Inspecting TWO HTMA Exams LIVE w/ Kim Heintz, FDN-P Inspecting TWO HTMA Exams LIVE



[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Welcome to the Well being Detective Podcast. My identify is Evan Transue, AKA Detective Ev. I will be able to be your host for this display the place we can be examining 2 other HTMA checks. Here’s nowadays’s episode.

All correct. Hi there, Kim. Welcome to the Well being Detective Podcast. How are you?

[00:00:16] Kim Heintz: Good day, thank you such a lot for having me. I’m doing excellent. How are you?

[00:00:19] Detective Ev: I’m doing neatly. So, we’ve a unique circumstance nowadays. Usually, in case you pay attention to the display continuously, you understand, once we deliver on FDN practitioners, we normally interview them for his or her tale first. However as a result of I posted one thing in one among our teams, Kim was once prepared to lend a hand me out right here and bounce correct right into a lab research podcast with me, which you guys were loving. Those are tremendous amusing.

Kim, we’ve in truth finished the HTMA prior to, however the video didn’t paintings in any respect. We didn’t also have the video of the individual as a result of they got here on and recorded with a telephone. We like you, Barbara. Your episode did nice for audio, however we want any person that may come on and display those other folks these things on video, on our YouTube as neatly. We all know that folks wish to pay attention this and spot this, however they weren’t ready to completely closing time, so I believe we’re going to have a great time.


Kim was once even cooler. She introduced on two other purchasers for us, two other patterns for the HTMA take a look at, which is hair, tissue, mineral research, in case you guys have no idea. It isn’t one of the crucial FDN core labs. We don’t educate this in the principle route, however it’s one thing that folks in reality experience studying about correct after graduating FDN.

Finding out From HTMA Exams Gurus

We’re blessed to have Kendra Perry, who was once now not handiest an FDN, she additionally was the director of the pros’ crew for FDN. She went directly to create, I must consider, what is likely one of the extra common HTMA classes available in the market within the trade. She’s a complete knowledgeable. She is aware of what she’s speaking about.


We’re simply fortunate to have other folks like her and such as you on this area that we will be told from, although we’ve by no means used the take a look at ourselves. I’m beginning to use it extra too. So, I’m interested by this and getting to listen to from you nowadays.

This time I’m going to percentage all of the display screen purpose I believe that’s what may have screwed me up closing time. I will be able to get this began right here. What we’re having a look at is an HTMA take a look at by means of Hint Parts. Ultimate time, although we couldn’t see it, we have been describing a unique take a look at by means of a unique lab.

Simply please know, maximum of them take a look at essentially for a similar factor. From my working out, there’s some other markers on right here, which Kim, I’m positive you’ll specify that for us when it’s related to take action. I’m in truth now not positive what the variations can be as a result of I’ve all the time used the opposite one. However in relation to the core markers, we’re having a look on the identical factor.

If we take a look at the highest right here, we see that we have got an age 43, feminine. We don’t know the rest about her. So, are we able to pay attention, to the level that you just’re ready to percentage those main points, I keep in mind that it’s total personal, however what was once this girl going via when she got here to you? Why did she wish to do checking out and Purposeful Diagnostic Vitamin form of stuff?

FDNs Do No longer Deal with Take a look at Effects Bureaucracy

[00:02:34] Kim Heintz: That’s a in reality excellent query. She was once feeling very infected. She was once fatigued, however she additionally felt very revved up. She was once having a large number of bother simply more or less regulating her power patterns all over the day. She had not too long ago explanted and felt like there was once some correlation there with one of the signs that she was once experiencing. She were given in reality unwell from her breast implants from having them for 17 years.

She sought after to run the HTMA so lets check out her mineral patterns to peer if there have been many ways to lend a hand improve her anxious machine to peer if there have been some heavy metals that can were a part of her breast implants and such things as.

[00:03:11] Detective Ev: Ok. Thanks.


The rationale that is related is as a result of FDNs, out of the entirety else, the core factor that makes us other is we don’t deal with the bureaucracy. We don’t take a look at those markers and simply robotically say, oh, that is prime, or that is low. So, that is what this implies. We wish to know in regards to the particular person and we’re clinically correlating the issues that we see at the checks to the person. In order that’s one thing that we’ll reference almost definitely a couple of instances as we undergo those lab effects in combination.

Now, the primary segment right here, the dietary components, I’m spotting this in an instant, although I’ve by no means used this explicit take a look at. I’m seeing one thing similar to what we see at the entrance web page of the opposite one. We have now the calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. I’d think that is the entire identical irrespective of what take a look at you’re the usage of. Those are the Giant 4 over right here, correct? That is the core issues that you just’re having a look at?

HTMA Exams: Metabolic Kind Research

[00:03:55] Kim Heintz: Yeah. When I am getting an HTMA again from the lab, the primary issues I all the time take a look at are the primary 4 minerals, which have been simply those you stated calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium. I additionally check out the ratio between calcium and phosphorus. That in truth tells us what sort of trend anyone has.

When you see within the higher right-hand nook, it says FAST 1 of this take a look at. That’s as a result of her calcium/phosphorus ratio, which means her calcium choice of 31 divided by means of phosphorus is beneath 2.6. And that places anyone into a quick oxidation state. The ones are the primary two issues that I all the time check out.

Someone who has a trend like this consumer the place she’s were given the decrease calcium and magnesium, after which she has the sodium and potassium being increased and the midline is actually the midline correct there at the take a look at for each and every a kind of minerals, that’s a vintage speedy oxidation trend.


Individuals who have a quick oxidation charge, as Evan simply stated, we wish to correlate with the individual. So, anyone who has a quick oxidation state, which means that decrease calcium/magnesium profile, the increased sodium/potassium profile, after which that speedy oxidation, calcium divided by means of phosphorus, they have a tendency to be extra frightened. They have a tendency to be more or less Kind A personalities. They really feel stressed out and drained, irritable. They may be able to have like a racing thoughts from time to time, handle panic assaults, blood sugar problems, brief tempered from time to time. And in long term, particularly as a result of that calcium is low, they are able to handle such things as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and such things as that.

HTMA Exams: Does the Metabolic Kind Shift?

