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Letterboxd is a group made up most commonly of movie geeks and cinephiles from in all places the globe. The website online ranks motion pictures with 5 stars, with every half-star making it a 10-point scale gadget. The common on Letterboxd is a extra “natural” type of score for the reason that scale reveals the common ranking with out compromising the ranking of a consumer or rounding it.

The overall consensus is that the highest-rated motion pictures at the website online are sensible. From animated motion pictures like Spirited Away to Okay-dramas like Parasite, movie buffs are certain to seek out one thing to experience amongst what 1000’s of lovers imagine to be the finest of the finest in cinema historical past.

Up to date on January 14, 2022 by way of Colin McCormick: With 2022 now over, cinephiles can pore over the entire best-of lists score the best motion pictures of the previous yr. However Letterboxd’s listing of the highest-ranked motion pictures of all time seems at an much more formidable “ultimate of” listing that incorporates previous classics in addition to fashionable new motion pictures, together with 2022’s The whole lot In all places All at As soon as. Lovers can most likely to find a few of their favorites in addition to uncover some new acclaimed titles with Letterboxd’s top-rated motion pictures of all time.


15/15 Spider-Guy: Into The Spider-Verse (2018) – 4.4, 47K Lovers

Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales Peter Parker, and Spider-Man Noir

  • To be had on Fubo TV, FX Now and DIRECTV

With such a lot of Spider-Guy motion pictures, this is a marvel that Spider-Guy: Into the Spider-Verse controlled to ring a bell with lovers in this kind of manner. The film follows Miles Morales as he starts his personal adventure as Spider-Guy with the assistance of different variations from the multiverse.

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No longer handiest is it observed as in all probability the best-animated superhero film of all time, however it ranks amongst the most well liked with many lovers. The attention-popping animation and hilarious humor make it massively entertaining, however it is usually a novel and considerate tale concerning the iconic superhero.

14/15 The Darkish Knight (2008) – 4.4, 48K Lovers

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises.

Seeing a Batman film a few of the different acclaimed motion pictures of Letterboxd would possibly appear abnormal, however The Darkish Knight units itself aside inside the comedian guide style. It’s an motion film sequel higher than the unique because it follows Batman’s makes an attempt to wash up Gotham whilst dealing with off in opposition to a difficult new foe — the Joker.

The Darkish Knight is remembered fondly as an exhilarating access into Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. Alternatively, excluding its comedian guide hyperlinks, it is usually observed as a compelling crime saga that includes an iconic efficiency from Heath Ledger.

13/15 The whole lot In all places All At As soon as (2022) – 4.4, 56K Lovers

Michelle Yeoh in a martial arts stance in Everything Everywhere All at Once

  • To be had on Showtime and DIRECTV

In spite of being one of the talked-about motion pictures of the yr, it’s nonetheless sudden to look a film as fresh as The whole lot In all places All at As soon as ranked so extremely. However it is usually simple to look how this creative, exciting, and touching tale resonated with such a lot of.

Michelle Yeoh stars as a laundromat proprietor submitting her taxes when she is sucked right into a multiversal struggle with lifestyles itself at stake. It’s mind-blowing how this kind of tale got here to be, however it makes for one of the enticing motion pictures in fresh reminiscence.

12/15 Prime And Low (1963) – 4.5,1.7K Lovers

A man looking angry on the phone with two people behind him in High and Low

  • To be had on HBO Max and Criterion Channel

Eastern cinema is well-represented a few of the highest-rated motion pictures on Letterboxd and it isn’t surprising that acclaimed filmmaker Akira Kurosawa has a number of of his motion pictures featured. Prime and Low ranks amongst his biggest masterpieces despite the fact that the size would possibly no longer appear as epic as a few of his different motion pictures.

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The film follows a unsuitable kidnapping plot the place criminals search to kidnap the son of a rich businessman just for them to mistakenly take his chauffeur’s son. The film is a gripping tale of morals in addition to a suspenseful crime tale that sucks audience in from begin to end.

11/15 Spirited Away (2001) – 4.5, 40K Lovers

Chihiro holds a dragon and looks at something offscreen in Spirited Away.

