Exceeding visitor expectancies through designing a novel keep


Karen Stephens: Hi and welcome everybody to the Lodge Second podcast. I’m your host, Karen Stephens. Each and every week in this podcast we communicate to trade mavens in regards to the tendencies and goings on throughout the hospitality trade, and I’m very excited to be joined as of late through Zach Schwartz, who’s the CEO of YAYS.

Welcome, Zach.

Zachary Schwartz: Thanks for having me Karen. Just right to be right here.

Karen Stephens: Completely. , I’m truly excited to have you ever at the display as a result of we discuss to a large number of hoteliers and distributors within the area, however you truly are in a class of your individual, which is so cool. So, um, YAYS offers with aparthotels. So, that’s a provider division play, and I’m very excited to dig in on that type and the visitor enjoy. And, um, it’s a, it’s slightly bit other than different issues we see available in the market, so it’s truly thrilling to have you ever at the display.

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah, certainly. It’s a scorching area in this day and age and we use the ones two phrases interchangeably aparthotel and repair departments with a couple of nuances, which we will be able to get into, uh, in a while. However, uh, yeah, excitement to, to percentage my enjoy within the area.

Karen Stephens: Superb. K, so let’s get began with a couple of questions I ask all of my visitors.

I’ve were given 5 questions simply to heat us up, and provides us slightly bit extra of an concept about who you might be. So query primary, when did you get started paintings within the hospitality trade, and do you take note your first day at the activity?

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah, completely. I suppose, um, I used to be 15. I used to be, uh, running in a full-service Marriott as a busboy.

Um, it used to be, uh, a Marriott Lodge with a highly regarded eating place in suburban Massachusetts. And the primary day truly stood out to me, I suppose, on account of, uh, the forged of characters that I met. Um, , my new coworkers. Um, they had been of every age, from all walks of lifestyles. Um, but it surely used to be transparent and proven via that they shared a commonplace interest to serve, uh, which I’m positive used to be instilled via that well-known Marriott, uh, hospitality provider tradition. And so, , on that first day, the, the parable and all of the issues I’d heard in regards to the corporate, um, , was a fact. And it truly began my private, uh, love affair with, with the trade.

Karen Stephens: That’s nice. Yeah, Marriott, they’re famend for his or her coaching program, so.

Zachary Schwartz: Certainly. It exists. I will, I will attest to that.

Karen Stephens: It’s a large e-book I heard.

Alright, so the second one query. What has been probably the most uplifting second for your occupation up to now?

Zachary Schwartz: I suppose, um, alongside those self same veins, and it got here in a while, a pair years later, uh, I don’t suppose I used to be 15 when it took place, however, uh, perhaps in my early twenties and I had the chance to, to satisfy Mr. Marriott himself. Um, it used to be, uh, truly an uplifting enjoy to look the large, the large boss. Um, a man that cared sufficient to, to return round and consult with all of his homes, and to satisfy the groups that, that ran the ones homes, um, and represented the corporate. In truth, at the day of his consult with, the managing director of our assets used to be, used to be ill. And so, I had the chance to, to guide the excursion, um, once more, I believe it used to be 20, 22 years outdated and I used to be main Mr. Marriott across the assets. And, um, what truly got here via used to be the truth that, um, he didn’t deal with me any otherwise than he would’ve the, the managing director. And so, that feeling of appreciate is one thing that, that stood with me for a very long time.

Karen Stephens: That’s cool Mr. Marriott. I adore it. Uh, alright, quantity 3. What’s the maximum putting enjoy up to now for you in my opinion, with regards to a meals enjoy, a vacation, a keep someplace? So what’s, I suppose, the most productive holiday or meals enjoy?

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah. So past my day activity, I suppose within the, the provider division area, I, I’m in my opinion, uh, a large fan of the, such a the old-fashioned unbiased lodges, the Main Lodges of the Global, um, and form of their dedication, uh, to, to last particular and distinctive, uh, and developing the ones, the ones truly wow, wow moments.

Um, and so I used to be lucky sufficient to stick in any such unbiased, uh, Main Lodges, um, on a contemporary ski vacation in Italy. I believe it used to be, uh, simply prior to the pandemic a couple of years in the past now. Um, and, uh, to get up at the, at the, at the first morning and to listen to that my skis in a single day were introduced up the mountain and we’re sitting in a, a warming locker, um, on the, on the base hotel, um, used to be a second that, uh, most probably make me an entire life buyer. Um, and that ski butler provider isn’t one thing I’ve, I’ve observed a large number of puts, so it used to be, uh, it used to be reasonably, um, reasonably distinctive and particular. And simply reaffirms that there are such a large amount of reports, um, that, that, that individuals could have, uh, and persons are on the lookout for reports an increasing number of as they shuttle.