[00:05:26] Detective Ev: Something I’m enthusiastic about. The one different instances that I’ve in reality heard the entire metabolic typing factor is after all with the Metabolic Typing Vitamin. That’s the place I’ve heard it prior to. I’ve all the time been categorised a blended oxidizer on that, which I imagine. However what’s attention-grabbing is once I in the end ran an HTMA, handiest about slightly a yr in the past, possibly in truth rather less, I got here up as a gradual oxidizer on the time.

Now I ran it as a result of I felt as though I used to be more or less working myself into the bottom. I used to be questioning if I used to be depleted. It’s now not that I don’t know the well being stuff, I knew what I used to be doing. However I like my paintings and from time to time it does catch as much as me a bit bit, correct? I’m attractive with it a bit an excessive amount of. I used to be simply questioning if I may route right kind in order that I may end out the yr sturdy.

The yr for me is the varsity yr, correct? As soon as June comes round, that is golden. , I do a little podcasting, however I will be able to in reality take a while off and in truth kick back. However I’m like, how can I am getting via this? What can I do? And I used to be shocked to peer the gradual oxidizer factor. As a result of while you pay attention about gradual oxidizers, I don’t in reality meet the stereotype of it. If truth be told, what you simply described, except for the osteoporosis and stuff, I’d’ve met each and every unmarried a kind of signs as a child.


So, once we’re speaking in regards to the metabolic kind, no less than from this take a look at’s standpoint, how does that shift all over time? Can it shift? Is it intended to shift?

HTMA Exams: Transferring Metabolic Kind Again & Forth

[00:06:35] Kim Heintz: Yeah, it unquestionably does.

I used to be a gradual oxidizer once I began working those labs on myself. And I’d say like 70% to 80% of other folks have a tendency to be gradual oxidizers, particularly adults, simply because through the years rigidity, issues more or less decelerate a bit bit. However I’m now a quick oxidizer.

You’ll be able to shift your self from a gradual oxidation state to a quick oxidation. Other folks can also be speedy oxidizers and through the years shift into gradual oxidation. Children have a tendency to be, by means of default, they have a tendency to be speedy oxidizers. Then again, I’ve run those checks on children and feature discovered that a few of them do have a tendency to be extra within the gradual oxidation charge.


However yeah, you’ll soar from side to side. The objective is to get as balanced as imaginable, correct? So, you’ll more or less shift from side to side. It could possibly in reality rely on how a lot you’re supporting your frame, how a lot rigidity you’re coping with, and such things as that.

[00:07:25] Detective Ev: Ok. I believe that is transparent, however I will have to have specified it a bit extra to start with. I’m nonetheless an novice on HTMA, by no means finished any formal coaching. I’m studying from FDNs. I’ve ran them myself for amusing, so I’ve masses to be informed.

After we are having a look at sodium and potassium at the take a look at, actually these items are prime. Are those markers that there’s nearly like an inverse dating, that it in truth signifies that it’s low or am I false impression that?

HTMA Exams: Increased Sodium and the Tension Piece

[00:07:47] Kim Heintz: It unquestionably can, and we will correlate with how anyone’s feeling and such things as that.


As a rule increased sodium in this take a look at does in truth imply irritation within the frame. After we see anyone’s sodium marker increased, they’re coping with a lot of rigidity. It might be intestine pathogens; it might be metals. And as you’ll see over there at the right-hand facet within the crimson segment, she does have some increased arsenic and mercury and a few aluminum. But it surely may be different intestine infections.

After we see an increased sodium marker, what we wish to do is, one, we in reality wish to lend a hand improve the anxious machine. And two, we wish to see the place the assets of irritation are. She got here to me feeling infected. So, seeing an increased sodium marker in this take a look at, unquestionably correlated with how she was once feeling.

[00:08:35] Detective Ev: Ok. And for the ones on audio handiest, I will have to have stated this as neatly. Her sodium, this consumer is as prime as it may be, mainly. It’s on the very, very higher finish of the chart right here. What’s it that connects prime sodium with irritation? Why does that occur?

[00:08:50] Kim Heintz: It simply drives it up. Sodium will get pushed up by means of metals, rigidity, anger, such things as that. It could possibly carry sodium within the frame. However simply mainly signifies the tension reaction is very much higher.

It doesn’t essentially imply that they’re taking in an excessive amount of sodium. Once in a while we nonetheless wish to like, make certain that they’re getting sufficient sodium into their vitamin. We don’t essentially love to complement with that, however ensuring that they’re nonetheless getting some sodium, you understand, placing Celtic Sea salt on their meals and such things as that.

HTMA Exams: First 4, Giant 4, First Stage Minerals

[00:09:17] Detective Ev: Cool. Now I all the time know the ones to be the Giant 4. I simply counted and it looks as if there’s some other 11 markers on this Dietary Part segment.

I’ve heard prior to now they usually specified to me that they have been oversimplifying it as a result of from time to time there may be positive issues that you’d do about those markers. However normally talking, if there are even moderately inside of vary, as from my working out, it seems in case you get the opposite 4, just like the Giant 4 underneath keep an eye on, the others will have to more or less stage out themselves. Is that the case and working out on this explicit consumer’s effects? Like, are you simply more or less allowing them to move as they’re going to, or do it’s important to do one thing explicit for those?

And for the ones listening on audio I imply the entirety technically outta those different 11 markers is throughout the reference vary. It’s just a few are upper, some are decrease. So, what can we do about that?


[00:10:02] Kim Heintz: Yeah, that’s a in reality excellent query. After we take a look at all the minerals on this Dietary Parts segment, we prioritize them. The primary 4 are first stage minerals. Identical to you stated, getting the ones in stability, they’re the large levers that keep an eye on the entirety else. So, if we will get the ones in stability, a large number of instances we’ll see the second one stage minerals, which be such things as copper, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, boron, lithium, we’ll see a few of the ones begin to stability out. Then identical factor with the 3rd stage minerals, which might be the entire remainder of them. They’re at a far decrease quantity.

