that completed 40 million in again orders in 2016, in addition to proprietor and co-founder of Allied Logistics, a Ventura-based aerospace production and exporting company that was once awarded Small Trade Exporter of the yr in 2003. Along with his entrepreneurial interests, Steven has demonstrated a dedication to philanthropy by way of co-founding the nonprofit group Undertake-A-Puppy in 1996. The initiative has since facilitated properties for over 2 million pets and greater its annual running funds to over $2 million.


His leading edge strategy to the fitness and wellness business exemplified by way of SOS Vitamins showcases the possibility of additional developments within the box pushed by way of sustainable and healthy product construction. I didn’t know all these items previous to having him at the podcast. I most effective noticed all of this afterwards.

You guys are going to like this. I’m happy to be improper that this isn’t only a few generic vitamin recommendation. With out additional ado, let’s get to these days’s episode.

All proper. Hi Steven and welcome to the Well being Detective Podcast. How are you?

Steven Abbey: Excellent. How are you doing?

Detective Ev: I’m doing rather well. Thanks for asking. Little jealous that you simply’re out in California, however that’s k. I’m jealous of numerous our practitioners out in California. I feel I’m only some extra other people clear of telling me that they’re available in the market for me to get available in the market myself.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Psoriasis Remedy

However with that mentioned, we’re no longer right here to discuss the fantastic climate in California. What we’re right here to discuss is one thing more or less fascinating.

I’m fascinated with what we had been simply speaking about off air with the label facet and the way there’s artificial as opposed to the naturals in the case of the dietary supplements, nutrients, components which are being thrown in. Purpose I feel that is one thing that, admittedly, I’ve some stuff to be told about; and I’m certain it methods many different practitioners available in the market as neatly.

However prior to we even get there, everybody that listens steadily is aware of, I’d love to determine how the visitor were given into this house as a result of only a few other people do it accidentally. It most often, turns into intentional in response to stories that that they had, whether or not it’s fitness sensible or simply issues that they discovered. So how did you get into this house? What was once happening? Did you might have fitness problems, or did you spot one thing that was once simply an enormous hole within the complement house?

[00:04:03] Steven Abbey: Smartly, I began out with fitness problems after which I noticed the distance later. I had truly severe psoriasis together with reactive hypoglycemia, together with continual fatigue. I used to be simply no longer doing neatly.


Once I would pass to a health care provider, they may have one of those remedy that’s very quick time period, but it surely wasn’t any long run for psoriasis, if any of your listeners know. It isn’t a very easy factor and there are medication that paintings, but it surely required a liver biopsy as a result of it may well break your liver and that’s a valid chance. Despite the fact that it doesn’t display at the liver biopsy to be destroying it, it’s nonetheless doing injury.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Not anything at the Marketplace

After the primary liver biopsy, I used to be like, k, I’ll by no means do this once more. However I simply began taking a look into and truly seeing what may well be completed for all of my prerequisites. I stopped up turning into occupied with what was once to be had in the case of these kind of research that no one appears to be being attentive to or numerous other people don’t.

Then I began going out of doors of my very own fitness problems and going into most cancers, middle illness, diabetes, autoimmune prerequisites, and those attention-grabbing research that had been simply no longer being applied even by way of numerous practitioners, which simply more or less stunned me.


The item that put me over the brink was once a number of years in the past. A few truly shut pals had what I might say are preventable illnesses the place I helped them pass in the course of the ultimate months in their lifestyles. I used to be a part of their workforce of other people supporting them. It simply decimated me and to the purpose the place I may no longer see a very easy approach to get them truly excellent vitamin in a easy shape that they may take.

After all, I simply made up our minds I’m going to make one. As a result of one, let’s save you these items from taking place if we will be able to in a easy approach. Then two if any individual does have one thing, let’s give them truly the whole thing within the toolbox to reinforce it. So, that’s the explanation why I designed what I did.

[00:06:14] Detective Ev: K. A couple of issues there. I if truth be told gotta bounce to this primary, no longer that I need to get too dramatic proper into the podcast. However I’m truly keen about this, I will inform that you’re, just about somebody that listens. You understand, once more, we’re right here for a reason why with this.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: No Data or Motion Steps

What you simply mentioned with you seeing those other people come to the top in their lifestyles with preventable illnesses, I feel that’s what finally ends up taking place to numerous us, whether or not we’re consciously interested by this each day or no longer. However in our house, it’s something


I had cystic zits, I had nervousness, melancholy. I’m no longer lessening the ones issues, however you understand, I used to be solid at one level. I used to be struggling, however I might say, solid. I used to be excellent; I wasn’t at any chance of passing clear of that in anyway. While you begin to understand that there are other people available in the market that if truth be told left this earth early or they suffered for 10, twenty years needlessly as a result of they aren’t getting the proper data, they’re by no means informed about those research, or they’re by no means given the motion steps that may be concluded from the research themselves; that’s unhappy to me.

I need to take advantage of out of the time right here. I need to really feel excellent for so long as I will as it’s very quick, passes in no time it kind of feels. So, I simply truly recognize that. You notice those other people on the finish in their lifestyles and prefer, all proper, how can I do one thing preferably to forestall it, however on the very least to provide them a vitamin that they want merely in the event that they’re in that state.

Rewinding that even a little bit bit although, you had mentioned, you had those fitness prerequisites. You weren’t within the fitness house prior to the ones prerequisites although, had been you? Otherwise you had been in an absolutely other box?

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Well being Nuts

[00:07:38] Steven Abbey: No. I had a trade production and exporting plane part, so completely other house. Nevertheless it ended up turning into my hobby.

