Juxtapoz Mag – Allan Salas: The Rooted Middle Started to Exchange


“A month after the demise of my grandmother,” writes Allan Salas, “my father survived a middle assault. Those painful occasions forced me to escape the insufferable echoes inside my house. Throughout the next months, I wandered around the nation to deal with the emotions of sorrow and existential dread. The eerie panorama I encountered become a mirrored image of my internal turmoil.

The silence conveyed on this universe is shattered by means of grief and depression. Its narrative unfolds as a lyrical exam of the fragility of lifestyles. Thru an environment imbued with feelings, the pictures discover the injuries inflicted by means of time.

Confronted with mortality, the imagery of land and demise develops right into a poem. Between the frame and the self, nature and nothingness, eternity and the ephemeral, The Rooted Middle Started to Exchange purposes as an open diary. It illustrates an inward exploration of the spirit searching for to know human anguish within the face of the unknown.”

The Rooted Middle Started to Exchange is revealed by means of Witty Books.



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