HTMA Exams: Occasional Fortify for that Core Objective

Once in a while we do complement with a few of them. Minerals are a machine. We don’t normally attempt to spot deal with minerals as a result of with a purpose to soak up magnesium you want such things as boron. That’s why we take a look at boron. Although boron is a 2nd stage mineral, I, a large number of instances, will nonetheless come with a bit little bit of elemental boron in a protocol as it’s going to lend a hand anyone spice up their magnesium ranges.


The core objective is to get the ones first 4 minerals in stability. However from time to time we wish to have some improve from one of the different minerals to make that occur.

[00:10:58] Detective Ev: Cool. The closing query I’ve about this segment then at this second is those electrolyte dietary supplements that we see in the marketplace.

Concentrate, once I’ve used electrolyte dietary supplements, normally talking, they’ve labored really well. It’s so humorous. While you get into this international, I’m positive you’ve skilled this to your personal approach. While you get into the arena of the purposeful drugs factor, you’ll want to get so technical on like one finish after which simply omit one thing so basic.

I by no means used electrolytes as a complement almost definitely till like a yr and a part in the past. I used to be doing keto. I used to be doing some of these issues and not considered the advantage of that. It’s like, move determine. I’ve noticed a large number of take pleasure in it. However I’m fascinated about this already, particularly while you speak about this synergistic more or less dating that those minerals may have with one some other.

Make the most of HTMA Exams to “Take a look at No longer Bet”

Then I do know that a large number of those electrolyte dietary supplements in the marketplace, they’re immediately up one dimension suits all. I’m now not going to say any manufacturers as a result of I’m now not pronouncing that the precise logo is unhealthy according to se. However there’s positive common ones available in the market that experience like one thousand milligrams nearly of salt, after which somewhat low potassium and magnesium. It doesn’t account for those different issues.

What’s your tackle that? Will have to other folks be the usage of the ones dietary supplements, or would they simply be working an HTMA after which getting what is kind of a specialised electrolyte complement? Or do you suppose the ones have utility?

[00:12:09] Kim Heintz: I believe they do have packages. I’m an athlete and I do use electrolyte dietary supplements, particularly both prior to exercise, after exercise, even all through a exercise. I’ll to find some nice take pleasure in the usage of electrolytes as a result of we’re burning up our minerals once we’re placing our frame underneath a rigidity like that. I do see price in them.


However you understand, the configuration that you simply shared, which had like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, yeah, that’s nice. I believe it may be useful as a spice up or what have you ever, but it surely’s now not going to resolve the issue. Once more, FDNs, we’re of the mindset that you wish to have to “take a look at now not wager”.

So, I do suppose everyone will have to run the HTMA. Simply, minerals are so responsive to worry. If anyone’s coping with such things as power problems, sleep problems, all kinds of thyroid problems their minerals are fascinated about each and every machine of the frame. They make the frame paintings higher.

HTMA Exams: Poisonous Parts

I really like to think about them as just like the spark plugs of the frame. Or from time to time I even speak about they’re just like the lubricant that makes the system run higher. So, learning what your distinctive patterns are goes to be your highest wager since you’re now not simply seeking to wager or making an attempt one thing and serving to that it really works.

Identical to we mentioned, ensuring that we’ve were given the entire key avid gamers in position to ensure your distinctive mineral patterns are being supported the best way that they are able to goes to be your highest wager.

[00:13:22] Detective Ev: Thanks.

Subsequent segment right here at the correct goes to be Poisonous Parts. It looks as if our same old metals right here. For the ones on audio, we’ve arsenic simply above the reference vary. Mercury, truthful sufficient over the reference vary. After which aluminum throughout the reference vary.

However I additionally know that some would argue that we in reality don’t wish to see positive metals. How do you interpret a bit like this while you see those explicit effects, Kim?


[00:13:42] Kim Heintz: That’s an ideal query. Although we see this reference vary in this lab, if we see metals being driven out throughout the hair, purpose it is a take a look at that you are taking a hair pattern, that’s indicative that there’s unquestionably some motion of metals and even some commonplace or fresh publicity to those metals.

So, particularly with arsenic being raised like that and Mercury being raised like that, to me, that might say that this particular person did have a contemporary publicity to arsenic and mercury or remains to be being uncovered to them regularly.

Scale back Exposures & Alternate Out Poisonous Merchandise

It grew to become out she was once consuming a ton of sushi a number of instances per week. So far as the arsenic is anxious, we concept that possibly that got here from her breast implants or such things as that. She had simply had that explant surgical operation possibly inside of a yr previous to us doing this take a look at.

So, although once we see some aluminum like that, a large number of us get uncovered to aluminum via our cookware, deodorant has aluminum in it and such things as that. If so, although there’s just a bit quantity, we’re nonetheless seeing some motion within the frame, and it might probably purpose issues even in small quantities.


Decreasing exposures to it, converting out the goods that we use and such things as this is generally a primary step. The second one step is in reality to stability the ones minerals. Balancing minerals, the ones first 4 macro minerals, is the important thing to actually the entirety. Reason a large number of instances it’ll lend a hand gently pull a few of the ones out.

[00:15:00] Detective Ev: Yeah. I think like if the cells are getting the issues that they wish to paintings higher, you may consider that they’d push this sort of stuff out.

It’s superb what number of people don’t take a look at this both or don’t even believe it that unhealthy. There was once a girl that I labored with, I’m technically nonetheless running along with her in my view, she got here to me like, in reality devoted particular person. I imply, nearly threw me off with how a lot stuff she had already finished, taking into account how she felt.

I’m like, all correct, this is more or less bizarre. I do know we gotta be lacking one thing right here, however you gotta dig more or less deep to search out it in the ones purchasers. In the end, we come throughout this. I’m like, has any person run any labs with you?

Prime Poisonous Ranges Wishes Fortify

She stated, yeah, I’ve had this hair, tissue, mineral research factor finished. I’m like, all correct, cool. So, she sends me that one.

the place that sodium is at the left facet right here, the place it’s like actually upper than the highest finish, that’s the place her Mercury was once at the different HTMA take a look at. I stated, neatly, what did they do for you? She stated, oh, neatly I simply needed to prevent consuming like fish and this may detox itself through the years.


