Can We Make Flying “Inexperienced”?


from an abc file.
“At the day ABC Information visited, Alice’s batteries had simply arrived and engineers in hazmat-like fits have been running to suit the behemoth batteries onto the left and proper aspect of the aircraft. The batteries shall be 50% of the takeoff weight and make up the fuselage of the aircraft close to the place the wings connect.”

“Whilst now not an extended distance aircraft, 440 miles suits the desires of many regional airways world wide. Charging the aircraft shall be very similar to charging a Tesla. Whilst passengers are boarding, the aircraft shall be plugged in and in a position to do maximum of a flight off of only a 30 minute price.”

“The plane’s first flight happened at Grant County Global Airport (KMWH) in Moses Lake, Washington, on September 27. Alice was once airborne at round 7:10 AM PST, and flew for roughly 9 mins and three seconds at an altitude of round 3,500 ft.” back and forth/information/spaceship-like-electric-aircraft-alice-has-flown-for-the-first-time/ar-AA12jQpd

why most effective 9 mins and most effective 3500ft?

batteries=50% of take of weight.
9 passengers and a couple of pilots.

scale this as much as 100 passengers, luggage and cocktails and get again to me.

i would like to the knowledge accrued all the way through this flight.



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