Monkey Killed After Ripping Girl’s Ear Like ‘A Piece Of Paper’


A puppy monkey used to be killed after attacking a girl in Oklahoma, and the sufferer is detailing the wounds that she suffered by the hands of this animal.

The Animal Kept away from Government Earlier than Being Shot By way of A Citizen

Consistent with a social media commentary made via the Dickson Police Division, the incident opened up previous this week, and it all started when police were given a choice a few monkey being noticed on somebody’s entrance porch.

Government word that, once they arrived at the scene, the animal “jumped at the rear of his patrol automobile.” Then, government word that the monkey “ran against the sufferer and climbed onto her head” ahead of continuing to injure her.

The sufferer used to be then transferred to a health center to obtain remedy, and the primate kept away from seize via scurrying off into the woods

We will have to additionally word that the officials positioned the animal’s homeowners close by, even though they have been in the long run not able to seize it. Alternatively, a circle of relatives good friend of the sufferer later arrived at the scene and fatally shot the monkey.

Sufferer Recounts Monkey Assault: ‘Ripped My Ear In Part Like You Would A Piece Of Paper’

Along with the police commentary, KTEN equipped additional data by means of a sit-down with the sufferer, known as Brittany Parker.

Parker recounted the enjoy, noting that the animal “ran up [her] again.” She additionally added, “[The monkey] ripped my ear in part like you may a work of paper.”

“He ran up my again and jumped onto my head, pulled hair out, after which ripped my ear in part like you may a work of paper.”

She additionally shared that the circle of relatives good friend who in the long run killed the monkey used to be additionally attacked, because the animal “slapped him around the face.”

“We known as him and he came visiting right here, and when I have been attacked, the monkey went out to his automobile, slapped him around the face, and pulled his hair.”

The hole additionally issues out that, as monkeys are “thought to be domesticated animals beneath Oklahoma legislation,” the landlord didn’t want a allow to possess the primate.

What do you take into consideration the entire scenario, and would you ever stay a primate as a puppy? Moreover, how would you are feeling if one used to be being stored as a puppy close by?



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