There are two motion pictures that presented Technology Z film buffs to the sector of Studio Ghibli: The cutesy and innocuous romp, My Neighbor Totoro, or the surreal and quasi-terrifying Spirited Away, which most likely haunted them for lifestyles. Hayao Miyazaki’s myth movie of a tender woman operating in a spirit bathhouse stuffed with Shinto folklore took the sector by way of typhoon, successful “Best possible Animated Function” on the Oscars.

Even twenty years after Spirited Away‘s free up, it is nonetheless thought to be a undying masterpiece. It is a fashionable Alice in Wonderland, with breathtaking animation, artful discussion and design, making it memorable for informal lovers and hardcore anime enthusiasts alike. Unsurprisingly, it stays one among Studio Ghibli’s highest-grossing motion pictures.

10/15 12 Offended Males (1957) – 4.5, 16K Lovers

The jury in 12 Angry Men all looking off-screen

  • To be had on Hoopla, Tubi, Kanopy and Pluto TV

Together with To Kill A Mockingbird, 12 Offended Males is one among Hollywood’s best court docket dramas. The tale, in keeping with the teleplay of the similar title, issues 12 jurors who will have to come to a decision if an 18-year-old boy is in charge of stabbing his personal father. In addition they will have to achieve a verdict unanimously. The roster of jurors is made up of fellows from various backgrounds and vastly other personalities, however Juror 8, being the one juror to vote “blameless” within the initial vote, comes to a decision to push the case for innocence in opposition to the opposite 11 jurors.

It is a 90-minute exhibit of a gaggle of numerous folks yelling at every different and debating proof, morality, and prejudice. The movie is a masterclass in showing the adaptation only one particular person could make on the planet.

9/15 Seven Samurai (1954) – 4.5, 6.5K Lovers

Still from Seven Samurai - a group of men stand ready to attack their enemies

  • To be had on HBO Max and Criterion Channel

Many imagine Akira Kurosawa to be one of the most biggest administrators of all time, the very massive that many US filmmakers stood at the shoulders of. Seven Samurai‘s plot is unassuming: in feudal Japan, a gaggle of farmers, threatened by way of bandits, reaches out to seven rōnin to shield their village. The seven samurai, all with distinguishing persona characteristics and backstories, comply with lend a hand and teach the village with the intention to shield themselves.

The movie’s ingenious and technical inventions in reality have left an enormous have an effect on on cinema and Seven Samurai is thought of as a vintage these days. A number of movie plots are impressed by way of Seven Samurai, together with The Magnificent Seven, The Mandalorian, or even A Computer virus’s Lifestyles.

8/15 The Human Situation III: A Soldier’s Prayer (1961) – 4.5, 316 Lovers

Two soldiers hiding in the grass in The Human Condition III: A Soldier’s Prayer.

  • To be had on The Criterion Channel

A Soldier’s Prayer is the final of a Eastern epic warfare trilogy directed by way of Masaki Kobayashi. It wraps up the tale of its protagonist, Kaji, who struggles in the course of the momentous occasions of International Battle II within the nation. As a socialist and a pacifist, Kaji has a hard time sticking to his rules when he is pressured to take part within the warfare effort.

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It is a hard-hitting movie that offers with issues like freedom, morality, and guilt. It is no doubt one of the most extra underrated motion pictures within the style, which is underscored by way of the truth that it has not up to 200 lovers on Letterboxd, in spite of having a near-perfect score.

7/15 The Godfather: Phase II (1974) – 4.5, 14K Lovers

Michael Corleone sitting in a chair looking serious in Godfather II

  • To be had to hire on Apple TV

The Godfather Phase II is in most cases thought to be one of the most ultimate award-winning sequels ever made, and for just right explanation why. Some would argue it isn’t simply on par with the unique, however that it is awesome. The movie works as a sequel to the tale of Michael Corleone, the brand new Don of his crime circle of relatives. Alternatively, it additionally serves as a prequel to the tale of Michael’s father, Vito, and his adventure to the USA and initiation into the mafia.

The Godfather Phase II has all of it: breathtaking performances, and complicated issues of the corruption of energy and wealth whilst additional appearing the respectable of Michael Corleone. Younger Vito may be one among Robert De Niro’s maximum spectacular roles.