I used to be like, oh my God. As a result of this was once like a yr in the past prior to we ran the take a look at once more. And I’m now not even pronouncing that’s now not actually right kind as a result of she was once in Costa Rica on the time. She was once consuming prime quantities of seafood correct off the pier, mainly, from the place they have been fishing. I’m now not pronouncing that’s wrong. However the concept that we’re now not going to improve this particular person in any further approach whilst they’re obviously symptomatic when their mercury is that top, was once simply asinine to me.

So I stated, how about, let’s do that. You run the take a look at once more. Reason I realize it’s been a yr. I do know that you just don’t wish to run it in an instant once more, however I simply wish to see it. If the mercury’s now not prime, I’ll pay to your take a look at. And if it was once prime, you then simply say, excellent concept and we do the complement stuff in combination. She stated, all correct, tremendous.

We run the take a look at and certain sufficient, was once it down less than closing yr? Yeah, it was once. It was once nonetheless the easiest mercury I’ve ever noticed instead of her authentic one in this take a look at. These things doesn’t simply magically move away, correct? We wish to installed a planned effort to getting these things out.

Stability, Then Detox

Along with balancing the Giant 4, which goes to lend a hand this, what are any other issues that we’d counsel to any person who’s coping with upper ranges of mercury, arsenic, or no matter?

[00:16:54] Kim Heintz: Yeah, there’s explicit protocols that we do. Relying at the steel, there’s positive minerals which might be in reality useful to more or less like have an antagonist dating to lend a hand slowly, gently pull that out.


We’ll additionally do binders. Zeolite spray can also be very useful, however it’s important to just remember to’re balancing the minerals first. I see a large number of other folks simply going immediately to heavy steel detoxes or the usage of Zeolite with out balancing their minerals, and that may purpose different kinds of issues and make anyone really feel worse.

The ones are generally the beginning issues from that. Then as soon as anyone’s minerals are a bit bit extra balanced, which means that their frame can care for extra of an competitive, if you are going to, detox of a steel, then we will do explicit protocols for that steel, particularly if it’s nonetheless striking within the tissues like this and it wishes a bit bit of additional improve to get that out.

[00:17:39] Detective Ev: Cool. I don’t know if this is applicable without delay at the HTMA, however I’ve heard that the decrease the mercury, now not all the time, I believe it’s like extra of like a center floor factor, it would in truth be tougher to get a few of these metals out when they’re decrease for the reason that frame gained’t acknowledge it as simply as when it’s tremendous prime.

Initially, are you aware what I’m speaking about? And assuming that you just do, is that related at the HTMA? Is it tougher to get the ones closing ranges out than a better stage?

Transferring the Non-Embedded, Increased Poisonous Parts Round

[00:18:01] Kim Heintz: I don’t know if it’s essentially tougher. It’s simply, in case your minerals are out of stability, it’s going to be tougher, and we don’t in truth wish to do a complete lot with seeking to transfer the ones metals out of the frame at the moment.


, while you see it increased like this at the take a look at, it generally signifies that your frame is transferring the metals round they usually’re now not identical to embedded within the tissues. So, you probably have extra freedom to your mineral machine as it’s running correctly, you then will have to in truth see the ones increased and it’s more straightforward to head after.

After they’re low, yeah. And particularly while you’ve were given such imbalances within the macro mineral machine like we see with this consumer. You don’t in reality wish to do loads of competitive paintings at the metals in this time. Down the street, unquestionably. However first precedence is all the time balancing the ones minerals.

[00:18:44] Detective Ev: Very attention-grabbing. Smartly, we’ll transfer directly to the following segment in a 2nd.

I in truth learned; I ask for forgiveness. I will have to have requested you this query almost definitely to start with. Why did you find yourself the usage of this lab to your apply? There’s, after all, not anything fallacious with this. We get a number of extra labs that we get get entry to to when we graduate FDN. But it surely’s obviously now not one of the crucial core ones taught.

Anyone has to in reality move out in their approach to make use of this and be told this. Will have to were for a excellent reason why. So, what motivates you or what have you ever noticed that you just began the usage of this to your apply?

Causes Kim Loves HTMA Exams

[00:19:12] Kim Heintz: I believe there’s two core explanation why. First, my very own enjoy. I suspected I had copper toxicity. Reason I had 12 years of beginning keep an eye on, hormonal beginning keep an eye on use, and 3 years of a copper IUD. I used to be coping with a large number of copper poisonous signs.


I’d finished the FDN method. I felt beautiful darn excellent, however I nonetheless was once coping with some signs of copper toxicity. So I determined to run this take a look at and certain sufficient, I had copper toxicity. It was once like that lacking piece of the puzzle for me in my very own therapeutic adventure.

It’s what took me like in the end to the end line so far as like how I felt. I like this take a look at because of this. I’m beautiful hooked in to copper toxicity on account of my very own enjoy with it. I paintings with a large number of girls who do enjoy that or have signs of it. So, I’ve discovered it to be tremendous useful in my very own apply in the case of that. And it’s essentially the most cost-effective purposeful lab that we have got get entry to to.

[00:20:00] Detective Ev: Yeah. I will be able to say that.

That’s something that intrigued me is I’m listening to those tales and I’m listening to how high-quality it may be. Simply working this on my own from time to time, I’m like, that is reasonable. That is in reality cool if I will be able to lend a hand get the needle transferring for other folks.

I will be able to say this, I imply, I’ve been on this area for a long time. Grant you, sure, I used to be burning the candle more or less at each ends once I ran this take a look at. However I will be able to say that complement helped me so much, just like the protocol for this.

Supplementing A Busy, Annoying Way of life

And I say complement, now not that we handiest do this as FDNs. I imply, I already had the entirety else dialed in and I wasn’t going to go into reverse the paintings. I simply, I didn’t wish to do this in my view.


So, there’s handiest such a lot of issues you’ll do at that time. If the sleep is on par, the vitamin’s excellent, the entirety like that, I had to complement this way of life then. And it made a distinction, it in reality, in reality does. It’s very cool. It unquestionably is helping in bodily workout as neatly.

[00:20:45] Kim Heintz: Oh, yeah. As an athlete, it’s been instrumental for me. I noticed my efficiency simply completely take it to the following stage as a result of I supported my very own machine.

