New AD/CVD Petition – Tin Mill Merchandise from Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, S. Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, U.Kingdom


On January 18, 2023, Cleveland Cliffs Inc. and the United Steelworkers Union filed antidumping (AD) and countervailing accountability (CVD) petitions towards U.S. imports of positive tin- and chromium-coated metal sheet mill merchandise (“tin mill merchandise”) from Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, and the UK. Tin mill merchandise are used essentially to make cans for meals, aerosol, paint, filtration and line programs, and caps and closures for glass boxes.

Tin mill merchandise are already matter to Segment 232 price lists of 25 p.c that have been imposed on imports of metal and aluminum merchandise from all nations.  Positive nations, together with Canada, the Ecu Union member states and the UK were granted exemptions from those Segment 232 price lists.

Tin mill merchandise from China don’t seem to be simplest matter to the Segment 232 metal price lists, but in addition are matter to an extra 7.5 p.c tariff from the Segment 301 price lists on Chinese language imports.

In spite of those current price lists, the U.S. business seeks further AD/CVD tasks to additional give protection to them from import pageant. Call for for tin mill merchandise has incessantly contracted as firms have advanced change packaging merchandise to exchange tin cans or advanced can designs that cut back the quantity of metal used.

The U.S. Division of Trade (“DOC”) and U.S. Global Industry Fee (“ITC”) will habits investigations to additional read about the allegations made within the petition. DOC will examine whether or not the named matter imports are being offered to the US at not up to honest price (“dumping”) or get pleasure from unfair executive subsidies.  ITC will examine whether or not the topic imports are inflicting “subject matter damage” or “danger of subject matter damage” to the home business.

1. Scope

The petition proposes the scope of the products to be lined by way of those AD/CVD investigations as:

“tin mill flat-rolled merchandise which are lined or plated with tin, chromium, or chromium oxides. Flat-rolled metal merchandise lined with tin are referred to as tinplate. Flat-rolled metal merchandise lined with chromium or chromium oxides are referred to as tin-free metal or electrolytic chromium-coated metal. The scope comprises the entire famous tin mill merchandise without reference to thickness, width, shape (in coils or lower sheets), coating kind (electrolytic or another way), edge (trimmed, untrimmed or additional processed, comparable to scroll lower), coating thickness, floor end, mood, coating steel (tin, chromium, chromium oxide), aid (single- or double- decreased), and whether or not or now not lined with a plastic subject matter.”

See the proposed scope definition for an entire description of the bodily traits of the lined and excluded products, and the HTS numbers that can be used to import the topic products.

2. Alleged AD/CVD Margins.

Petitioner equipped estimated dumping margin for the topic nations:

Canada – 78.29%

China – 130.88%

Germany – 43.64%

Netherlands – 124.17% – 294.27%

South Korea – 13.46% – 110.84%

Taiwan – 47.22% – 60.12%

Turkey – 96.51% – 106.43%

United Kingdo – 110.81%

Even though Petitioner alleged a large number of executive subsidy methods that benefitted the Chinese language tin mill industries, Petitioner didn’t allege any particular subsidy charges.

3. Named Exporters/ Manufacturers

Petitioner integrated a listing of businesses that it believes are manufacturers and exporters of the topic products.  See hooked up checklist of exporters right here .

4. Named U.S. Importers

Petitioner integrated a listing of businesses that it believes are U.S. importers of the topic products.  See hooked up checklist of US importers right here.

5. Estimated Time table of Investigations.

January 18, 2023 – Petitions filed

February 7, 2023 – DOC initiates investigation

February 8, 2022 – ITC Group of workers Convention

March 3, 2023 – ITC initial choice


June 17, 2023 – DOC China CVD initial choice (assuming prolonged time limit) (4/13/23 – unextended)



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