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She later stated that she ended her first marriage partly since the wealth and tool disparity between her and Keough made him resent her. “It’s exhausting for a person to be with a lady who’s more potent, wealthier,” she stated years later. “So in my thoughts I am considering, I do know, I will get with anyone extra suitable. I wasn’t considering what everybody else used to be considering, which used to be that I should were out of my thoughts.” 

The extra suitable guy used to be Michael Jackson, whom she’d been buddies with for years (he many times referred to as all over her teenage years seeking to meet her, and she or he in the end agreed after he stated he would concentrate to her demo tape). That they had so much in not unusual, together with excessive wealth, whole lives lived within the glare of cameras, and hectic childhoods. Jackson used to be a sufferer of bodily abuse and, it used to be rumored, sexual abuse, by the hands of his manager-father, whom Jackson’s sister Janet stated additionally molested her as a lady. Jackson and Presley wed in 1994 within the Dominican Republic and denied after which showed tabloid stories that it came about. The primary spherical of kid molestation accusations in opposition to Jackson hit lengthy sooner than their marriage. Jackson had satisfied her that the costs weren’t true. Even after the divorce, and more than one new accusations, Presley refused to take a facet at the topic. 

However she did say, “Leaving my first marriage, for the person who I left it for—that used to be most likely the largest mistake of my lifestyles.”

Then she wed Nicolas Cage, whose performances from time to time channeled Elvis—in particular in Wild at Middle, during which he sang “Love Me Delicate,” and Honeymoon in Vegas, which featured more than one Elvis impersonators and had a wall-to-wall soundtrack of Presley songs. The wedding used to be over in 14 weeks, and Cage would later describe it as “a large mistake.” 

Cage met her at a birthday party: “There she used to be, those gorgeous eyes that seemed like they’d a tragic tale to inform.” He thought of his Elvis-adjacent occupation as much as that time (which used to be now not, he insisted, the fabricated from design) and idea, “Perhaps these kind of loopy coincidences have been all about this one second the place I met this one woman who stopped me in my tracks…And I [thought], neatly, she comes from a creative circle of relatives, I come from a creative circle of relatives. She used to be born with the power of an especially well-known title from day one. I used to be a tender actor with the closing title Coppola seeking to make it in Hollywood with the ones pressures.” 

They fought continuously and broke up more than one instances sooner than and all over the wedding sooner than in the end splitting completely. One battle, which came about on Cage’s yacht off Catalina a couple of weeks sooner than the marriage, were given so heated that Presley got rid of her $65,000 engagement ring and hurled it into the ocean; Cage employed a group of divers to seek out it, however after two days they gave up, announcing it used to be hopeless. She accused Cage of being hot-tempered and creepily obsessed together with her father. Cage denied this to Barbara Walters, announcing “We weren’t gonna purchase Graceland. We have been by no means gonna are living in Graceland. I wasn’t going to construct Graceland on most sensible of a ranch someplace.”



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