I stopped up mainly coaching with some naturopathic medical doctors right here in Santa Barbara the place I used to be getting into and we might be operating in combination. I used to be simply serving to them out after which I might do the analysis on what they had been doing. To me it ended up being an enchanting time. I had my day process of this truly intense aerospace corporate after which I might come again and do just my hobby. I might do it totally free simply purpose I used to be .

I’d gotten my very own fitness dialed in and now I used to be identical to, whoa. What else is there? This was once more or less fascinating and that’s how I were given into it and truly went down that trail of finding out on it.


[00:08:32] Detective Ev: It’s like this house is an area stealer, like we scouse borrow other people from different areas. It doesn’t topic what the process is, clearly this is totally other than the fitness house. You end up with those problems and when you’re blessed sufficient to get the ones answers, guy, it’s all eating in the easiest way, proper? You grow to be so definitely obsessive about this and simply in need of to proportion this with different those that I feel that’s why we seem like fitness nuts to part the folks we communicate to.

I’m like, I don’t need you to get it purpose I don’t need you to move thru these items. However guy, it’s if truth be told a truly nice approach to reside while you get up each day and also you’re excited to do what you wish to have to do.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Simplistically Treatable

So, you might have the fitness problems, in an absolutely other box, and also you’re doing stuff on your self. You’re getting higher, which is fantastic. Then ultimately you’re deciding that you simply more or less need to challenge into this house.

If I’m transparent, that is the primary time if truth be told going into this house as a trade, I guess, or as a employee someway with the SOS Vitamins. Is that right kind? Such as you weren’t doing training or anything else prior to that?

[00:09:21] Steven Abbey: No, I’ve been doing training for years, however I didn’t arrange a product. And that training was once most often family and friends, you understand, every so often other people would pop out. However to me, once more, it was once my hobby. I might actually give away my time totally free. I might pass and lend a hand other people.


The item is, like those illnesses which are so prevalent and rampant, like diabetes, like high blood pressure, I’ll simply say they’re very treatable. It’s simply virtually simplistic. I shouldn’t make it that approach, it’s no longer for each scenario. However say any individual has diabetes, if they modify their way of life after which they upload some nutraceuticals to their vitamin and so they create a truly excellent base of vitamin, I’ve but to peer any individual’s blood sugar no longer.

I’ve a pal of mine, Tamara, who had a 9.5 A1c. Her numbers went down too low in the case of her 24-hour blood glucose observe. Her numbers had been taking place into 55 at night time. However it will by no means recover from like 115 throughout the day, even after a meal. If any individual is aware of what 9.5 A1c is, you understand, prior to that point she was once averaging 180.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: The Energy to Undo


The item is, if you are taking actual vitamin, if any individual is motivated, you’ll flip that round in virtually each case I’ve observed. It’s only a topic of motivation and having the ideas that any individual can follow. To me, I simply get so all for that as a result of we have now the ability to undo that.

The rationale this is inflicting it’s the actual query. Like weight problems and diabetes and these kind of issues, why are we having such large influxes of that?

[00:11:01] Detective Ev: I admire the well mannered approach of claiming that as a result of I am getting what you’re doing. It could actually virtually be surprising the primary time any individual hears that in the event that they’re listening and so they occur to click on on our display these days. Possibly they don’t know anything else in regards to the house, and so they pay attention with sort two diabetes or no matter, it may well virtually be a stunning commentary to listen to that.

However yeah, for no matter it’s price, there are lots of prerequisites that folks stroll round, and I ask them, is that this one thing that may be persistently put into remission or no matter? They’ll say no. It’s like, neatly, we do this 95% of the time. And also you’re doing it persistently too. So, it’s a paradigm moving factor for other people.

SOS Vitamins, you understand, clearly, there’s 1,000,000 other firms available in the market. However once more, I used to be fascinated with one of the most stuff that your scheduler had despatched over. Purpose I’m like, all proper, this man if truth be told truly turns out like he’s taking it to the following stage. I’ll simply provide the ground with that. I imply, what makes your product other than such a lot of of those different ones available on the market, even those that may glance more healthy or extra herbal?

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Herbal Balanced Quantities

[00:11:57] Steven Abbey: Smartly, I spent numerous time taking a look into this. I’ll simply say, there are lots of merchandise which are complete, however I’ve by no means observed person who’s no longer artificial, in the event that they’re totally complete. And I’ve observed a host of goods which are herbal, however none of them are complete.

They could have nutrition C, or they may have nutrition E, or in some circumstances they’ll actually have a multivitamin that’s slightly complete meals, proper? However I do know the supply and I examined that supply. Smartly, there’s one primary one; I gained’t title their title. It’s unlucky there’s adulterations there.

However the hot button is, what I did is I put in combination a product that each merchandise is complete meals. An instance, the iodine as an alternative of potassium iodine, which is a man-made type of iodine, which is in virtually each product that has iodine, I’ve a mix of 3 natural kelps from Iceland, a long way clear of any industrialized facilities.

So, nutrition C, as an alternative of ascorbic acid, or calcium ascorbate or liposomal nutrition C, which all have a base of ascorbic acid, that are a man-made, I’ve a mix of berries, freeze-dried natural berries. It’s far more dear, it’s 20 instances dearer than me purchasing ascorbic acid. It’s 45 for the iodine I simply discussed.

I’ve a guava leaf extract, an natural one from India for the zinc. That’s 35 instances greater than zinc gluconate.


So, it’s an overly dear approach to do it but it surely’s all complete meals. It’s in herbal balanced quantities that your frame can assimilate or let pass, but it surely’s in mild complete meals techniques with all of the co-factors there. And as neatly it’s 9 other parts, proper?