Karen Stephens: Yeah we truly suppose, , while you speak about loyalty, you’re speaking about, you’re speaking about visitor enjoy. You’re speaking about having a great keep and one thing that sticks with you perpetually. And I believe you mentioned it proper there.

You’re gonna, you’re buyer for lifestyles, uh, on account of going the additional mile. Additionally, shout out to Main Lodges of the Global. It’s a Revinate buyer, so yay. Yay for unbiased lodges.

Zachary Schwartz: Began my occupation with them. And I, I nonetheless shuttle, once I shuttle. I at all times attempt to keep at Main anyplace I’m going. So, um, excellent to listen to that they’re a buyer as smartly.

Karen Stephens: Smartly, yeah. Gorgeous, stunning lodges. K, subsequent query. Have you ever met any celebrities whilst you had been within the trenches? Except Mr. Marriott, in fact. Another celebrities that spring to mind?

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah, a couple of. And I believe in the event you paintings in, in operations, it’s, it’s one of the vital issues that, that, that does occur.

Um, I recall assembly a well-known golfer. That used to be some of the exciting factor for me. Um, , the, the demanding situations while you’re in, within the trenches as you name it, um, , you’re considering handing over the provider and the, the visitor enjoy that’s, that the expectancy is there for. And, and so you’ll’t truly ask for, for golfing pointers up to I, I need to do this.

Um, however, however it’s, however this is a perk of the trade. Um, there’s superb other folks. Some, , extra fascinating and, and keen to have interaction than others. And no longer at all times probably the most fascinating ones aren’t at all times the, the stars, however the folks that, , need to have that dialog and wish, need to open up and take suggestions or, uh, have tips about issues that, that they are able to do, puts to consult with, um, particularly if it’s, it’s in a town that smartly.

Um, , I’ve been company for the final 15 years, so I don’t, I don’t get to try this as continuously anymore, however, um, for sure recall some nice superstar moments from early in my occupation.

Karen Stephens: That’s nice. K, final query. Who’re the ladies at paintings you’ve gotten been maximum impressed through?

Zachary Schwartz: My first two bosses. And it truly had not anything, not anything to do with gender, however extra about their, , willpower, uh, and skill for the activity.

Um, one used to be a great strategist and sat at the govt committee of the corporate that I used to be running for, and recall that, uh, at an early, at an early age, once more, in my, in my twenties, um, they, she introduced me to, uh, each board assembly. Uh, as a child, immediately outta out of faculty, I assumed that used to be truly cool to have that religion in, in me. Uh, and I’ll by no means disregard it. And the opposite used to be a number one marketeer. Um, and , I’ve spent my occupation modeling, um, , the issues that they did each in technique and, and advertising. Um, so I’ve a large number of appreciate, uh, for either one of my first two bosses who had been feminine.

Karen Stephens: Each ladies and thank you for pronouncing, didn’t truly, their skillset had not anything to do with them being ladies. However it’s superb that, , they had been inspirational as leaders That’s proper.

That’s nice. K. Smartly, you’ve hit to your background slightly bit. , you began in hospitality, and I additionally perceive you, you studied hospitality control at Cornell, uh, prior to you roughly shifted. So that you, you truly have arise during the ranks, um, in, in conventional hospitality. So take me via the way it roughly transitioned to the placement you’re in now and the distance that you just’re in now.

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah, positive. No, I, I nonetheless imagine myself a hospitality man, despite the fact that I spent, um, a large number of effort and time, uh, and, and occupation, uh, strikes that, that transitioned me extra to the, the true property facet of the trade. However, um, , I began off, um, with the lodge control program, which used to be, , gaining the basics of, um, , of industrial, however with hospitality because the type. Um, so trade ideas inside of a truly nice trade. That’s what I preferred about this system. After which began at the logo facet of the trade and made up our minds that, um, in the end I sought after to finally end up in actual property, um, purchasing and promoting lodges, which I in the end did. So first began off through transferring into consulting and studying, , fundamentals round feasibility and valuation, which can be the, , ideas in the back of the true property facet.

