Hen sandwiches – gatherings, picnics, lunches!


By no means underestimate the facility of significant hen sandwiches! Superb platter for gatherings, picnics and paintings lunches. My secrets and techniques? Recent dill, a handful of walnuts and shred the hen in reality finely the usage of a stand-mixer or electrical beater. Sure, in reality.

Chicken sandwiches ready to eat

Hen sandwich

When you’ve ever questioned why the ones hen sandwiches from “that connoisseur deli” are so coveted and command such top costs, the solution lies now not simply in the name of the game mixture of elements for the filling but additionally within the texture of the hen.

It’s so comfortable and simply melts for your mouth!“, buddies have seen.

The name of the game? Shredding the hen tremendous, tremendous finely, till it’s principally crumbly, the usage of a stand-mixer. This makes the hen sandwich filling comfortable and creamy since you don’t have chewy chunks of hen in it.

No stand-mixer? No worries! Use a hand held beater or slightly endurance and your palms. 🙂

Shredded chicken for Chicken sandwiches
A stand mixer or hand held beater is the quickest option to shred hen tremendous finely to make a melt-in-your-mouth hen sandwich filling, similar to those from connoisseur delis!

Mayonnaise plus bitter cream

And the second one secret in fact is the sauce! You need it to have lots of creamy sauce however now not be too oily and weighed down with mayonnaise. My trick is to make use of each mayonnaise (for flavour and richness) and bitter cream (for creamy goodness with much less oil).

Hand holding Chicken sandwich
That’s a mojito I’m clutching in my different hand.

Components in Hen Sandwich Filling

Right here’s what is going in my hen sandwiches. And sooner than you assert it, let me recognize that I not noted the obvious aspect for sandwiches – BREAD! 😂

Ingredients for chicken sandwiches
  1. Hen – I exploit retailer purchased hen for ease. Bonus: The flesh is seasoned right through.

    Selfmade roast hen – When you’re a greater particular person than me, make your personal brined roast hen (the brine will infuse the flesh with salt like retailer purchased rotisserie hen).

    Hen breast – I want to make use of a complete hen so that you get a just right mix of chicken (breast, lean) and darkish meat (thigh, leg, wings – juicier and extra flavour). But when you would like use simply hen breast, use my Foolproof Poached Hen Breast (promises juicy breast) and toss the shredded hen with 1 teaspoon of salt sooner than blending the sauce via.

  2. The bread (which I forgot to image!) – The normal bread is comfortable white sandwich bread. For fellow Australians – sizzling tip: Bakers Satisfaction. The white sandwich bread, same old slice, is highest for finger sandwiches. Cushy however now not sooooo comfortable that the filling squishes the bread.

    And naturally, the bread of selection isn’t set in stone so be at liberty to make use of no matter bread you need!

  3. Mayonnaise – I at all times use total egg mayonnaise which is creamier, smoother and has higher flavour than mayonnaise that isn’t labelled “total egg”. The reason being as a result of whole-egg mayonnaise has extra egg in it.

    My favorite mayonnaise emblem is S&W, adopted by way of Kewpie. Hellman’s is just right too albeit slightly sweeter. I to find different manufacturers (particularly non whole-egg mayonnaise) too candy and/or too vinegary and/or missing in (just right) flavour. I reside in Sydney, Australia, and you’ll get these types of manufacturers at on a regular basis massive grocery shops.

  4. Bitter cream – Secret aspect! The use of this implies we will be able to have a lot of tasty sauce in our hen sandwich filling with out it being overly greasy from the usage of simply mayonnaise. Yogurt will also be used however bitter cream is my desire as it’s creamier.

  5. Walnuts – The vintage nut addition in “connoisseur deli-style” hen sandwiches. I feel a part of the enchantment, instead of the trace of nutty flavour, is that it provides a little bit of a lot wanted texture within the in a different way very creamy filling.

    Very best exchange – cashews, macadamia nuts or pecans. Else, depart it out.