6/15 The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – 4.5, 36K Lovers

Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption

Together with being extremely rated amongst Letterboxd customers, The Shawshank Redemption may be lately ranked because the ultimate film of all time on IMDb. The tale follows Andy Dufresne, a person who’s sentenced to lifestyles in jail for against the law he claims he didn’t devote. There, he paperwork a friendship with remorseful prisoner Crimson and reveals hope on this not likely position.

Rather unusually, the film is an inspiring and transferring story. It is usually a stupendous tale of friendship with a in reality heartwarming conclusion.

5/15 The Godfather (1972) – Ranking: 4.5, 36K Lovers

Don Corleone wearing a suit and sitting in The Godfather.

  • To be had to hire on Apple TV

Isolating The Godfather motion pictures is lovely difficult, as it is challenging to speak about one with out diving into the opposite. However only a few lovers care about The Godfather Phase III, and it is lovely simple to orphan that movie off from the primary two ideal motion pictures.

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The Godfather used to be a modern film upon its free up. In keeping with the Mario Puzo novel of the similar title, the movie’s clever and respectful solution to the complicated and gritty underworld of the USA used to be a big detraction from earlier crime motion pictures. It used to be authentic, with the glorification or decrying of the mafia being subjective to the target market. Alternatively, The Godfather‘s high quality filmmaking can’t be disputed.

4/15 A Canine’s Will (2000) – 4.6, 1.7K Lovers

The main characters of O Auto da Compadecida

  • No streaming choices to be had

The wonderful thing about Letterboxd is that somewhat than a focal point on simply American motion pictures, the website online lets in different motion pictures to get within the highlight. A Canine’s Will is a Brazilian comedy movie coping with two deficient con artists making their manner thru lifestyles thru their schemes.

When one among them dies, he has to end up his value to the Virgin Mary, the Satan, and Jesus, all whilst vouching for his still-living good friend. It is a very challenging movie to seek out on-line, however the treasure looking forward to the hunter is definitely value it.

3/15 Harakiri (1962) – 4.6, 3.1K Lovers

A man kneels in front of a sword in Harakiri.

  • To be had on The Criterion Channel

But every other Eastern masterpiece, and every other samurai one nevertheless. From Masaki Kobayashi, Harakiri is a samurai movie in feudal Japan, however on this case, a rōnin arrives at an property and asks permission to devote seppuku within the courtyard.

Having been hustled ahead of, the grasp of the property rebuffs the request. To make an extended and really sophisticated tale brief, issues get private, and swords are drawn. The tale is a story of honor, glory, and revenge – nice routine issues in the finest samurai motion pictures.

2/15 Come And See (1985) – 4.6, 7.7K Lovers

A soldier points a gun at a man on his knees, while three other soldiers stand next to them in Come and See.

  • To be had on The Criterion Channel

Come and See is an intense movie that is not for everybody, however those that set up to make it to the gripping finish may not ever put out of your mind its robust tale. The highly-rated warfare movie is a surreal and nightmarish portrayal of a peasant boy in Belarus (on the time, a part of the Soviet Union) enduring the invasion of the Nazis, who continue to burn down his village and kill his friends and family.

It is a haunting portrayal in keeping with the actual warfare crimes undertaken by way of the Nazi regime, particularly, the Dirlewanger Brigade — a Nazi German unit made up of violent criminals with a name for atrocities in opposition to civilians. Even though each cinephile will have to Come and See, it is a brutal film, and under no circumstances for the faint of center.

1/15 Parasite (2019) – 4.6, 54K Lovers

A man holds a bloody tissue and looks back at someone offscreen in Parasite.

Parasite is an iconic movie that rightly was a global sensation, thrusting director Bong Joon-ho into the Hollywood highlight. It in any case was the primary non-English movie to win the Oscar for Best possible Image, and swept a number of different awards as nicely. The excitement and reward across the movie have been wholeheartedly earned.

The movie’s solution to magnificence construction and inequality used to be one thing that spoke to audiences outdoor of South Korea, and the intense writing and performances made it one of the most ultimate motion pictures of the 2010s. Apparently, HBO introduced a “legacy” Parasite derivative collection, with Bong as an govt manufacturer, that can happen all over the movie’s occasions.

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