Then, a grasp’s in actual property, which I did again, again in america and, uh, Johns Hopkins. After which transferring into, um, the personal fairness international and into acquisitions for lodges, uh, portfolios and unmarried property in addition to, um, , mortgage portfolios again, subsidized through lodges. After which form of with that non-public fairness enjoy used to be ready to form of, um, transition right into a portfolio non-public fairness subsidized portfolio corporate which is the place I’m now. And form of lead the, the platform with regards to what we’re seeking to do for, um, uh, the emblem that we have got, which is the provider division idea. Uh, the place we have now, uh, 16 homes recently, uh, throughout 4, uh, 4 towns and three other nations, uh, right here in Europe. So Benelux, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France are the nations the place we, the place we function the concept that, and to truly create an working platform, um, at the side of actual property companions. So we’re asset-light. We don’t personal the true property. Um, however we’re development an working platform, and feature a protracted observe file. The corporate’s been round since 2008. Um, and so we’ve grown organically through the years and we’re having a look to turbocharge that, that enlargement tale now, through increasing into a number of new markets.

We’ll be opening in Spain and Germany coming quickly. So some thrilling, um, form of enlargement plans for the corporate, however that, that’s form of the, the lengthy and in need of the transition from lodge man to actual property man to provider division man.

Karen Stephens: Yeah. That’s nice. So let us know slightly bit extra, it’s, it’s an enchanting idea.

So let us know slightly bit extra about, , the visitor enjoy for that roughly, I do know that there’s the, the true property facet, and the asset control facet. So what about, what’s your visitor combine? Who’s staying in those residences? What’s cool about them? What’s the attraction for the client?

Zachary Schwartz: Someone that desires a neighborhood enjoy and, and that’s why we, we truly love the, the concept that of aparthotel and repair departments as it shall we any individual are living like a neighborhood would.

So that you’re, you’re getting into no longer a conventional lodge room, however truly an rental with all of the ones house comforts that you’d be expecting in the event you had been residing in that town. After which via, uh, our insiders, which can be, , our onsite team of workers, had been ready to facilitate reports in the community. And so slightly than getting, uh, a conventional lodge enjoy, you’re getting an enjoy as in the event you had been residing within the town.

And that provides our shoppers a large number of flexibility, um, to stick with us for a little while, for an evening or two, um, or for a for much longer duration, uh, as a few of our relocation trade does, as a few of our corporates do. I imply, those are residences which can be absolutely provided. They’re spacious they usually’re relaxed. And so in the event you sought after to stick with us for three months or 6 months, which is, , a pattern, uh, with other folks’s talent to, to paintings from anyplace, um, that’s a large number of the purchasers that we’re seeing.

Uh, so a mixture of lengthy keep relocation, trade, project-based company trade, after which the recreational, um, buyer truly loves the concept that. When you consider touring with children or touring in a bunch, the power to have an rental, uh, which we have now studio 1 and a pair of bed room residences, the power to, to stick in a bigger rental with separate bedrooms, uh, fosters that shuttle in combination idea that we communicate so much about as a company. The place, um, other folks would slightly keep in combination in a single rental than to hire 2 separate lodge rooms simply by instance.

Karen Stephens: Proper, proper. , it’s so humorous when the pandemic hit, and we went utterly far off. We had various other folks on our workforce, engineers and gross sales guys who would really like, take off and cross to Mexico for, , or San Diego they usually’d hire an rental. They just do what you’re speaking about. Hire an rental, uh, and all paintings in combination there. As a result of, , , and naturally they had been cautious. It used to be Covid. However, um, so it used to be, it’s fascinating. Um, I’m questioning the way you fared throughout the pandemic. I do know that you just’ve been, , 2015 proper, for YAYS itself. How did you fare throughout the pandemic in comparison to the remainder of the hospitality trade on account of your type?

Zachary Schwartz: Smartly, I believe that pattern that you just picked up on there Karen truly got here via no longer handiest in form of, um, uh, hotel locations, but additionally in city, uh, places, like those the place we function. Amsterdam, Paris, um, other folks had been, uh, keen to nonetheless shuttle if they might keep watch over the surroundings. Yeah. And if they might paintings from that location. And so with an rental, um, that’s one thing that, uh, that we’re ready to, to facilitate. Um, that paintings, paintings from anyplace, idea. Keep for a brief duration. Keep for a protracted duration. And so we pivoted throughout the pandemic, transferring clear of form of that temporary trade that we had been, um, , had a, a better percentage of pre pandemic, and into longer keep shoppers that had been coming and staying with us for a couple of months. even pros, um, that had been on the lookout for an alternative choice to, to renting available in the market, and scholars. And so we seemed for call for the place the call for used to be throughout the pandemic, and on account of our rental idea, that led us, uh, climate the hurricane, in an effort to discuss. And we had been ready to, I suppose, out-perform.