  6. Recent dill – Some other aspect that makes this “connoisseur deli-style”! Beautiful trace of clean flavour. No different herb will give you the similar flavour so when you don’t have it / find it irresistible, simply depart it out. (Parsley can be utilized for a little bit of inexperienced color however gained’t upload flavour).

  7. Pickles – For essentially the most delicate contact of tang within the filling. Use your favorite pickles. It’s worthwhile to even exchange with capers.

  8. Celery and inexperienced onion – Provides background freshness within the filling and the celery additionally provides texture. Whilst inexperienced onion might be substituted with pink onion or eschalots (French onions / US: shallots), don’t skip the celery! It in reality makes a distinction.

  9. Onion, garlic, salt, pepper – The seasonings for the sauce. I exploit onion and garlic powder moderately than recent as a result of they have got a clean earthy flavour which is what I’m after for the sauce.

  10. Lemon juice – For a marginally of freshness within the sauce. Replace with vinegar.

  11. Dijon mustard – Extra flavour!

make deli-style hen sandwiches

Not anything ground-breaking right here. The one trick is shredding the hen as finely as you’ll. The finer it’s shredded, the creamier the hen filling which is what units deli-style hen sandwiches aside from the remaining!

As I discussed previous, a stand-mixer will make quick paintings of this. Hand held beater additionally works. Else, your palms and a few endurance!

How to make Chicken sandwiches
  1. Take away flesh off the hen and take away the surface. (No prizes for guessing the place all of the hen pores and skin is going round right here. You’ll see within the recipe video!)

  2. Shred the hen as finely as you’ll. It takes about 1 minute on medium velocity the usage of a stand-mixer the usage of the paddle attachment (now not whisk, it will get all stuck up within the wires). A hand held beater may also paintings however will take a little bit longer. Else, use your palms.

  3. Combine sauce elements in a bowl till clean. Use a whisk, if wanted.

  4. Pour sauce over the hen with closing Filling elements (walnuts, celery, inexperienced onion, pickle, dill) and blend till blended.

    At this degree, you will have to sneak in a style check and surprise at how comfortable and creamy the hen sandwich filling is!

Chicken sandwich filling
While you shred the hen finely, it makes the hen filling in reality comfortable and creamy – similar to the hen sandwiches you get from connoisseur delis!
How to make Chicken sandwiches
  1. Butter the bread. This now not most effective supplies further flavour however a coverage barrier so the sauce of the hen filling doesn’t soak into the bread.

  2. Unfold the filling at the bread, from edge to edge.

  3. Bring to a halt crusts – I most often don’t reduce the crust off sandwiches however for hen sandwiches, I do if I’m making them for people. In part so they appear neat – assume Prime-Tea finger sandwich genre – and in addition as a result of you then get the entire impact of the comfortable creamy hen filling with simply comfortable white bread. No difficult crust entering into the way in which of the consuming enjoy!

    PS You realize complete neatly the crusts get eaten proper? A lot of hen filling makes its option to the crust!

  4. Reduce in part at the diagonal, or into rectangles, then line them upon a platter!

    TIP: If you need in reality neat edges, refrigerate the assembled sandwiches for a minimum of 2 hours sooner than chopping. This may occasionally make the filling company up and makes it more uncomplicated to chop smartly. I didn’t do that for the sandwiches pictured on this submit. You realize that endurance isn’t my biggest distinctive feature!

Platter of freshly made Chicken sandwiches
Close up of the best Chicken sandwiches

I really like a just right sandwich, and those Hen Sandwiches price very, very extremely in my books. As an advantage, the filling helps to keep neatly for three days and the assembled sandwiches, whilst highest made recent, are nonetheless 90% as just right day after today (the bread softens with time). If truth be told, the sandwiches on this submit have been my dinner and breakfast for two consecutive days – and I used to be more than happy about it!

