10 nations with the most affordable and most costly gas


The latest lower within the gas value for January reportedly appears set to proceed in February come the 8th of subsequent month.

Gas nonetheless reasonable in South Africa

Mentioning a file by means of the Central Power Fund, Engineering Information stories a projected minimize of 7 and 14 cents in step with litre for 93 and 95 unleaded respectively, with diesel poised to drop by means of between 37 cents and 40 cents.

Whilst a secondary file is ready to be launched against the tip of this month, the lower, particularly that of petrol, would see the cost of gas be in shut vary of dipping underneath R21 a litre with diesel not off course to fall underneath R23 in step with litre.

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Even if set to offer extra reprieve for motorists, who persevered a tricky 2022 on the pumps, South Africa’s gas value flip-flopping, at its top of over R26-litre a litre for 95, nonetheless stands by contrast to Hong Kong that recently tops the checklist of nation/territory with the best possible gas price of gas in step with litre.

In keeping with the latest survey by means of globalpetrolprice.com on every nation’s relative gas value, topping-up in South Africa continues to be less expensive than in Poland (R25.67), New Zealand (R28.28), the UK (R31.16), Germany (R32.13) and Sweden (R32.49).

In large part attributed to every nation’s taxation on gas, the highest 10 areas with the most affordable and priciest gas costs, transformed at once to Rand, are as follows:

Most sensible 10 nations with the most affordable petrol costs

  1. Venezuela – R0.27
  2. Libya – R0.53
  3. Iran – R0.91
  4. Angola – R5.41
  5. Algeria – R5.75
  6. Kuwait – R5.86
  7. Egypt – R6.19
  8. Turkmenistan – R7.31
  9. Nigeria – R7.60
  10. Kazakhstan – R7.77

Most sensible 10 nations with the costliest gas costs

  1. Hong Kong – R50.34
  2. Iceland – R38.36
  3. Norway – R37.79
  4. Central African Republic – R36.55
  5. Denmark – R36.49
  6. Monaco – R36.41
  7. Israel – R35.80
  8. Syria – R34.82
  9. Greece – R34.15
  10. Finland – R33.98

Most sensible 10 nations with the most affordable diesel costs

  1. Iran – R0.18
  2. Venezuela – R0.27
  3. Libya – R0.53
  4. Saudi Arabia – R3.40
  5. Algeria – R3.63
  6. Egypt – R4.17
  7. Angola – R4.56
  8. Kuwait – R6.42
  9. Turkmenistan – R6.58
  10. Ecuador – R7.88

Most sensible 10 nations with the costliest diesel costs

  1. Hong Kong – R45.35
  2. Central African Republic – R40.77
  3. Sweden – R40.18
  4. Iceland – R39.44
  5. Monaco – R38.51
  6. Norway – R37.89
  7. Switzerland – R37.58
  8. Finland – R37.37
  9. Denmark – R35.99
  10. United Kingdom – R35.95

Additional info from Engineering Information.



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