When you have a look at the statistics and we dig so much into numbers at YAYS. When you have a look at the statistics, we had been outperforming lodges through a minimum of 2 instances with regards to the occupancy and charges that we had been attaining throughout the pandemic. After which because the call for began to return again post-pandemic, we had been ready to shift again to the higher-rated temporary trade that, that truly used to be riding the trade pre-pandemic.

And so the restoration has been truly robust for us with a, a 20% enlargement, uh, this summer season. The most productive summer season we’ve had as a, as a company in 15 years. However 20% over the pre-pandemic stage on a same-store foundation. And so I believe it’s spectacular to look how temporarily and the way resilient this trade is, uh, and so that you could seize that, that call for with the versatility within the product is one thing that we’re truly desirous about with the concept that.

Karen Stephens: Yeah, no, that, that’s nice. And, and perhaps you’ll simply inform me from my very own wisdom. I believe I do know the solution. However clearly with Airbnb you’ve were given a number of various homeowners, and Airbnb’s truly only a platform that permits you to e-book and, and interface with the, with the house owner. However the house owner is controlling the, the visitor enjoy, the cleanliness, all of that. So how is, how is YAYS other with regards to what the paintings that you just do to your homeowners on behalf of your visitors and the ones forms of issues?

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah. Put, put merely, it’s, it’s logo requirements. So while you e-book with a YAYS, you get that rental, uh, product. However you get it along a suite of requirements.

Um, and so we have now 2 ideas. One is the aparthotel. I discussed previous the place we have now an onsite workforce, our insiders, so that you’re welcomed. Um, and uh, and we allow you to to, to find, uh, the issues in, in the community. Uh, to create that visitor enjoy and that stage of shopper provider like you may have in a lodge, however in an rental context.

After which we have now, uh, our provider division context, which is named Via YAYS, which can be, uh, extra unbiased residences the place you get entry to. iIt’s virtual. You get entry to the rental, uh, via a key to your telephone, and you’ve got interplay with our workforce over WhatsApp or a WhatsApp identical. Uh, and so if you want one thing throughout your keep, you’ll nonetheless achieve us.

And so there’s that stage of provider, but it surely’s no longer a face-to-face enjoy. Um, so so the ones are the 2 issues that, that we, that we have got as, as, as, as. That’s how we differentiate, I suppose, our, our idea. And, uh, and so other folks have a call truly once they stick with us, if they would like that have, um, extra corresponding to a lodge or extra corresponding to an Airbnb.

However the fascinating factor about Airbnb is that, it’s the whole thing you mentioned Karen, but it surely’s additionally turn out to be the most important distribution platform. And so we’re if truth be told indexed on Airbnb.

Karen Stephens: Yeah.

Zachary Schwartz: And in the event you wanna keep at a YAYS, you’ll e-book us via Airbnb. We want you e-book us direct, however we’re on there along all of those independently owned residences. However what you get with YAYS is that form of that logo same old the place that, um, it’s being professionally controlled. And plenty of Airbnb residences also are professionally controlled. However with YAYS, the entire idea and the, the emblem ethos in regards to the community, our insiders. There’s a system there that you just’re purchasing into and, uh, I believe a large number of other folks, uh, will make a choice to stick with merely for, for this reason. They would like the rental idea, however they would like it with a marginally of provider, and they would like it with a definite stage of same old that’s assured.

Karen Stephens: Yeah. It simply turns out like the easiest marriage between conventional hospitality and the Airbnb enjoy. , it truly…

Zachary Schwartz: We love to suppose we take a seat proper there within the center and, and that there’s a large and rising base of, uh, of consumers which can be, which can be on the lookout for precisely that. And it, , the, the, this concept of aparthotel and repair division, , it’s rising in recognition. It’s, it’s a scorching sector. It’s well-liked by, as well-liked by buyers as it’s with shoppers. Um, however uh, it nonetheless stays very underrepresented, in particular right here in Europe. The place, , in the event you have a look at the entire accommodation inventory throughout Europe, which each, each form of hospitality product, however, however essentially lodges. Uh, provider departments handiest constitute lower than, nonetheless lower than 10% of the whole inventory. So we expect there’s a large number of room for enlargement, and we expect the type that we have got in towns like Amsterdam and Paris, and now Antwerp and Hague, will also be replicated throughout many alternative markets. That’s, uh, that’s what we’re seeking to do.