So, you have been burning the candle at each ends and feeling that rigidity and that power, supporting your minerals goes that can assist you do this effectively and now not really feel too burned out.

[00:21:03] Detective Ev: Completely.

All correct. Transferring right down to our subsequent segment right here, the Further Parts. How do you take a look at one thing like this? That is one thing I’m very ignorant to, this complete segment. Can we do the rest with this? Do you more or less simply forget about it or is it case by means of case?

[00:21:15] Kim Heintz: It’s case by means of case. On this case, two of them are, for my part, are extra like dietary components.

Rubidium, which is essentially the most increased on that segment, after which lithium, which is correct subsequent to it. Rubidium could be very useful for serving to an individual get the good enough ranges of potassium in. This particular person’s rubidium and potassium have been increased, so we don’t in reality have to fret an excessive amount of about that.

HTMA Exams: Further Parts

However within the different profile that we’re going to try, you’ll see that either one of them are very low. We’d wish to improve either one of the ones purpose rubidium and potassium move up and down in combination. I all the time take a look at that.


After which lithium can also be very useful for temper comparable issues. Once in a while we’ll do like an excessively, you understand, 5 milligrams of lithium orate to lend a hand if anyone’s lithium ranges are low. May also be useful for cleansing as neatly. So from time to time relying on, once more, having a look on the symptom profile of a shopper, we might do a little improve with lithium. I all the time take a look at the ones in terms of the Dietary Parts that we checked out first of all.

[00:22:12] Detective Ev: Very cool.

I noticed any person the place they endure with what they’re informed is bipolar. I say that now not as a result of I don’t imagine in bipolar, I simply don’t know if I imagine it for them, however that’s irrelevant. They’ve been given, after all, prime quantities of lithium all over the years on account of this. It’s an older consumer.

So, it’s nonetheless used, correct? But it surely was once simply passed out at one level, like this was once the go-to for it. It was once simply once more, like the place that sodium was once for this girl right here, it was once simply off the charts. I’m like, wow, that turns out like they’re getting a bit an excessive amount of if it’s that top however might be fallacious. Who is aware of?

All correct. We’ll do that first. We’ll do Important Ratios first. What does this imply? Do you even want this while you know the opposite issues? Or do the ratios have a novel instructional objective for you because the practitioner?

HTMA Exams: Important Ratios

[00:22:54] Kim Heintz: Ratios are almost definitely simply as necessary or extra necessary than the person minerals themselves as a result of they let us know distinctive issues about an individual’s other methods.

, I talked in regards to the calcium/phosphorus ratio, which is the primary one that you just see there. That tells us our metabolic charge – speedy oxidation, gradual oxidation, et cetera. Once more, in case you’re beneath the midline there, you then’re going to be regarded as a quick oxidizer. When you’re above it, and I’ve noticed it up as prime as 12, even upper prior to, 20 for anyone’s calcium/phosphorous ratio. The upper the quantity, the slower your metabolism, necessarily. That’s one thing that we all the time need to try.

The opposite ratios also are necessary. The following one there that you just’re seeing at the display screen is your sodium/potassium ratio, we wish to see the ones two how they’re in terms of each and every different. That’s our rigidity/energy ratio. We believe it one of the vital necessary ratios for anyone.

When anyone’s prime, they could be coping with metals, rigidity, irritation. They really feel irritable, indignant, snappy emotions, prime rigidity emotions. Then when it’s in reality low, they really feel utterly exhausted, run down, fatigue, chronically wired, deficient immune machine, digestion problems and such things as that.


We all the time need to try that and correlate with the individual as neatly purpose the ratio in between those minerals may be simply as necessary.

[00:24:16] Detective Ev: Ok.

[00:24:17] Kim Heintz: A pair different ones there, calcium/potassium ratio, that’s our thyroid ratio. There’s a statistic that like someplace round one in 8 other folks offers with a thyroid factor one day of their lifestyles, whether they realize it.

HTMA Exams: Inspecting Thyroid Ratio & Adrenal Ratio

Having a look on the thyroid ratio can also be very useful as a result of, like on this particular person’s case, she had like decrease calcium. However a large number of instances I see within the gradual oxidation charge, like their calcium is tremendous increased and it’s nearly blockading vitamins from entering the cells. So, blockading thyroid hormone glucose and vitamins and such things as that.

All the time having a look on the thyroid ratio is essential with the intention to improve the frame correctly.

[00:24:53] Detective Ev: What in regards to the sodium/magnesium one? I think like that’s almost definitely necessary.

[00:24:57] Kim Heintz: That’s some other in reality necessary one. That’s our adrenal ratio. I all the time like to take a look at that as neatly.

When anyone has a prime sodium/magnesium ratio, like we see on this explicit instance, a large number of instances, we’re coping with increased irritation within the frame. However additionally they may have that stressed out and drained feeling as a result of they’ve were given over the top adrenal. They generally tend to have like magnesium deficiency. That’s beautiful commonplace on this explicit ratio when it’s increased.

Now when it’s low, anyone’s coping with continual rigidity, exhaustion, reduced adrenal impact. They’re simply feeling tremendous drained. Having a difficult time getting off the bed within the morning, feeling run down and exhausted all day lengthy.


A large number of instances when the sodium/magnesium ratio is low, we wish to make certain we’re first supporting sodium. A large number of instances other folks make themselves really feel worse as a result of they preserve listening to magnesium, magnesium, magnesium. However additionally they want sodium to lend a hand improve the ones adrenals purpose the sodium in reality nourishes the adrenals.

Ratios Lend a hand Prioritize What Must Get in First

Having a look at that, from time to time it is helping us prioritize what can we wish to get in first.

A large number of instances with anyone with a low sodium/magnesium ratio, I could be like, k, get started your morning with a tumbler of water with a pinch of sea salt in it possibly with a bit little bit of lemon and in reality begin to get their sodium ranges restored. Then we will begin to layer in magnesium down the street.

[00:26:12] Detective Ev: That’s this sort of excellent level.

I imply, how steadily, far and wide the magnesium factor is driven? I do pay attention other folks speaking about taking some salt, but it surely’s area of interest. It’s in our international of purposeful drugs. While the magnesium factor is driven to each and every unmarried particular person I do know, although they don’t know the rest about well being.


