Ripping the Headlines Nowadays, 3/14/23 –


Making amusing of the headlines nowadays, so that you don’t need to

The inside track doesn’t wish to be sophisticated and complicated; that’s what any new unlock from Microsoftis for.  And, as within the case with anything else from Microsoft, to stay the inside track from being worried our beautiful little heads over, consider one thing new and similarly indecipherable will pop out quickly.

Truly all you wish to have to do is practice one easy rule:  slightly concentrate and bounce to conclusions.  So, listed below are some headlines nowadays and my first ideas:


Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch reportedly became down a couple of gives over $2 billion to shop for Tubi as streamer stories report customers and advert income

So, I suppose it was once no longer Tubi…

DeSantis Disney appointee stated faucet water may well be turning other people homosexual

Truly, I at all times idea that appeared much more likely from glowing water.

USA Nowadays community, newspapers and distributor drop Dilbert

Dilbert did make the newspapers yet another time … within the Obits.

Biden awards Medal of Honor to Black Vietnam Battle hero after bureaucracy ‘misplaced’ two times

George Santos: You’re welcome.

Prince Andrew Is reportedly threatening to write down a tell-all ebook except his royal standing is reinstated

Search for it to be referred to as ‘Spare No One!’

Matthew McConaughey on Lufthansa flight that left 7 other people hospitalized

Thankfully, in spite of everything, everybody’s going to be “Alright. Alright. Alright.”

CPAC 2023: Marjorie Taylor Greene whips up boos for Ukraine’s Zelensky

It kind of feels CPAC’s now so pro-Russian that subsequent 12 months it’ll be referred to as CCCPac.

Murdaugh in charge

Which makes him a convicted Murdaugher.

Disney’s new Tron trip: Lightcycle seats motive rider discomfort

It seems that, the trip is backed through Southwest Airways …

Yoko Ono became 90

No phrase if she’s looking to get a divorce AARP.

Document: Invoice Cosby going again on excursion

You’ll be able to use your cellphones, whilst all beverages will probably be locked in pouches all over display.

‘Will have to if a trainee does your eye surgical treatment?’

Just right likelihood when you don’t know earlier than you’re no longer going so to select them out later on.

Report snow falls in portions of Southern California

If ever Charlie Sheen was once on the lookout for an indication to relapse, this could be it.

A Florida guy dies from mind consuming amoeba

… In Florida … I’m shocked the amoeba didn’t die from hunger!




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