How To Destroy Your Circle of relatives Thanksgiving: A Thread


Ah, Thanksgiving… Everybody’s favourite vacation that’s stuffed with scrumptious meals, soccer, and circle of relatives. For many of us, the circle of relatives facet will also be the worst a part of the day. Smartly, one Twitter consumer shared a reasonably a laugh option to make Thanksgiving much more entertaining. In a thread titled, “How one can Destroy Your Circle of relatives Thanksgiving,” she unearths a beautiful sneaky and detailed plan for sabotaging Thanksgiving to your circle of relatives. Certain, you might want to wreck Thanksgiving simply by speaking about politics, however why take the simple street? Scroll down to peer a extra refined plan!


The Thanksgiving holiday is a time of discomfort and strife for most families. Things are going to be bad either way, so instead of being a victim to someone else in your family causing the problems, come out on top by sowing discord yourself, in a way YOU have control over.

(((DISCLAIMER: NONE of the catastrophes that happen should be able to be traced back to you, all the discord you cause MUST be disguised in such a way that it looks like it’s someone else’s fault. For your own good, you MUST ALWAYS be the victim)))

The first thing to do is choose a scapegoat. This the family member that you’ll be provoking into acting out and having an emotional episode. Start a few days early. Subtly point out their weaknesses to break down self esteem & cause petty arguments to break down their patienceThis can be anyone in the family. If there’s no one in particular that you want to mess with out of latent resentment, it’s easiest to pick the weakest, least successful or most emotionally volatile person Likely either a middle child or someone with a mean/domineering spouseWhile you’re slowly provoking your victim, work on the rest of the family. You know them best so do what makes them irritated. Does dad get angry about the thermostat? Keep messing with it. Is mom a perfectionist about the food? Randomly turn the oven off at key timesTell your family an annoying friend of yours had nowhere to go and bring them along. Get this person really drunk and compel them to insult different family members for you. You won’t be to blame and your family will probably be too sheepish to call out a strangerPretend to be helpful in the kitchen by making a salad, side dish or pie, but create a giant mess while you’re doing it. Use 5 dishes when you could have used one. Get into others way and use the exact ingredients and supplies they need while they need them.Do you have children in the family? Perfect. Give them terrible ideas all day to get them riled up & roughhousing indoors. Tell them random lies so they argue, then pretend to arbitrate fairly while just making things worse. Plant water balloons nearby 30 mins before the big mealBy this time, your family is irritated. The kids are acting up, your drunk friend has upset everyone, the meal is not going as planned, house is messy & your dad is getting angry about his retirement savings going to the heater. It’s the perfect time to STRIKE the scapegoatYou’ve been bothering this person for days and their defenses are HIGH and their patience is DOWN. Get a bunch of people together in a room and casually mention something that the scapegoat will be sure to get sensitive about. Something personal, like weight, money or careerThe scapegoat will get defensive at attract more attention to the issue. People will start piling on agreeing with you and the victim will be forced to freak out. They’ll scream and say a bunch of really offensive things.Your aunt will start crying, everyone will look upon the scapegoat judgementally. They’ll look crazy and out of line for pointing out the truth. Now that they look like the bad guy and you look like a victim,everything has devolved into chaos. You’re freeLeave with your friend and take advantage of the Black Friday sales or go to a party.



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