I will be able to’t let you know what number of people I do know take that complement, although they’re possibly like a circle of relatives member that doesn’t care about this in any respect. Proper? They drink beer each and every night time and but they’ll take magnesium as a result of they’ve been informed to. Very attention-grabbing.

Is that this the following segment right here that you just have been speaking about has distinctive markers? Reason I think like once I’ve checked out those different checks, I don’t acknowledge this Poisonous Ratios factor until I’m simply in reality that new that I don’t realize it.

[00:26:46] Kim Heintz: This isn’t at the different take a look at that you just’re accustomed to. However in reality what this displays us is solely the interference of metals with a few of our core minerals. The objective is we wish the bars on this segment to be the entire approach on the most sensible.

So, for her, we’re appearing that we have got an important interference of metals in her mineral profile. You notice the primary person who’s decrease is iron and lead.

HTMA Exams: Poisonous Ratios

Iron could be getting interfered with, on account of lead.


A large number of them are being interfered with on account of mercury. Iron, selenium, zinc, and sulfur are all appearing some interference on account of that. Once more, it simply in reality stresses the truth that we wish to take away exposures and we wish to in reality improve that mineral machine in order that we will get those markers up.

That is the primary take a look at I ran with this consumer, and I’m glad to mention that on her 3rd take a look at, which is the newest one we ran a pair months in the past, we have been ready to get the ones poisonous ratios the entire as far back as the highest. So, we did do a little nice enhancements along with her.

[00:27:42] Detective Ev: Superior!

Guy, I’m going to have to return to 8th grade science elegance too. My periodic desk, you understand what I imply. I used to be excellent. Concentrate, I may do the potassium factor, like I be mindful, Okay. I knew they attempted to screw you up with that while you have been in class. However yeah, a few of these are getting me a bit bit, so I will be able to have to study a few of the ones.

Are those Further Ratios, the original markers in this take a look at? I assume I’m nonetheless more or less perplexed which of them have been distinctive that makes you run this take a look at over the opposite one.

[00:28:03] Kim Heintz: There’s extra metals which might be examined. There are extra dietary components which might be examined. For instance, like boron isn’t run by means of Analytical Analysis, and that’s the opposite lab. Figuring out the standing of boron could be very useful as it tells us if we wish to improve that with a purpose to get the magnesium ranges up, stuff like that. That’s why I love to run this take a look at.

HTMA Exams: Further Ratios

[00:28:22] Detective Ev: Cool. Do you take a look at this Further Ratios segment, which is on the very backside or no?


[00:28:27] Kim Heintz: Once in a while I do, however there’s now not loads of rationalization in the case of that.

[00:28:31] Detective Ev: Ok. All correct. Smartly thanks very a lot. And I’m so satisfied to understand that this particular person is beginning to really feel higher. That’s what it takes. I spotted that you just stated that was once a couple of months in the past and this authentic take a look at was once ran on Might eleventh, 2021. I believe this issues.

FDN works. What we do works, correct. However this may take a while. And I’m positive there’s many stuff that get a hold of a selected consumer all over a yr plus of running with them. However you understand, believe the method.

This particular person is 43 years previous, correct? Your frame, you will have to keep in mind, sadly, after your past due twenties, early thirties, the frame, although the entirety was once being finished completely, it’s degrading, now not expanding, correct? We’re preventing in opposition to time right here a bit bit too. That must be famous.

However you’ll heal, you’ll get well. You simply gotta give the frame a while. That’s superb to understand that issues are getting higher for her. I’m more than happy about that.

For time’s sake, we will skip a large number of the formalities in this one. That’s excellent as a result of we more or less went over some fundamental stuff. Let’s get correct into this one. We have now a gradual oxidizer trend, 39-year-old feminine. Identical sufficient age. And this was once run in April of 2022.

HTMA Exams: Prime Calcium/Calcium Shell

Proper from the get-go, for the ones on audio, we’re seeing an absolutely other factor at the first phase within the dietary component. So, thanks such a lot, Kim, for bringing on one thing, once more, wildly other than the opposite one. We have now tremendous prime calcium, center vary magnesium, after which low sodium, low potassium. It is a gradual oxidizer trend because it says, right kind?

[00:29:45] Kim Heintz: Yep, that’s right kind. That’s our conventional gradual oxidizer trend.

[00:29:49] Detective Ev: Is that this what they name the calcium shell with it being so prime?

[00:29:52] Kim Heintz: Precisely. You’re on it.

Yeah, the rest above like 165 at the calcium. Calcium, we wish to be round 63. This particular person’s calcium is 259 for the ones of you who’re on audio. That’s beautiful important. We’ve were given this calcium this is build up within the tissues.


When you call to mind calcium, calcium is a difficult substance, correct? You consider just like the calcification on a water fountain or one thing, that’s arduous and also you gotta scrub in reality arduous to get that off. I imply, that’s necessarily taking place throughout the tissues.

What that still method is that it’s now not entering the bone. We do see when anyone’s were given an increased calcium profile like this that they might deal, long term, like osteoporosis, osteopenia and such things as that as neatly. Reason once more, calcium’s simply now not attending to the place it must be.

[00:30:39] Detective Ev: With this calcium shell factor, I imply clearly it simply turns out adore it’s tremendous prime calcium. I do know everybody’s other, however is there a regular symptom profile that one may be expecting to peer with any person who has this with the calcium shell?

Symptom Profile of Anyone with a Calcium Shell

[00:30:51] Kim Heintz: Yeah, completely. A large number of instances we’ll see like hypothyroid signs. We’ll see irritability. Fatigue is massive as a result of once more, in case you consider what I mentioned previous with the thyroid ratio the place calcium’s more or less blockading vitamins from getting throughout the cellular. The best way that I visually like to provide an explanation for it’s like, it’s nearly just like the cellular is ravenous as a result of calcium’s blockading the ones vitamins to get inside of that cellular, correct?


So, chances are you’ll handle such things as mind fog, racing ideas. Once in a while you handle like kidney stones. Joint and muscle ache is beautiful commonplace for other folks. Feeling disconnected, apathetic, anger, the ones in truth all can also be signs of a calcium shell.