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Problem Introduced

But even so, for all of the RDA stuff that I simply discussed, nutrition A, nutrition B, all of the B nutrients and et cetera, et cetera, you actually have a mix of natural mushrooms and a complete dose, two grams. If you understand what that suggests, that’s a complete dose of mushrooms for the day. And you’ve got a complete dose of vegetables and berries and prebiotics and probiotics and enzymes and botanicals. It’s 9 primary parts.

The unique product is with none flavorings or sweeteners, so I’ve other people combine it right into a smoothie. So, now in the event that they make a wholesome smoothie and so they upload this in, it’s a life-changing revel in. It’s no longer simply, you’re taking your moderate multivitamin. Nevertheless it does take effort, takes effort to make that smoothie. If any individual does that as it should be, and I’ve truly excellent recipes on my web site, you might have primary shifts.


I’m proving that now with a host of research that I’m doing simply right here in the neighborhood in Santa Barbara, simply taking prior to and after. And if any individual in this podcast needs to do a problem, they may be able to get ahold of me. We’ll get a hold of what it’s and if it doesn’t meet the numbers that we are saying, that, or higher, it’s all loose.

[00:15:01] Detective Ev: Superior. I really like that. I really like the conviction with it.

What’s if truth be told fascinating, Steven, and why I had an enormous enchantment in your guys’ stuff and what you’re doing, I don’t assume many of us in this display even understand this purpose I’ve been website hosting it for 2 and a part years, the entire approach that I were given offered into any type of herbal medication is I were given right into a gross sales corporate at 18.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Enjoy with An Adulterated Product

Now, I had like seven other identified prerequisites; I felt like heck. However I sought after to get round excellent other people. I made some dangerous selections in highschool; I used to be simply seeking to get that straightened out.

They had been a gross sales corporate. It was once like a type of community advertising, affiliate marketing online form of issues. So, I didn’t give a crap what the product was once about on the time. I cared that they had been tremendous motivated those that weren’t going out, doing medication, getting under the influence of alcohol each unmarried weekend. I wanted individuals who had been targeted to lend a hand me out.


What was once fascinating is the product that they bought, and taking a look again, I’m certain a number of it was once artificial. This simply presentations you the way a lot receive advantages, additional, it’s good to get from if truth be told excellent sourcing. It was once a top efficiency multivitamin that was once additionally combined into like power beverages, quote/unquote “power beverages”. It was once extra identical to decrease dose caffeine. It was once supposedly wholesome; that’s what they categorized it as. Anyway, no longer the purpose.

We had been doing those gross sales occasions all summer season lengthy, and so we’re consuming like two or 3 of those each unmarried day. And we’re consuming the photographs that they’ve and all these items. I’m no longer considering two times, I simply need to grasp across the cool other people. What took place after like a month of this, it began to really feel truly excellent. And I wasn’t considering at the moment an excessive amount of, I wasn’t inspecting it that a lot.

Two months is going by way of, I nonetheless really feel truly excellent. Now, I contributed this, in fact, to being round essentially the most superb other people I’d ever met. I figured, neatly, yeah, the folks that you simply encompass your self with, that’s why I think this manner.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Discovering the Research

However then the gross sales workforce more or less died out and we stopped eating the product. All people nonetheless remained pals. A few of these persons are nonetheless my absolute best pals to this present day, 9 years later. A couple of month when I stopped the use of that product, I felt the melancholy and the panic assaults begin to creep again in.

I’m certain I didn’t use the sort of technical time period on the time, however I had this concept that went one thing alongside the traces of, do nutraceuticals have one thing to do with my fitness? Like nobody had ever offered this idea to me. And I did the similar factor that you simply did, almost certainly much less intensive than you probably did, I went on-line and simply began researching this.


I’m like, there’s research on all of these items. Why is nobody pronouncing to me that I don’t essentially, no longer one hundred percent of the time, however I don’t essentially desire a Xanax or a SSRI? I may want those sure issues to lend a hand me if truth be told really feel excellent.

We truly get into the weeds in practical medication. There are fancy labs, you were given other people on carnivore vitamin, in this vitamin, no matter, however every so often the reputedly elementary stuff with the vitamins if truth be told truly issues. So, my query for you subsequent is out of doors of the most obvious, as a result of I if truth be told don’t assume many of us can provide an explanation for this the place it’s like, why would I no longer need a extra herbal supply than no longer? What are one of the most problems with the bogus stuff? Are there direct unwanted effects? Is it an assimilation factor as you more or less already alluded to? Like what are one of the most large issues of getting ascorbic acid as opposed to nutrition C from a complete meals supply?

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Artificial Vs. Herbal

[00:17:53] Steven Abbey: Smartly, ascorbic acid is a great one to if truth be told pass on as a result of there’s such a lot data on, however there may be on the whole thing.

I’ll come up with an instance with ascorbic acid. So, ascorbic acid was manufactured in a lab in New Jersey and 90% of the arena’s provide was once made available in the market. That’s all moved over to China. Now, 95% of the arena’s provide is made in China.

The best way that they manufacture, they’re if truth be told a pair alternative ways, however the principle provider with the patented procedure, the best way they do it’s they take top fructose corn syrup, put it below implausible drive, implausible warmth. They do an acetone wash, after which they neutralize it with hydrochloric acid.

After all you might have a molecule this is chemically similar to what you in finding in nature. Then again, on its own, it’ll no longer even treatment scurvy; it has no nutrition process by itself. It’s got to have the bioflavonoids and co-factors to paintings. In a different way, it doesn’t have any talent to have nutrition process.


