From Junk Drawers to Telephone Books, Artist Bernie Kaminski Captures the Nostalgia of Banal Pieces Via Paper Mâché — Colossal



#Bernie Kaminski

January 13, 2023

Grace Ebert

A photo of a paper mache junk drawer

All pictures © Bernie Kaminski, courtesy of Flip Gallery, shared with permission

A stack of worn telephone books, a smartly folded button-up, and a junk draw full of receipts, batteries, and takeout remnants seize the playful nostalgia of Bernie Kaminski’s paper mâché sculptures. The artist, who started running with the common-or-garden craft after his daughter introduced house a seahorse she made at school, is pushed in large part by means of interest and a need to discover the opportunity of the fabric, and he has a tendency to recreate the gadgets he unearths round his house. An orange dutch oven sits atop a shelving unit stocked with pantry pieces and cookbooks, for instance, and books like Wilkie Collins’ The Lady in White and John Berger’s A Painter of Our Time to find their position amongst different vintage texts.

Kaminski gravitates towards unique interpretations of in most cases banal pieces, even though the delicate ripples and creases of the fabric stay visual. He in most cases coats a cardboard and tape base with the rainy paper mâché, prior to letting it dry and portray on trademarks, signatures, and different main points. Imbued with a playful sense of nostalgia, the sculptures “glance faux in some way that one way or the other displays how I think about the true factor,” the artist tells It’s Great That.

Remember to talk over with Kaminski’s Instagram for an archive of the lighthearted wares. (by means of Kottke)


A photo of paper mache phone books and a phone

A photo of a paper mache boombox

A photo of a paper mache t-shirt

A photo of a paper mache pantry

A photo of paper mache books

A photo of a paper mache button up

A detail photo of a paper mache junk drawer

#Bernie Kaminski


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