Karen Stephens: Yeah, that’s thrilling. That simply screams massive possible. If there’s handiest 10% that’s been penetrated. And I believe you, I believe you’ve hit it at the head with regards to the, the brand new pattern popping out of Covid. Folks had been already beginning to try this, however now it’s truly with the versatility. I do business from home at this time, it’s like, “oh, I would really like the theory of going and dealing in Barcelona for 5 weeks or , , or Paris” or one thing.

Zachary Schwartz: No, it’s an ideal, it’s an ideal, uh, , the web has, has unfolded, uh, the arena. I believe for that form of, , this idea round bleisure as smartly, which we communicate so much about over right here, uh, in Europe, which is that individuals will shuttle, uh, throughout the week for paintings, after which be joined through their circle of relatives at the weekend. And they’re ready to do fewer journeys, as a result of I believe that’s additionally a pattern popping out of the pandemic.

Karen Stephens: Sure.

Zachary Schwartz: Fewer journeys. Extra, extra, uh, uh, let’s name them productive journeys, with an extended duration of keep, and on the lookout for a better high quality enjoy, um, slightly than, , those brief, in a single day journeys. Uh, and so the product works completely for that. As a result of, Uh, you’ll, you’ll use it like you may, uh, uh, uh, a workspace throughout the week, after which be joined and feature the additional bed room and the additional area with the circle of relatives at the weekend. So we truly love it for that use as smartly.

Karen Stephens: Yeah, and the consistency, I believe that that’s, that’s the a part of hospitality that I believe can from time to time be lacking. Uh, yeah. , if that there’s a logo same old and , “k, I’ve already stayed in any such, on this location. If I am going to some other one, I do know that it’s gonna be blank, there’s gonna be excellent recommendation, I’m gonna get that have.”

So I really like that. Purpose from time to time it’s truly, , throwing a dart in opposition to a board. So.

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah, no completely, we’re considering all of the ones issues and, uh, and, and it’s what the client, it’s what a large number of shoppers need. Let’s, let’s put it that method.

Karen Stephens: Yeah, completely. All proper. So we’re coming to the top of 2022. I will’t consider it. We’re final in. What are you having a look ahead to, uh, in 2023? How are you feeling in regards to the trade and the possibilities and trade?

Zachary Schwartz: Smartly, I joined, I joined the trade in March of 21, so proper in the course of the pandemic. So final yr used to be so much about, um, , uh, managing during the pandemic and, and development the platform.

So we spent a large number of, um, and we had the time to do it, to, to concentrate on upgrading our generation, to making an investment in our product, to doing a rebranding, to bringing in some new workforce individuals in our company places of work, um, to discovering new actual property companions. After which importantly, we spent, um, about 6 months running with our design and structure, uh, companions to revamp the concept that for rollout. That means, “the place may just we innovate additional?” We had an ideal start line with the concept that round residences, however “how may just we use, uh, area in a, otherwise, extra versatile? How may just we create the easiest go back on funding for actual property homeowners?” And uh, and what we got here up with used to be a versatile answer with a studio uh, along, uh, one among our 1 bedrooms. That allowed us to, via a connecting wall, and we have now connecting doorways, uh, in, within the lodge trade since for, for lots of many years. However truly a retractable wall that may create a special roughly visitor enjoy in an rental context the place you’ve gotten a contiguous residing area, uh, between residences that assist you to paintings in combination, dine in combination. And so that you could promote that 1 bed room and that studio as a 1 bed room and studio throughout the week, however then at the weekend, uh, be capable to, to promote it as a two-bedroom, drowsing as much as 6.

With this idea and this innovation, we’re now ready to try this. And so we’re within the strategy of beginning to roll that out. Now we have a mockup room right here in Amsterdam that we’re ready to percentage with, uh, with our actual property companions who’re fascinated by running with YAYS. And truly, uh, what it’s gonna let us do in 2023, which is what you requested about, is begin to put this product out into the marketplace.

And we do see it as a aggressive merit. It’s for sure a income supervisor’s dream. The theory of promoting the room as a studio or 1 bed room to corporates throughout the week after which to households and teams as a two-bedroom at the weekend is truly one thing that’s distinctive available on the market. And what took a very long time used to be getting the design proper from a fireplace protection viewpoint to get it qualified additionally from an acoustic viewpoint, to be sure that this wall acted like a wall will have to, and that simply because it used to be retractable, that it used to be additionally reasonably seamless with regards to, “I don’t know that I’m in a connecting, a connecting room right here, but when it’s used as a connecting room, I for sure are aware of it as a result of, wow. How large does an area open up into this massive two-bedroom rental?” That, uh, we expect is a promoting level that, , this concept of two-bedroom residences, we see an enormous quantity of call for, and an excessively low illustration even throughout the rental.