Now, I’ve on my web site a learn about that compares nutritional nutrition C and development against middle illness and supplemental nutrition C. Supplemental, the extra other people took, the speedier they had been transferring against middle illness. While the nutritional was once proven to be protecting, albeit a susceptible protecting impact, but it surely was once a protecting impact versus transferring you quicker against middle illness.

As other people took increasingly more, it was once transferring them sooner and sooner. Actually, the very best dose was once transferring them 3 times sooner against middle illness than if any individual didn’t take it in any respect. There have now been heaps of research in this.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Now not Remoted to One Element

I’ll come up with some other one. Beta carotene. So, beta carotene will also be comprised of a petrol product, proper? And so, beta carotene, I feel for the general public, a minimum of in my thoughts, prior to I knew this, it feels like a truly wholesome factor. Oh yeah, all of us want beta carotene. We’ve all heard how excellent it’s, proper?

However there was once a learn about completed on people who smoke as a result of beta carotene was once proven to be protecting of other people getting lung most cancers. They’re like, oh, these kind of people who smoke, we’ll check it on them as a result of a excellent choice of them are going to expand lung most cancers. So, they did a double blind, placebo-controlled learn about. When they unblinded it, purpose it was once going to proceed on, after they unblinded it, they had been like we will be able to’t proceed to do that. That is unethical. We need to forestall this learn about.

Now when you consider it, it’s if truth be told no longer exhausting. One, you are taking one thing, you are making it completely in contrast to anything else in nature, and also you give it in those large doses that hasn’t ever took place. One, you’ve remoted it. Now it’s no longer a part of a regular meals construction, and also you’re giving it on this large quantity.


You don’t ever get beta carotene like that during nature. It’s most often a part of a far larger complicated that your frame can gently make the most of in the best way that it needs to. And there are, you understand, masses of carotinoids and also you’ve selected to take one carotenoid and take this large quantity. So, to me, herbal medication, truly to an ideal level, you virtually at all times need to be the use of a complete meals or an extract the place it comes from a complete fruit, but it surely’s no longer remoted down to only the only part.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: The Frame Reacts Another way to Synthetics

[00:21:08] Detective Ev: Initially, extra special resolution. That was once nice. I’m happy I requested you. I’m no longer seeking to get political with it, however I don’t assume we wish to be supporting China in any over the top approach. So simply that on my own, I’m like, all proper, neatly, I’ll be a little bit extra cautious subsequent time, with the nutrition C factor, if I used to be going to shop for a top dose one. As a result of admittedly, I have been the use of the ascorbic acid.

I had heard some counters to a couple of these items the place it didn’t appear to be as large of a deal. One, I need to keep fascinated with science, however I don’t even want science to understand that nature clearly didn’t intend that to be manufactured in a lab. I do not have science to understand that. And so, it’s simply intuitively commonplace sense to me that what you’re suggesting and what you be offering simply turns out like a more secure, better choice.

And I don’t need to be ignorant right here, however I’ll throw it available in the market. Clearly, numerous the upper high quality manufacturers, they upload the bioflavonoids to the product. I’m guessing now that’s to make it if truth be told paintings. However is that also incomplete then for one thing like a complete meals supply?


[00:21:59] Steven Abbey: So, a few various things on that. One, does it paintings? Sure, it’s going to paintings approach higher. Is it ideally suited? No. For my part it’s a man-made combined with another issues which are going to make it in order that it’s going for use extra like in nature. However I feel the frame reacts another way.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: The Frame Is aware of Make the most of Herbal

Within the learn about I simply discussed the place they had been taking a look at middle illness and development, other people had been consuming issues that may have all of the ones co-factors, and but the folks having increasingly more supplemental nutrition C was once transferring sooner and sooner against it. However you understand, I guess it’s higher by way of a long way. It could be my wager, however I don’t know that.

In most cancers remedy, they use ascorbic acid, and so they inject it into your veins, you’ve almost certainly heard about this, and as much as 100 grams an afternoon, just about the highest finish. What they do oftentimes is that they put a plasma, a top oxygen plasma, as a result of at the web site of the most cancers, it if truth be told creates hydrogen peroxide. So, it wishes the additional oxygen so that you could do this. However you might be doing that now like a drug. That’s not day-to-day vitamin; this is the use of it as a drug.


To me, as with regards to complete meals as I will get is at all times the best way that I’m going to move. I gained’t say that there’s by no means a time to take a man-made nutrition or mineral, however for day-to-day vitamin, I might indubitably steer clear of it. The extra that you’ll stick with herbal elements like a turmeric or like an amla powder or like several of those type of issues for explicit therapies, the easier, for my part, purpose your frame is aware of make the most of the ones.

[00:23:37] Detective Ev: Smartly, that’s an ideal level, and I thanks in your objectivity with that. That is the place I at all times attempt to ask questions to peer the place the target audience can be going.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Finding out the Labels

The very first thing I’m considering particularly is with the nutrition C factor. I had a Covid protocol that I were given from any individual else, a PhD. It labored phenomenally for my circle of relatives and stuff, however in fact we’d no longer be doing the ones doses each day. On the similar time, I were given an IV nutrient position down the street from me that for a couple of hundred greenbacks, they’re going to do the 100 grams of, I don’t assume they if truth be told be offering 100 grams of nutrition C there, but it surely’s one thing extremely top that most cancers sufferers do are available and get every so often.

However once more, you utilize the important thing phrase, you’re the use of it like a drug. That could be a remedy as a result of at the moment, the professionals outweigh the cons. However nobody needs to be doing that each day. You’ve got most cancers although; you gotta do what you gotta do. I feel that’s a truly honest take with it.