And as I discussed within the opening, I’m sharing this recipe with vacation gatherings in thoughts. Take it on your administrative center Christmas celebration. A picnic with buddies. An afternoon out on the seashore.

Or, it’s essential to cross in reality loopy and feature them for lunch! 😱 Reside existence at the edge! – Nagi x

PS When you do make those for a meeting, inform me beneath in the event that they have been the primary meals to head! #NotCommpetitiveAtAll 🤭

Watch the right way to make it

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Close up of the best Chicken sandwiches

Hen sandwiches

Recipe video above. The name of the game to the most productive hen sandwiches like those you get from connoisseur deli? Shred the hen as finely as you’ll (stand-mixer is highest!). Use mayo + bitter cream so the sauce is not too greasy. Plus a handful of walnuts!Nice platter meals for gatherings, picnics and lunch bins.Makes 10 deli-style sandwiches, 8 very generously stuffed sandwiches, or 15 standard lunchbox sandwiches (Be aware 6).


  • Shred the hen as finely as you’ll. The most productive manner is the usage of a stand-mixer. Simply put the beef within the bowl with the paddle attachment and blend on medium velocity till it is in reality finely shredded (~ 1 minute). Else use a hand-held beater or your palms.

  • Combine the Sauce elements in a bowl till clean – use a whisk if wanted.

  • Pour Sauce over the hen. Upload closing Filling elements. Stir till blended.

  • Unfold bread with butter. Unfold with Filling (see beneath for quantity).

  • Take away crusts if desired (for the original “connoisseur” enjoy!) and reduce in part. (Tip: For in reality neat cuts, refrigerate sandwiches sooner than chopping so Filling companies up).

  • Serve on platters suffering from inexperienced fluffage, if desired!

Filling amounts (Be aware 6)

  • Hen filling in step with sandwich:– Deli same old (really useful): 100g / 1/2 cup (makes 10 sandwiches)– Very beneficiant: 130g / 1/2 cup (makes 8)– On a regular basis lunchbox: 80g (1/3 cup) (makes 15).

Recipe Notes:

1. Hen – It’s good enough! You’ll be able to use retailer purchased roast hen! Bonus: The flesh is seasoned right through. Make your personal – use this Brined Roast Hen.
If the usage of selfmade undeniable cooked hen, toss 1 teaspoon further salt throughout the shredded hen. Use my Foolproof Poached Hen Breast recipe. Cool, then kind of shred into massive items with palms sooner than blitzing in stand-mixer.
No scales? 500g/1 lb hen as soon as finely shredded is simply shy of four cups, evenly packed (ie don’t jam it in to measure). 
2. Walnuts is the vintage nut addition for “connoisseur deli-style” hen sandwiches and provides a marginally of particular. Love the way it softens and melds into the filling. Very best subs: cashews, macadamia nuts or pecans. Else, depart it out.
3. Dill may be any other secret aspect that makes those “connoisseur deli-style”. No different herb will give you the similar flavour so when you don’t have it / find it irresistible, simply depart it out. (Parsley can be utilized for a little bit of inexperienced color however gained’t upload flavour).
4. Mayo – S&W is highest in Australia. Kewpie is the following highest, adopted by way of Hellman’s. I to find others too candy, too vinegary – who me, fussy? 🙂
5. Bread – Sizzling tip for Aussies: Bakers Satisfaction white sandwich bread sliced same old thickness (now not further thick) is highest for softness however now not so loopy comfortable it will get squished!
6. Filling quantity – It’s a wealthy filling, don’t wish to cross loopy with it.

  • 1/2 cup (100g) in step with sandwich is beneficiant and makes a filling sandwich, even for somebody with a “tough” urge for food like myself! Makes 10.
  • Commonplace lunchbox measurement sandwich – 1/3 cup (80g) is enough, makes 15.
  • Mega sandwich – pile on up to you need!

7. Garage – Helps to keep for three days within the refrigerator, assembled or filling most effective. Filling flavour will get even higher in a single day!

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