Sun Phrases 101: Little Snow, Little Salt, Remedy the Meals within the Pot


The normal Chinese language lunar calendar divides the yr into 24 节气 jiéqì sun phrases according to seasonal adjustments and herbal phenomenon. They play a very powerful position in guiding agricultural actions, even to this present day. However even city-dwellers like us can revel in them. Each and every sun time period has its personal related customs, traditions, or even recipes. In Sun Phrases 101, we delve into what makes every one particular…

Title of the sun time period: 小雪 xiǎoxuě lit. “Minor Snow”
Gregorian date: Nov 22 +/- an afternoon (Nov 22, 2022)

What’s xiaoxue all about?

Xiaoxue is the 20 th of the 24 sun phrases. All through its reign, the sun longitude will achieve 240 levels which generally happens between Nov 22-23. As its title suggests, Xiaoxue is a sun time period tied with herbal meteorologic adjustments. All through the duration, chilly snaps and blistering winds invade China at a extra common tempo, and the air is chilly sufficient to show precipitation from rain to snow, or every now and then a mix of the two. All of which is to mention, the snowy season has begun. Historic Chinese language understood that the temperature of the bottom hasn’t but dropped to its lowest level throughout xiaoxue, so the snow that falls to the bottom at night time will generally soften as quickly because the solar unearths its shining face.

The micro-seasons of Xiaoxue

Paradoxically, not one of the micro-seasons throughout xiaoxue comprise any point out of snow, however reasonably, abstractly depict adjustments in nature.

The primary micro-season is 虹藏不见 hóng cáng bùjiàn the vanishing of the rainbow for the reason that air’s final moisture is within the procedure of turning into snow, which is able to’t replicate and refract gentle in the similar approach as a raindrop. Thus, rainbows are a unprecedented sight all over the remainder of the yr. 

The second one micro season, 天气上升地气下降 tiānqì shàngshēng dì qì xiàjiàng the yang power rises to the sky whilst the yin power sinks to the bottom displays how the power of our international circulates in conventional Taoist ideology, which holds that the interplay between the yin and yang power creates existence, on the other hand, in iciness this connection is placed on pause.

That leads us to xiaoxue’s ultimate micro-season, 闭塞而成冬 bìsè ér chéng dōng the move of power is bring to a halt with the beginning of iciness. Dropping the relationship of yin and yang power to nature is like shedding the engine to a automotive, the whole lot slows down and is going silent.

Cured, preserved, and pickled, take a look at your iciness recipe within the herbal refrigerator

The elements can have averted historic Chinese language from maximum out of doors actions throughout iciness, however making ready preserved meals that may final lengthy sufficient to strengthen a complete circle of relatives via the less warm months potentially saved them busy sufficient. In iciness, the salt and the howling chilly dry wind are the most efficient preservatives. Even for a metropolis child like me, I will nonetheless recall my grandma storing and marinating 雪里蕻 xuělǐhóng curled mustard in an enormous jar to function a pickled vegetable on our eating desk. Different common vegetable possible choices come with radish, Chinese language cabbage, Zha Cai – or pickled mustard plant stem – and so forth. 

The southerners applied their wit extra on proteins and created quite a lot of kinds of 火腿 huǒtuǐ ham, 腊肉 làròu cured meat, and 香肠 xiāngcháng sausages. To cause them to style nice, rubbing some salt isn’t sufficient. Reasonably, including varied spices and quite a lot of smoking procedures are required to supply a essentially palatable cured meat. For those who trip additional south, sun-dried fish will seem on seasonal menus in coastal spaces.

And because it takes time for the flavors of preserved meals to mature and be in a position for intake, other people start arrangements throughout xiaoxue, in order that they’re in a position for Spring Competition feasts.

What to consume for xiaoxue

Along with the cured meals above, there may be quite a few different contemporary nibbles to be loved this season. 

Sticky rice is a distinct form of rice this is generally cultivated and fed on within the southern a part of China, serving as the principle element for 糍粑 cíbā , a conventional gooey delicacy. It was once presented as a tribute to the God of Ox, however later turned into a deal with for not unusual people as smartly. Consuming this snack may be a a laugh enjoy, consistent with the previous Hakka pronouncing “糍粑碌碌烧 cíbā lùlù shāo,“ which vividly – albeit no longer so succinctly – interprets to, “you want to pinch this sticky rice cake with the chopsticks and roll it in a plate stuffed with sesame, peanuts, and sugar, then evaluate it with your mates and revel in this candy deal with whilst it’s nonetheless heat.”

Finally, in lots of areas of China, the villagers have a good time this sun time period with a complete pig dinner party. It’s a time-consuming and exhausting meal to make sure, requiring a number of households to paintings in combination. However after all, the scrumptious rewards are shared through everybody who contributes their efforts, making for one hell of a iciness birthday party.

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Photographs: Wangjing BBS, Sohu, Dealmoon, Supermommy, CYW, Douguo



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