Now, something that you simply had mentioned to me proper prior to we were given on, I truly am on this. Purpose I feel as fitness execs, particularly FDNs, we need to imagine that we’re such a lot higher at studying the labels and stuff. And certain, we all know after we see a vegetable oil, horrible. We’re taking a look out for manufactured in a facility that still processes wheat if we’re coping with a consumer with celiac illness, wonderful.


However you gave the impression beautiful adamant in the concept most likely like even those herbal other people may not be acutely aware of if truth be told learn the label in courting to what we’re speaking about these days. So, how do the producers more or less trick some other people on the ones labels? Or are other people simply no longer searching for what you’re regarding in any respect?

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Perceive How Labels are Written

[00:24:58] Steven Abbey: Smartly, they virtually at all times put it proper at the label, however it’s important to know what to search for.

So, when you see zinc gluconate that gluconate, that “ate” on the finish is nearly at all times going to be a man-made. So, if it is potassium iodide, if it has an “ide” on the finish of it, it’s virtually at all times a man-made. You even have the outliers, like ascorbic acid is a man-made, but it surely leads to acid, proper? You understand beta carotene; you simply wish to know that may come from a herbal supply. It’s simply a lot more dear so virtually at all times it’s going to come back from a man-made supply.


The producers record it proper at the label in virtually all circumstances. That’s no longer one hundred percent of the circumstances as a result of I do know other people that experience long past in and requested the producers at once and so they’re deceptive them, I’ll simply say that. The promoting is at all times speaking about complete meals and the item is all about complete meals. However then you definitely take a look at the label and when you if truth be told know the way it’s written, you’ll in an instant see that it’s all synthetics.

Just about all of the primary manufacturers, when you take a look at the vitamins after they’re all complete, they’re simply all artificial, no longer all, perhaps 95% or 90%. So, simply finding out learn that. And there’s a excellent ebook that I purchased years in the past that truly defined it, went down into every nutrient. Dietary supplements Uncovered: The Fact They Don’t Need You to Know About Nutrients, Minerals, and Their Results on Your Well being. It was once an effective way of studying every element. And that was once a large step in my finding out against at all times in need of to have that.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Prime High quality, Proper Quantities, & Somewhat Priced?

[00:26:37] Detective Ev: Cool. All proper. Thanks.

Going to the following stage then. Some persons are going to be listening, Ev, already, I knew to steer clear of the bogus. I’ve a complete meals multivitamin, no matter, and so perhaps they’re on that. However the only factor that I at all times concept in my head, and also you more or less already touched in this, was once this concept of, I do know probably the most causes those firms do it is because it’s astronomically dearer to get one thing from a complete meals supply than it’s to only, once more, create it in China, if that’s the case with ascorbic acid.

So, when you’re production these items, you additionally discussed that you simply’re if truth be told getting the correct quantities of components in as a result of that’s some other factor I’m considering. Despite the fact that it’s a complete meals complement, they’re almost certainly no longer going to have the correct quantities, purpose I’m guessing there’s a pricing factor. How do you handle all of this? How do you make sure to’re getting that excellent high quality?


I do know you discussed one thing about Iceland, however we more or less flew throughout that phase. So, how can we handle the standard, holding it cheap value, when if truth be told nonetheless getting these kind of top of the range components and the proper quantities?

[00:27:31] Steven Abbey: Smartly, my product isn’t affordable and that has been a combat.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: A Complete, Perfectionistic Product

Simply to come up with an concept, I imply, my nutrition C mix of berries is 20 instances dearer than if I purchased ascorbic acid; it’s if truth be told greater than that. The zinc that I purchase is a guava leaf extract and it’s natural. I forgot if it’s 35 or 45 instances extra. It’s if truth be told, in one in every of my shows I do. The iodine that I discussed, that’s 45 instances dearer. Then potassium iodine, it’s simply very dear, and just about around the board.

However I’m going to make a multivitamin. It’ll be popping out in July. However that multivitamin will all be complete meals. It is going to take many tablets purpose it’s complete meals, proper? It is going to be not up to my different, like smoothie merchandise.


However the smoothie product, the item that I love about this is I installed a complete mix of mushrooms, I installed a complete mix of vegetables, no longer simply the stuff to get folate and such things as that. There’s a cruciferous mix and it’s numerous stuff, prebiotics, none of that’s in a multivitamin. So, it’s dear, but it surely’s very complete. And it’s more or less a perfectionistic product purpose it’s the sort of hobby of mine and I truly sought after to do it proper.

It’s no longer going to be for everyone, however it’s distinctive in that there’s not anything love it available on the market, a minimum of lately. There’s a reason there’s not anything love it purpose it’s dear.

[00:28:59] Detective Ev: Smartly, honest sufficient. I imply this in the easiest way imaginable as a result of I really like what you’re doing. I might virtually pass so far as to right kind what you’re pronouncing purpose I don’t assume it’s dear. I supposed that once I used to be speaking about it prior to.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Dear is Relative to What You Get

Dear, for my part, perhaps I’m lacking the definition, however is relative to what you get. I imply, one of the most lab checks that our purchasers use, you may actually have one consumer that’s using $1,500 price of labs. Now if that confirmed us not anything, that may be beautiful dear. What a waste of cash. Proper? However I will get sufficient perception as an FDN practitioner.

I’m no longer creating a declare, this can be a factual commentary. We’ve had purchasers undergo this system that spent some other couple thousand on our classes and $1,500 at the labs. They’d a thyroid situation, autoimmune previously, after which they had been in remission by way of the top of that program, although that they had had this for 10 years previously. So, if that particular person spent $20,000 on what we did, it’s no longer dear in any respect. It’s nice; you stored their lifestyles. You truly modified all the trajectory.