And lots of the markets the place we’re having a look, there merely simply isn’t the inventory of two-bedroom residences. And any circle of relatives, um, will know {that a} two-bedroom rental is a perfect, um, , shuttle answer for, , households that need to be in combination, but additionally need that separation.

Karen Stephens: Proper. Completely. And , I adore it.

This is sort of a mixing of WeWork throughout the week. It’s a mixing of the WeWork. Purpose , you, you wanna cross paintings far off. “I’m gonna cross to Barcelona and paintings far off, however I additionally simply don’t wanna sip on myself all day lengthy.” So I really like that.

Zachary Schwartz: It’s, it’s, yeah, it’s certainly provides, uh, the, the most productive of each worlds.

Karen Stephens: Yeah, this is implausible. Wow, that’s thrilling. And the opposite factor that, that I picked up on while you mentioned 2021, uh, , and I talked to a large number of other other folks in this podcast and it’s truly fascinating to look, , the corporations that experience truly survived and thrived during the pandemic took that chance, as an alternative of panicking and freaking out, to innovate and determine how they had been gonna come again higher, more potent, sooner. Um, so that they invested. They invested in innovation, um, and made the bounce. And now they’re poised, like YAYS is poised to truly, , take it ahead, um, in 2023, which optimistically the craze helps to keep going that we’re opening up and issues are excellent, but it surely’s thrilling.

Zachary Schwartz: We for sure made the many of the, the downtime. And it benefited us when, , uh, this summer season came visiting and we had one of the most easiest occupancies we’ve ever skilled. Having the generation, the virtual answers, the keyless access, which have been all issues that we applied throughout 2021. Uh, truly paid off with regards to, uh, , all of the issues that you just mentioned about turning into extra environment friendly, extra strategic.

Um, so we used the time. Yeah, to, to, to the benefit of, uh, the corporate and, and, and the restoration that we’re now in.

Karen Stephens: That’s so thrilling. K. Are you able to remind everyone once more the place you’re available in the market as of late after which while you’re, the place you’re increasing sooner or later? You mentioned it on the most sensible, however I simply wanna make certain everyone is aware of the place to seek out you.

Zachary Schwartz: House base is Amsterdam. We’ve been right here since, uh, with, began with 1 rental within the Central Canal Belt in 2005. The corporate used to be formally shaped in 2000. We nonetheless have our greatest presence of, uh, of homes, um, right here in Amsterdam, in nice places, in a laugh and thrilling neighborhoods in every one, quite other ancient structures, uh, more moderen structures, um, and, uh, and so in Amsterdam, uh, you’ll in finding us.

After which we’ve additionally opened within the Hague right here within the Netherlands. We opened, uh, very not too long ago this yr, uh, with our greatest assets proper within the heart of Antwerp, and we’re additionally in Paris in 4 other places in, in Paris. And with regards to enlargement markets, for sure the house markets, so the Netherlands, Belgium, France, after which increasing actively into Germany, uh, the place we’re hoping to, to, uh, open, uh, a brand new assets in 2023. After which, uh, into Spain.

we’re additionally opening, uh, our new assets in 2023. So the ones are the spaces the place we recently function in one of the most spaces the place we’re considering.

Karen Stephens: K. That’s nice. And if a traveler, if a shopper desires to seek out you, what’s the site?

Zachary Schwartz: Simple as yays.com. So it’s Y-A-Y-S.com.

Karen Stephens: Dot com. Nice. And what about buyers and that roughly factor?

While you, while you have a look at.

Zachary Schwartz: So there’s a segment at the site for building and there’s, uh, a number of details about our worth proposition. Why, why, uh, an investor would paintings with us. After which there’s, uh, a chance to succeed in out immediately during the site, uh, to our building workforce.

Karen Stephens: K, there you heard it, you heard it right here people.

It’s YAYS.com. Simple peasy, and it used to be nice to speak to you. Zach. Thanks such a lot. This has been a truly a laugh dialog. I recognize the time.

Zachary Schwartz: Yeah, thank you, Karen. Had a good time. Truly a laugh. Have an ideal afternoon. You too. Bye-Bye.



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