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We had a bath, a cage and an engine. What did our long run antique racer lack? An actual rear suspension: axle, springs, shocks, brakes and all of the fiddly bits that tie them in combination.

Thankfully we’re running on a 1965 Mustang, now not one thing uncommon or advanced. Used portions and knowledgeable recommendation are readily to be had, and we’ll use each to assist get this vintage on course each for antique and enduro occasions like the ones hosted via WRL and Fortunate Canine.

What Makes a Racing 9-Inch Rear So Particular?

Unique Shelby Mustangs used a 9-inch Ford rear finish fitted with a Detroit Locker–a ratchet-style, limited-slip differential. The rear brakes have been enlarged, with the inventory 10-inch drums changed with 11-inch drums grabbed from a Ford Galaxie.

As a base-model automobile, our Mustang got here with the ones 10-inch brakes fitted on an 8-inch rear. We wanted one thing beefier. 

Don’t merely pull a used 9-inch rear finish from a salvage backyard, insisted Cobra Automobile’s Curt Vogt, our marketing consultant in this Mustang adventure. The rest pulled from a boulevard automobile shall be bent or wiped out–and when it begins performing up whilst hauling down Highway Atlanta’s again instantly, we’d want that we’d adopted his recommendation. 

Get started with a brand new 9-inch rear designed for motorsports, he stated. Since those rear ends are racing favorites throughout such a lot of manufacturers, they’re readily to be had from numerous consultants.

We contacted the oldsters at Spraker Racing Enterprises of Mooresville, North Carolina, as we had met them at a neighborhood change meet. Jeff Spraker used to be acquainted with our wishes and defined that he used to be doing increasingly more rear ends for HSR competition and different race automobile developers.

Curt informed us to reserve a 9-inch rear finish housing sized for a 1965 Mustang and fitted with Moser 31-spline axles, an Eaton Detroit Truetrac differential and a three.70:1 ultimate pressure. Different adjustments for street racing incorporated a relocated vent hollow and flush-mounted drain plug. 

Whilst HSR does permit the Cobra Automobile rear disc brake package that most commonly accommodates Ford portions, we determined to stay with the attempted and true 11-inch rear drums that got here at the authentic Shelbys. This transfer stored a little bit of time and cash–about $400. Mounting the contest rear drum package from Cobra Automobile used to be very simple.

To plumb in the ones new rear brakes, we became to Vintage Tube. This company provides stainless and gentle metal strains for our early Mustang. Since gentle metal is more uncomplicated to bend and we’re now not involved in street salt or different problems, we opted for the emblem’s Hello-Po over the axle rear brake line package designed in particular for our utility. It are compatible completely.

We spent about $3400 at the rear axle, whilst the contest rear brake package retails for $1095.95. May we now have stored cash with salvage backyard portions? Almost definitely. However with some staying power contests on this automobile’s long run, we figured we’d get started with a bulletproof driveline that received’t allow us to down simply as we’re coming into pageant. The whole thing additionally went in combination completely.

Development a Confirmed, Easy Rear Suspension

An early Mustang rear suspension is useless easy, proper? Possibly on a boulevard automobile, however should you’re construction a competent race automobile, Curt Vogt and his Cobra Automobile workforce are as explicit concerning the rear suspension as they’re the remainder of the auto.

Curt used to be fast to remind us that our function is to construct a modestly priced Staff 3 automobile, now not a Staff 5 terror. (Staff 3 automobiles are meant to stay nearer to inventory, whilst Staff 5 can get a little bit radical.)

He additionally defined that we had to get the auto safely on course after which shall we expand it from there. Pace would come later.

We began with some used, heavy-duty Mustang rear springs from an organization known as Standen’s. Get started right here, Curt stated, sooner than transferring to his sliding spring mounts. We fastened those springs the use of Cobra Automobile’s Aluminum Pageant Entrance Eye Bushings: an aluminum heart paired with Delrin finish plates. They’re designed to get rid of deflection often encountered on course. 

On the rear of the leaf springs, we used Cobra Automobile’s Side road and Prime Efficiency Shackle Equipment that mixes polyurethane bushings with beefy finish plates. The goal used to be to stay the springs from transferring from side to side when cornering. We used those along side , as proven right here, the company’s race-designed rear spring shackles, heavy-duty U-bolts and heavy-duty spring plates. 

The inventory heart pin used to find the Mustang’s leaf springs is a vulnerable 5/16-inch affair that’s simply lower than racing. We drilled out the inventory pin with a hardened drill bit after which put in a hardened 3/8-inch hex-head bolt. This setup will use the pinnacle of the fastener as an alignment pin and likewise stay the springs correctly comfortable. A easy but efficient half-inch reducing block helped decrease journey peak a little bit, too. 

We then fastened Koni Vintage rear surprise absorbers as firstly suited for each boulevard and race Shelbys. We’ll alter the stiffness after we’re out on course. (Whilst standard in motorsports nowadays, remote-reservoir shocks aren’t allowed in our Staff 3 magnificence.)

Using an Outdated Shelby Trick: Traction Bars

Extra cribbing from the Shelby playbook: traction bars that mount throughout the frame. Curt stated that so long as we used his heavy-duty spring {hardware}, a Panhard bar wasn’t important.

We did wish to set up traction bars, despite the fact that. Whilst Cobra Automobile makes a DIY mount package for the ones Shelby-style bars, we scored some used Afco bars. 

Our Afco bars characteristic adjustable preload in addition to springs that melt the bars’ motion.

To stay the axle cool whilst grinding after which welding on the ones mounts, we used rainy rags.

To collect the traction bar mounting brackets, we jigged them in a vise and MIG-welded them in combination. The method used to be simple, and the package are compatible in combination smartly.

Simply as Shelby did, we needed to lower the frame and weld extra mounts to the ground. Curt stated to attend to mount those brackets till we had the auto about completed and filled with gasoline so shall we correctly set the preset for those bars. We’d then seal the ones openings with some rubber tube-like subject matter. 

Freshening Our New/Used Driveshaft

Our Mustang didn’t include a driveshaft, however we scored a just right used one at Cobra Automobile. (Realize a theme right here?) Whilst the U-joints gave the impression k, we would have liked contemporary ones sooner than hitting the monitor.

The workforce at Cobra Automobile really useful heavy-duty Spicer U-joints as an alternative of no-name replacements. The phase No. is 5-1330X, they usually value about $30 each and every. Those heavy-duty U-joints have been utilized in numerous vehicles but additionally paintings as high-performance upgrades for automobiles.

Our Roltek transmission measures about an inch and a 1/2 shorter than a Ford Toploader or BorgWarner T-10, so we had a neighborhood store extend and steadiness the driveshaft accordingly. Prior to urgent out the outdated joints, we marked the whole lot. We additionally scuffed and painted the driveshaft. 

Early Shelbys got here with a driveshaft loop to forestall the automobiles from pole vaulting must a entrance U-joint fail. We discovered a used loop at Cobra Automobile. Prior to set up, we wiped clean and powder-coated it. 



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