So, I’d give your self credit score for what you’re doing as it takes some guts to if truth be told innovate and to if truth be told do the proper factor. As a result of, if this was once in a shop and also you’re strolling down and you spot each merchandise, you’re like, neatly, that’s too dear, then you can assume that. But when you’ll if truth be told pay attention it thru, it’s transparent that you simply’re seeking to do the proper factor and be offering other people this in some way that issues.

I really like that the multivitamin is popping out in July. I’m if truth be told very involved in that phase. I do, I don’t know if other people would name it a smoothie, purpose it’s no longer essentially the most a laugh components, but it surely’s an Ev shake is what I name it. I’d love so as to add it into that. That might be more or less fascinating.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: The Massive Disconnect

The place do we expect Western medication is lacking the mark in this rather then the most obvious? I imply, how is it that you simply and I, appear to be quite clever guys, no doubt your self along with your background, how is it although that we will be able to log on, learn the books, take a look at the research, and are available throughout these items? Then but, one of the most absolute best medical doctors within the nation are nonetheless no longer recommending the issues that any individual such as you is speaking about.

[00:30:45] Steven Abbey: Thoughts boggling. I do not know.

A pal of mine lately had a middle assault and he went to the emergency room. They if truth be told despatched him house as a result of they didn’t see it as a middle assault but. He went house and he was once nonetheless feeling crappy, so he went again. They despatched him house once more and he was once nonetheless no longer feeling neatly. He was once like, I’m no longer going to move. And his female friend was once identical to, no, you’re going; one thing’s improper. So, they introduced him in.

They ended up, he was once having a middle assault all that point. And so they did all this magic this is Western medication. Then they installed some stents, which don’t seem to be a long-term resolution. Despatched him house with out a dietary recommendation, no checking into what he was once doing. He was once having a pint of ice cream prior to mattress each unmarried night time. And at one time he was once totally diabetic. If you already know what that suggests, he’s so off the rails with vitamin.


They only mainly patted him at the again and despatched him house and mentioned, you’re excellent to move, we’ve installed stents. That’s not correct. I don’t perceive the disconnect. There are lots of alternative ways of coping with what he has in particular.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Sulforaphane & Most cancers

The similar factor for most cancers. I’ll come up with an instance of only one factor. An overly massive meta-analysis lately got here out taking a look at cruciferous greens in most cancers. And cruciferous greens, I’m certain your listeners know, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, such things as that, proper? The ones have a substance known as sulforaphane. That’s been proven to be very preventative of most cancers.


On this massive meta-analysis, mainly the authors got here out and mentioned, the ones other people that experience 3 to 4 servings every week of cruciferous greens around the board of all cancers decrease their most cancers chance by way of 40%. If this is correct, let’s simply think for a 2nd that it’s, I don’t find out about you, however I’ve been concerned with many of us that experience died of most cancers. That something proper there can be superb to have purpose although it didn’t stay them from getting most cancers, perhaps it’ll decrease the metastasis charge as a result of it’ll block angiogenesis.

It’s been proven to try this together with such things as turmeric, together with such things as amla powder. Those are all very a lot going to decelerate that strategy of angiogenesis or the developing of a blood provide to any tumor that’s created. The tumor can’t get any larger than the top of a pin on its own with out a blood provide. With no blood provide, tumors don’t seem to be bad. It’s most effective after they get a blood provide.

So, if you’ll block that from taking place, you’ll exchange the end result enormously. To me that may be a truly excellent approach to get started. And all of the ones issues are in my product on account of that reason why, however I don’t depart it there.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Does This Product Reinforce Other Diets?

On a daily basis I make a smoothie. I at all times put a cruciferous vegetable in it. Then if any individual had been if truth be told treating most cancers, I might say, don’t installed a regular cruciferous vegetable. I might say installed broccoli sprouts as a result of they have got 10 to 100 instances what broccoli, which is the very best type of a cruciferous, for sulforaphane. It has 10 to 100 instances that quantity, and you’ll if truth be told have efficacious doses for the most cancers that they lately have versus simply combating it, which is an overly other factor.

[00:34:04] Detective Ev: Wow. How would this mixture in, as a result of our practitioners have quite a few other nutritional backgrounds. In fact, we at all times counsel complete meals, however we’re no longer specifically strict in that house.

Like a few of us do truly neatly on sure issues and others don’t do as neatly. We’ve practitioners in long-term ketosis. We’ve practitioners that wouldn’t contact it with a 10-foot pole. So, if any individual, for instance although, is on a ketogenic vitamin or no matter, like may they upload this in? As a result of I do know that there’s the smoothie side.


Is that this one thing that has some herbal sugars and carbohydrates in it or is that this one thing congruent with any individual in ketosis? As a result of I’m considering numerous those other people available in the market get into keto, no longer as a result of they had been bored in the future and mentioned they would like to take a look at that, nobody has ever mentioned that. They do it as a result of they really feel like heck. So, they’re getting rid of numerous stuff. They’re hanging their frame in a extra anti inflammatory state, which is superb.

However I do consider, except they’re if truth be told doing like the entire organ meat factor, which may have its personal complexities, they’re if truth be told almost certainly lacking numerous the micronutrient facet.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Use it With Ketogenic

So, I’m like, all proper. Smartly, you nailed the macro facet most likely in your personal frame and your distinctive person wishes. However what about this micro facet? May just any individual upload it in for just about any vitamin?