[00:31:28] Detective Ev: Wow. I all the time pay attention other folks speaking about, with ketosis and fasting and stuff or even positive different issues the place in case you don’t complement the electrolytes otherwise you’re dehydrated always, it may end up in the kidney stones. Is that correlated in any respect right here or is that an absolutely separate causal factor for kidney stones?

[00:31:45] Kim Heintz: I believe there’s a pair other sort. I’m now not 100% positive and I haven’t in reality labored with a large number of other folks with that, so it’s arduous for me to respond to that in particular.

[00:31:52] Detective Ev: No downside in any respect. I used to be simply more or less curious. I really like seeking to attach these items if I will be able to.

We see more or less, for my part, right kind me if I’m fallacious, please, however a conceptually identical factor within the different Dietary Parts in this factor out of doors of the Giant 4, while like, all correct, sure, some are prime, some are low.

HTMA Exams: Supporting Selenium and Molybdenum

I imply, they’re mainly throughout the reference vary. And we’d almost definitely be expecting those to turn into a bit extra regulated as we did the Giant 4.

I’m noticing that the boron appears to be a bit upper in this one, a bit higher finish of the reference vary, however it’s nonetheless inside of it. So, is that this a kind of circumstances the place we’re having a look at those different dietary components and pronouncing, all correct, cool, what we wish to do right here in reality is solely center of attention at the Giant 4, or is there one thing that you’d’ve finished or did do for this particular person and those different ones?

[00:32:29] Kim Heintz: Yeah, we unquestionably wish to make certain we’re supporting the Giant 4 so much. I imply, you spot that potassium, it’s tremendous low. Low potassium, a large number of other folks handle like middle palpitations, workout intolerance and such things as that once we see sodium that low. Similar factor with sodium and potassium, that low.


You notice her selenium is beautiful low as neatly. I mentioned how we see a large number of stuff with like, hypothyroid, hypothyroid signs once we see a calcium shell. Seeing that selenium low isn’t sudden since selenium is useful for thyroid. We do wish to improve selenium on this case as a result of it’s low.

I almost definitely would’ve supported, I believe I supported Molybdenum a bit bit too, since her Molybdenum was once a bit bit low. I’m having a look at how can we more or less improve the entire machine as a complete in the case of that.

[00:33:10] Detective Ev: All correct. Now that is attention-grabbing over right here, transferring to the Poisonous Parts in this one. Once more, I’m now not a professional in HTMA.

Balancing Minerals Energetically Will increase Talent of the Cells

I’ve checked out a excellent handful of them, even though. Some, after all, you spot the metals aren’t horrible, however they’re there. I imply, she’s nearly non-existent and I’m more or less shocked by means of that purpose I think like we’re all uncovered to it.

Her Giant 4 obviously signifies that she is any person who isn’t doing so nice presently, total. Does this occur steadily, that those other folks don’t display up for any metals? How would any person even break out that during nowadays’s international?

[00:33:40] Kim Heintz: Yeah, and it doesn’t imply that she doesn’t have any metals. It simply signifies that her frame isn’t transferring the metals out of the frame.

[00:33:46] Detective Ev: Oh wait. I were given a gold famous person for this confidently. Is the rationale that they’re now not transferring it outta the frame as a result of she is in a gradual oxidizing state presently, so it’s more or less keeping onto the stuff?

Kim Heintz: Sure, precisely.

Detective Ev: All correct, great. I’ll take my gold famous person, please.

Kim Heintz: You were given it.

Detective Ev: All correct. So, we haven’t any concept how poisonous she is in reality.

[00:34:01] Kim Heintz: Proper, precisely.

On this case, there’s now not like a complete lot for us to do so far as disposing of exposures. I imply, there’s a bit little bit of motion. You do see only a smidge of a line with aluminum and mercury and uranium.


However our actual number one objective this is to lend a hand get a divorce that calcium and get the sodium and the potassium up so we will get extra in a balanced state. And a large number of instances on a retest, we can in truth see extra motion of metals within the frame as a result of we’ve energetically higher the facility of the cells.

Once in a while Poisonous Parts Move Up, Once in a while They Move Down

[00:34:31] Detective Ev: That could be a highest instance of what we do at FDN, correct?

As a result of in case you simply checked out those as person checks, the untrained eye would simply say, neatly, you will have metals. That’s horrible. Proper? The place we all know in case you’re running with the customer, in case you’re in truth addressing the individual and now not simply treating bureaucracy, that’s development in her case to be getting a few of these metals transferring.

I do know that we don’t know the place it could be, however simply so I perceive this totally, it’s truthful to mention that if we adjusted the Giant 4, if lets wave a magic wand and unexpectedly, they have been excellent to head, it’s truthful to mention that the uranium, mercury and aluminum, which we do see borderline, on the very least, the ones are going up, almost definitely, correct?

[00:35:09] Kim Heintz: In all probability, yeah. It in reality is dependent upon the individual.


Once in a while I do see them transfer up. Once in a while I in truth see them get minimize down much more. It simply more or less is dependent upon from time to time balancing the ones minerals was once the important thing to transferring out any of the metals that we have been seeing.

[00:35:24] Detective Ev: Very cool.

I don’t know if that ended up being the case for her. This was once in April. Do you be mindful what came about subsequent?

[00:35:29] Kim Heintz: We have now now not but retested. That’s arising right here beautiful quickly, so TBD.

[00:35:33] Detective Ev: All correct. No worries.

Subsequent is the Further Part segment once more. I might be fallacious. Sorry, there’s a large number of markers right here. I nearly really feel like this seems to be very similar to the opposite one or am I off?

Evaluating HTMA Exams Effects

[00:35:41] Kim Heintz: It seems to be beautiful identical. We see a bit little bit of barium; we see some strontium. Most often, we do see strontium increased when calcium’s prime. That’s normally, particularly on a primary take a look at, that’s what we see.

Barium, there’s a little little bit of barium, so once more, that might be very similar to what we noticed within the different take a look at. You simply wish to reduce publicity to the rest the place you could be getting some barium into your international.