[00:35:07] Steven Abbey: Yeah, they’re going to need to be cautious the best way they make it, in order that they don’t throw themselves out of ketosis, proper? In a different way, you’re strolling a wonderful line each time you’re coping with ketosis and staying into that stage. The product itself must no longer throw other people out however how you are making the smoothie will. So, any individual with the multivitamin, they may do this.

However individually, I might be doing an overly low carbohydrate model of a smoothie. It could need to be truly neatly completed. It could be with one thing like avocado, be some berries, after which almost certainly water. I imply, it will be an overly low carbohydrate and the berries would most effective be a certain quantity. However they’re very low in the case of glucose as neatly.

Folks on a ketogenic vitamin truly wish to be very cautious that they’re doing these kind of excellent issues in the case of, it’s more or less an removing vitamin to an ideal level. That’s why I feel numerous them are having such good fortune with that part of it. I might say it’s important to do it proper as a result of another way the long run will also be very exhausting, particularly on girls, from my point of view.


However to get the ones vitamins in can be truly treasured as a result of it will be exhausting to get complete vitamin in for them on all of the issues. They’ll be lacking some micronutrients generally.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Entrepreneurial Shift

[00:36:32] Detective Ev: Superb.

So, Might 2023 after we’re recording this, by way of July although, that multivitamin when it comes out, I imply clearly that may be excellent to move then, proper? They may upload this in beautiful simply.

Steven Abbey: Completely.

Detective Ev: Candy. All proper, Steven. Great. I feel you simply hit an enormous factor for I feel numerous our target audience. That’ll be cool.

With that every one mentioned, it’s no longer steadily that I will do that, however so steadily we’re speaking simply to the buyer facet of items on those presentations, however I do know our practitioner’s ears are lights up. Purpose one, they may need to use your merchandise with their purchasers, however they’re going to need to use it themselves.

So, because the practitioners are already almost certainly beautiful engaged on this dialog, if I might, I’d if truth be told like to invite a trade query. How are you discovering good fortune with the entrepreneurial facet of this? As a result of we have now some those that undergo our program and so they overwhelm it, guy. Like by way of the following yr, process is hand over that they didn’t need to be at, and so they’re doing the FDN factor. We’ve others 3 years in, it’s rarer, fortunately, and increasingly more rarer, however they’re nonetheless more or less fumbling round. I imagine it’s extra of a awareness and mindset factor.


For your self, you actually jumped into an absolutely other business and also you’re promoting one thing this is a minimum of rather slightly area of interest, even within the herbal house, as a result of it’s important to call for that top of a top quality to your product. How have you ever handled perhaps that entrepreneurial shift?

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Pastime Product

[00:37:44] Steven Abbey: Smartly, this wasn’t completed as a trade resolution. I do know that is going to sound humorous, however mainly, I had training from the previous president of Stability Bar, Dick Lamb. He’s right here in Santa Barbara and was once sort sufficient to train us. He was once a part of a program.

I’ve spent a small fortune in this, and I’ll be curious to peer how this is going. However final analysis is, he mentioned, make it style excellent. The present model, by the point this comes out, we can have a flavored model. I did that below duress purpose I’d relatively simply stick with the unflavored for those who don’t seem to be going to combine it right into a smoothie. They wish to have one thing in order that they may be able to take it each day or 5, six instances every week a minimum of. So, I’m creating a flavored model. However he mentioned, make it style excellent. The present model, I wouldn’t say tastes nice. You want to combine it right into a smoothie.


He mentioned, make it truly affordable. It’s no longer tremendous affordable; it’s dear. Nevertheless it’s truly top of the range stuff. He mentioned, make it tremendous handy. I’m hanging it right into a smoothie, that calls for effort. So, I went down this trail. And he mentioned, make it have a top benefit margin. It doesn’t. I imply, mainly you’ll see I’ve put all this cash into the product itself as a result of, once more, it’s a keenness undertaking.

So, I’ve long past out of doors of the standard trade fashion. I’ve been within the trade fashion in my aerospace corporate that I had, in my actual property corporate I’ve had, in a sun construction corporate that I’ve had, the ones were all companies that I’ve been seeking to earn cash. This isn’t that case.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Affirmation of Integrity

That is, I need to if truth be told exchange other people’s lives. And I feel that they may be able to. Truly in the event that they display up, I will be able to ensure the effects. However they have got to turn up, that’s the important thing factor.

I’m doing a check at the moment with 5 extra other people, I’ve completed it with 5 other people. The effects that we were given had been incredible. It’s a transparent working out of what they simply wish to do. It’s simply having them do it.

[00:39:39] Detective Ev: K. So then, as a result of I more or less were given what you supposed, however then to be concise, one in every of your corporation methods is staying along with your integrity it doesn’t matter what, regardless of the suggestions.


[00:39:48] Steven Abbey: Smartly, it’s both going to stick with it or it’s no longer going to be right here as it’s no longer going to be crammed stuffed with synthetics.

Me creating a multivitamin, that may be a step down, however I need to meet other people with the place it’s. Nevertheless it remains throughout the integrity of the corporate in the case of it’s all complete meals. Proper? That to me is what I’m. You understand, this is my promise to other people which are going to make use of this product.

However, you understand, from a trade point of view, I don’t know. We’ll see. I feel persons are going to peer actual effects. In the event that they spend the time to know what that is about, I feel it makes numerous sense. It truly does.

[00:40:28] Detective Ev: Smartly, I feel you’re at the proper podcast and there’s many available in the market like this, proper?