[00:36:01] Detective Ev: Were given it. I forgot it was once the rubidium that was once prime. I believe what it was once is that there was once mainly one exceptional factor on each and every facet, and that’s what I’m complicated it with.

All correct, cool. We see in her ratios; I think like unquestionably seems to be more or less identical although it’s a gradual oxidizer even though.

[00:36:17] Kim Heintz: Yeah. I imply, we’re unquestionably seeing the calcium/phosphorus ratio increased. Ahead of, I believe it was once like a one level one thing, and in this one it’s 14.39.


Actually fairly a gradual oxidation charge as a result of once more, the calcium’s so prime. The sodium/magnesium ratio was once tremendous increased at the closing take a look at. I believe it was once within the sixes, and now we’re at a nil.7, in order that in reality correlates with that particular person. That particular person, the sodium/magnesium, this particular person would unquestionably take pleasure in prioritizing sodium over magnesium first of all. After which we will layer in that magnesium.

[00:36:46] Detective Ev: Were given it. Ultimate however now not least right here, her Poisonous Ratio factor, we would have liked them to be on the most sensible of the chart as you taught me. They’re highest. However is that this a kind of circumstances the place it’s nearly like a non-clue as a result of we all know that that metals factor isn’t essentially correct? Or would you continue to say that this has some validity?

Invitation for Retests & Kim’s Tale

[00:37:02] Kim Heintz: I imply, there’s now not a lot to do with it on this case, simply this primary take a look at round. I imply, in reality the principle targets of this actual take a look at are to stability the ones minerals and get a divorce that calcium shell.

I believe there was once sufficient there for us to get began with. Then let’s check out the Poisonous Ratios on a retest.

[00:37:20] Detective Ev: Very cool. Smartly, we’ll be excited to listen to about that retest. When you’d like, please, we’ve a large number of those that pay attention continuously. We will more or less see that within the stats.


When you be mindful, if you wish to, you’re greater than welcome to e mail me and simply say, hello, that is how issues are going. I’d feel free to have you ever pop again in. As a result of we haven’t in reality gotten your tale but, Kim.

It might be more or less cool if we ended up doing some other episode the place possibly there’s some perception to be won by means of studying about that retest, then lets in truth pay attention your tale as neatly and simply more or less spend a bit little bit of time at the retest. So, as much as you. I’m hoping to listen to from you with that.

Now, with this all stated as we more or less achieve the top of our time, the closing query in regards to the take a look at is, I’m listening to from some FDNs, and it’s not up to now not. However a few of these individuals are simply working this take a look at to start out off, they’re now not working the FDN foundationals. I don’t know. I haven’t finished this but. I must consider that’s now not optimum, however I am getting why they do it. It’s inexpensive. I perceive this.

HTMA Exams Dietary supplements & D.R.E.S.S.

When you’re working those checks, after all we be capable of complement. If the individual modified not anything however simply supplemented, I suppose they’d be than now not. However how a lot of those numbers in reality transferring, like these things in reality going in the fitting course, how a lot of it’s in keeping with the way of living stuff as opposed to those explicit protocols and dietary supplements that may come from the take a look at effects?

[00:38:33] Kim Heintz: It’s unquestionably necessary to do each as a result of minerals are very responsive to worry. So, in case you’re tremendous stressed and also you’re now not converting your vitamin and also you’re nonetheless consuming a large number of processed meals, which our meals is the place we get our minerals from, and stuff like that, you won’t see a large number of motion.

I’ve finished retests the place anyone was once identical to, neatly, I’m simply going to do the dietary supplements and I’m now not going to fret about the rest purpose I simply don’t have time for it. Their retest in reality didn’t display a ton of alternate. That’s when we need to have that dialog. Like, hello, no less than you didn’t get extra depleted. Proper?


The dietary supplements almost definitely did lend a hand in the case of that. However if you wish to get on your targets, in reality specializing in the D.R.E.S.S. style that we speak about right here in FDN, vitamin, relaxation, workout, supplementation, and rigidity relief; that’s going that can assist you transfer the needle. That’s the place I see the most important effects.

Even supposing that is the one take a look at anyone runs, we will see a large number of motion and get some development if anyone does decide to doing all of the way of living methods, vitamin, et cetera, too.

The place to To find Kim Heintz

[00:39:31] Detective Ev: Very cool. All correct, neatly I believe that’ll on the subject of do it for nowadays.

After all, I’m going to invite the place other folks can to find you. Ahead of we even do this, I believe the only query I’ll ask is like, who do you’re employed with? Now, I handiest have two lab effects right here, however in keeping with the truth that they’re 39- and 43-year-old women, I’m guessing, is it like that previous middle-aged girl that you just normally lend a hand? What form of particular person normally involves you?

[00:39:51] Kim Heintz: Maximum of my purchasers are girls between 30 and 50. I do paintings with males too. I simply basically have girls coming to me. I believe simply possibly purpose that’s who I’m. However I paintings with people who find themselves extra, I’m 41, so it’s in the similar common age vary as myself.

I paintings with a large number of people who find themselves coping with intestine problems, migraines. I had continual migraines for 25 years, and so I am getting a large number of other folks who enjoy continual migraines themselves. Then additionally copper toxicity because it’s one thing this is beautiful close to and expensive to my very own private enjoy as neatly.

[00:40:24] Detective Ev: All correct. The place can other folks to find you in the event that they’d love to paintings with you and feature their HTMA or different issues analyzed?


[00:40:29] Kim Heintz: A great way to come up with me or to find me is on Instagram. I’m in reality energetic there and it’s simply my first identify dot closing identify. So, Kim.Heintz is my IG care for. is my web site and I do have an HTMA gross sales web page, et cetera, to be informed extra in regards to the HTMA and stuff. And that’s Beautiful simple to search out.


[00:40:51] Detective Ev: Smartly, thanks such a lot for approaching with us nowadays. I liked this and I like studying about those new checks by means of my fellow FDNs, so thanks.

[00:40:57] Kim Heintz: Yeah, it was once amusing geeking out with you over right here nowadays. I like the HTMA, so thank you for having me.

You might be all the time welcome to seek advice from us at

To rent a trainer, move to

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