The vast majority of other people may no longer make those sacrifices, however like our practitioners, prior to they’ve even come to FDN, numerous them have spent $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 plus on their fitness seeking to determine these items out.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Trying out a Native Influencer

Even I, and I’m a more youthful man, I’ll nonetheless spend the cash that I will as a result of I’m extra targeted at the effects and feeling excellent and taking part in my lifestyles to the level that I’m ready whilst I’m right here, than I’m about a couple of additional greenbacks on that. The excellent news is such a lot of of our practitioners get monetary savings in different areas purpose we’re no longer the folks going to the bar each weekend, proper? We’ve those wholesome behavior, so we’re no longer consuming out as a lot purpose we almost certainly devour at house extra. So, it more or less all works out well.

With this mentioned although, you might have indubitably had some beautiful cool, it kind of feels like, testimonials or transformations with individuals who have adopted your philosophy and labored with those merchandise thus far. So, I’m simply curious, is there anything else that stands out on the most sensible of your head? Like what’s a truly cool transformation that perhaps any individual underwent by way of simply merely including these items into their lifestyles?

[00:41:26] Steven Abbey: Smartly, I pitched an area influencer right here on the town. I mentioned, hello, his title is Forrest Galante. He’s the host of Animal Planet and Discovery. And he’s no longer most effective simply the celebrity of that display, he’s if truth be told the one that produces the display. He’s on like Joe Rogan at all times. He’s at all times flying off everywhere.


And I mentioned, hello Forrest, how about this? I’ll convey you a smoothie for the following 3 months and we’ll take your blood previously and take your blood afterwards. All I would like from you is to if truth be told take the smoothie. And he’s like, signal me up.

Highest Complete Meals Complement: Implausible Effects

We did a complete sequence of blood checks. Upfront, I mentioned, I’m no longer certain how a lot that is going to make a distinction to you as it’s no longer an enormous period of time, however let’s give it a take a look at since you’re in nice form. He’s 34 years outdated, looks as if a Greek god, works out six days every week, appears incredible.

After we were given his numbers again, he was once pre-diabetic. His irritation, if the ones listening know what a CRP is, or C-reactive protein, he was once 10.9. You’re no longer meant to be a ten.9, you’re meant to be below one. He was once approach top in that. His oxidative pressure, measured by way of F2-Isoprostane and 8-OHdG, lipid oxidation stage and DNA injury, they had been off the chart. The 8-OHdG the place it will get to the purple zone the place you don’t need to be, was once at 390. He was once 1,048, to come up with an instance, excess of.

Because it seems, he needed to pass to Australia and Africa and these kind of different issues, so he left early. We most effective had 5 and a part weeks after all, no longer 3 months. However his C-reactive protein, irritation marker, went from 10.9 to at least one.6. Nonetheless no longer best, however approach higher. His A1C went from 5.7, marker for blood sugar, went from the ground finish of pre-diabetic to five.0. That’s an implausible consequence, the place you wish to have to be.


After which his F2-Isoprostane went from like one thousand and one thing and dropped by way of 52%. His 8-OHdG, which once more is the DNA injury most often from oxidative pressure, however it may be from a host of items, went from 1,048 to 335. Those are large variations.

The place to In finding Steven Abbey & SOS Vitamins

I didn’t know what he was once coping with once I first began doing it, however I made the ones smoothies very wholesome. He had them, kind of, six instances every week, just for 5 and a part weeks. However that was once what the adaptation was once. I am getting tremendous all for that.

We’re proceeding on and we’re going to do some other check almost certainly in July. However the issue with it’s he’s at all times long past, so it’s exhausting to get it constant. However every so often he’s simply taking simply the product on its own. Every so often he’s taking it with a smoothie, however he’s most commonly doing it. So, we’re going to have some other set of ends up in a pair months.

[00:44:27] Detective Ev: Superb. So cool.

Certainly one of our checks that we use in our core lab checking out right here has 8-OHdG on it. The ones numbers are loopy. That transformation is superior. It truly caught out that’s on our Metabolic Wellness Panel. That is nice, Steven.

The place can other people in finding you in the event that they’d like to reserve the goods now or get in line for the multivitamin in July? As a result of this will likely be out indubitably prior to then. So, the place can other people in finding you?


[00:44:48] Steven Abbey: The most productive position is our web site. It’s, it has a ton of knowledge on there. Additionally, you’ll write in, and I will be able to individually resolution it. The whole thing involves me, and I will be able to fortunately bounce on a telephone name. There’s no legal responsibility or anything else. Once more, it’s simply my hobby, so I’m satisfied to sit down down and chat with any one, display them, pass over what they may be expecting.


[00:45:13] Detective Ev: Cool. I do know that you simply’re no longer an FDN or anything else, I am getting that, however you don’t have any thought how a lot you relate if truth be told to our target audience. It’s in order that transparent that your middle’s in the proper position and all that stuff.

We can have that within the display notes. I’m additionally simply in reality involved in what you’re doing. I’m the kind of particular person that may pay for any individual that is going to these excessive ranges. That’s what I’ve discovered to be absolute best.

I’ll additionally stay you guys, because the target audience, up to date what occurs with me. I’m already in a horny excellent state of fitness, however I’ve been recognized to paintings a little bit excessively, I really like what we do. And if it may well even lend a hand me with that, guy, I’m excellent to move.

Thanks such a lot for approaching these days. This was once, truthfully, far more than I anticipated, incredible. Thanks.

[00:45:48] Steven Abbey: Smartly, incredible. I truly admire you having me on. And right here’s a bargain code that you’ll have, that you’ll give out in your target audience: Cut price code: HD20.

And for any one that’s , be at liberty to succeed in out. I would like to talk.

Detective Ev: Thank you, Steven.

Steven Abbey: All proper. Take care.

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